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 an offer he couldn't refuse, Emil!
Protego Lochrin
 Posted: Mar 6 2017, 02:17 PM
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Everything's for sale here.

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Protego LochrinGryffindor
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    It had taken Protego an obscene amount of effort to get this. He wasn't even entirely clear on what this was. All he knew was that it had cost him more pocket money than he really had, and that he'd had to do serious stealth work to even figure out the thing's existence. It had better be worth it, that was all he was saying. It could probably be argued that the Gryffindor shouldn't have been putting this much effort into this at all, but who cared now that he had it?

    He really had him this time. Protego was sure that this time, finally, he'd bested Emil at last. Found his weak spot. He'd found it, and he was going to exploit the hell out of it. That sounded meaner than the boy meant it. He wasn't trying to hurt anybody, honest. He wouldn't have hurt Emil, not on purpose. He kind of liked the guy, in a roundabout sort of way. Like in the way he liked his roommate's cat--it had yet to bit him, therefore it was a step above any cat who had. Likewise, Emil hadn't frustrated Protego with stupiditiy, and therefore he was a step up from people who did. This "almost as if he likes him" thing made perfect sense when you got down to it.

    That didn't necessarily mean that the lion thought his Slytherin acquaintance felt the same, or that he cared one way or the other, of course.

    Nonetheless, when Protego spotted his query across the courtyard that afternoon, he wasted no time. There was a thing called a "record" burning a hole in the sixth year's trunk, and he needed to unload it. And there was only one person that he knew of who'd want the thing.

    "Emil!" Protego called out as he strode toward the snake in an effort to catch up to him. He was like a cheetah after a gazelle. Catching up to the other boy, Protego threw his arm over the snake's shoulders as though they were the best of buddies. "Just the guy I've been looking for," he said. "I've got something I think you're going to like. Made me think of you immediately, you're going to love it."

@Emil Madeline
Emil Madeline
 Posted: Mar 20 2017, 09:17 AM
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Viridian Guild
spilled poetry

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Emil MadelineSlytherin
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After a morning of laundry, Emil wanted to never see another pile of clothes again. There was something cruel about a boy needing to do his own laundry, like the smell of his clothes and the sheer amount of time he had to spend washing and then drying was some kind of punishment for his body having its own oder. Granted, Emil liked to think his natural scent wasn't as bad as some of his housemates, and he often wore deodorant so if anything, his clothes usually smelled like it. But he couldn't wear unclean clothes---they'd be wrinkly, even if they weren't smelly. The only thing worse than doing laundry, though, was having to put it all away. That, more than anything else, was definitely the worst punishment of all.

He needed to be away from the stuffiness in his room after the tedious chore, a thin layer of sweat the only real indication that he'd been doing something laborious. Luckily, outside on his stroll, the air was refreshingly cool, and it took little time for him to feel comfortable again. With hardly any place to be, Emil struggled idly on where to go. He didn't fancy going inside for a while, but he didn't necessarily take any interest to things outside. He supposed the flowers were blooming in the gardens, and, if nothing else, it would've been nice to take a peek at what was growing, if not there than in the greenhouses. But he almost felt too lazy to redirect his feet there.

Instead, the wizard walked around the courtyard, taking his time as he did as he didn't quite want to do a lap around yet. Someone would notice him walking in circles if he went any faster, and while he didn't mind looking bored when he actually was, Emil also didn't really feel like being dragged into something at the moment. It was like the very word, adventure, had developed a bitter taste for him and made him recoil at the very thought. He'd definitely had his fair share over break, in the mountainous Swiss Alps.

As if on command, the snake did find himself recoiling faintly at the sound of his name, a peculiar reaction had it not been from anyone else but Protego. Emil, personally, didn't hate the guy. In fact, his ingenuity and businessman shtick was something the snake could admire. It wasn't easy trying to sell people anything, let alone things people had to consider if they really needed. For the lions part, the wizard could say his persistence likely would've made his parents proud. So far, though, he wasn't selling anything the snake wanted, and for that, he almost found himself dreading to hear the other boy's voice

With his arm placed around Emil's shoulder, the snake considered his chances at making a run for the gardens. Did Protego strike him as an Olympic runner? No, not truthfully, but neither was he so they were probably equals as far as speed and tolerance went. "Aye, can't say the same," he teased through a grin, glancing sideways at the lion. He turned his head to look at the wizard better once he finished, his interest mildly peaked for no other reason than because he was curious to know what Protego thought he had. He kept his pace steady to walk with the lion, the curious light dancing in his eyes enough to strike a bit of worry in him, but he pressed on with his question anyway. "What do you have for me today?"

He probably didn't have anything. Emil didn't make his interests wildly known, partly out of fear that he'd be showered in unwanted gifts from the girls who seemed to breath down his neck at every corner, and partly because he felt like he needed a close relationship with others to share the things that really made his heart tick. As much as he might have respected the wizard, Protego wasn't exactly the fit for a 'close friend.' Decent conversationalist. But not quite a friend.

@Protego Lochrin

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emil don't want no scrubs
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