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 Lillian Rhywin
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Mar 16 2018, 07:31 PM   Link Quote
Name: Lillian Rhywin
Age: 14
Year: 4th
Bloodline: Pureblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: Nope
Appearance:P/B: Alina Kovalenko. Long coppery red slightly strawberry blonde hair is to her waist. Her eyes are a mixed blue-grey color. Pale skin that is covered in freckles in random places like across her shoulders, face and arms. Taller then most girls her age, a bustier too. She has a odd shaped birthmark on her leg, almost like a crescent moon but fuller, like someone tried to burn it off.
Lili is a shy but bubbly person. She holds back a lot in the start of a relationship, friends or other wise. She won't look many in the eyes, always away from someone. Her drawings she would speak of; like another would speak of a child. She draws both what she sees and what the world sees. Her voice is soft, like Luna Lovegood; wispy-dreamlike. Her personality is complex at times she seems cold hearted, and then you would see her mending a hurt animal and it makes people wonder. Her brain is like a sponge when it comes to information, anything and every she wants to know about. Even if she grew up Muggle, as most of the kids call it, she understood a lot more then most of the Muggleborns.

She won't speak to most people till she knows a bit about them. Her voice to most is dreamy and to soft she often told to speak up. Her eyes never actually met yours often, if only for half a second. She has reading glasses she often chews on out of nervous habit, or she plays with the bright green emerald snake her mother left with her as a baby. She will give you sarcasm and riddles to see if your paying attention to what she says. Her outside looks make her seem small and weak but when you try to bully her she will be quick to respond.

She is quick to learn new things, and will not stop till she gets it right. Her gift is with snakes mainly, but it seems animals of shapes, species, and sizes come to her out of aid or just to watch her. She is often found in the forest healing wounded animals or speaking to them if she isnt in the Library. She listens to people more then speaks to them so at the Orphanage she keeps most of the girls in line, the younger ones at least because she mothered them.

There is one side most rarely see of Lili and that's the cold-hearted side. She is very cut off to anything to do with death. She had seen enough of it at the Orphanage that to her it was another thing, especially when it came to humans. Her voice becomes dead when she speaks of death, but then goes to normal afterward. If you hurt anyone considered her family she will hurt you back, mostly mentally mess with you with her words. Her motherly nature is towards only younger children and people who she knows and feels are in similar situations. Never will she blatantly walk up to you and say "Hey you have issues, let me help." No she will watch and see if you will accept her friendship before making her sneaky ways of healing you.

All in all Lili will treat you with respect as long as you treat her with respect as well. She won't go behind your back and stab you. Her goal is to finish the school without issues and find her parents, she knows there is a adventure ahead for her in this new life of magic and she is taking baby steps to understand it as well as gasp the concept. She plans on making a small circle of friends, no matter their house because she knows that if her parents could make it as far as they did others can do it to. At least that's her hope. She accepts those for who they are and judges no one for their past. She won't burn you for no reason, there must be a valid reason not just well he broke my heart.

Character Background:
It was a romance everyone thought would burn to ashes, between a Slytherin female and her Gryfindor male mate. And they were right but not in the way that people expected. Clarice Damond had met her match when she fell for Jude Rhywin, a red head with a passionate heart. Both fierce personalities and at first hated each other constantly beating each other educational things or in simplest things. Clarice originally came from Canada, then her parents moved their small family to just outside of Cambridge. She appeared cold hearted and that's what caught Jude's attention. Where as Jude grew up in a pureblood family who disliked anyone or anything Muggle, he found it boring being handed everything and made it his goal to work for everything. The two found each other shortly after a huge Quidditch match and ended up kissing after a argument. Three years later after graduation after both of them found their dream jobs, Jude a Lawyer between the Muggles and Wizards and Clarice working with magical creatures, mainly Dragons and upper class creatures; Clarice ended up impregnated against her mothers wishes. Jude's family didn't approve either and moved him out of Country never to been seen or heard from again. As soon as the child was born, she was sent off to a muggles orphanage to live a normal life or so they hoped.

Now the special child awaited her next adoptive family with hope in her eyes as it never came for many years. She grew up in an Orphanage called Hecate Orphanage for Girls, something that Clarice's mother knew she would hate. It was located just outside of Edmonton, Alberta near Smokey Lake on a large ranch, close to where Clarice was born. An Muggle family owned a lot of land and kept up to 100 girls in the three houses on the property. Miss Rose, everyone called her, never mother or anything else was the cranky old lady that basically ran it with her younger sisters May and Judy. These ladies kept the girls prim and proper, the only male was Judy's husband Ralph who was said to have had some contact with the girls. Ralph was soon arrested after one of the girls bit off his right ear. No one spoke of him ever again. Being the smallest child of the younger group at first, she didn't fit in well with the muggles or muggleborn's. She knew that there was at least three other children there with the same abilities as her. She learned quickly she was different, being able to use magic at a young age she kept that hidden practicing only when they didn't notice or out of sight. Most of the girls made fun of her abilities to keep the cattle in line when traveling farm to farm, or how she kept the horses calm during storms, or her natural ability to keep snakes calm. There was a lot that happened threw out the time she stayed at that Ranch but she kept that to herself, never really told anyone what happened.

She was bullied a lot, but kept to herself as well because she only had two friends besides the occasional magical creature. Her red hair and bright blue-grey eye's didn't help along with her funny accent, a lot accused her of being a witch because of her wild hair and eyes. Shortly after her 10th birthday a lady in blue showed up, her hair so black it shined blue. Reminded her of Mary Poppins and the lady from that other movie that didn't interest Lili. She kept to herself and the occasional magical creature she would help out and only glanced at the movies the girls watched. The lady in blue has bright blue eyes that Lili swore she could feel her peering into her mind. Her raven black hair was in a tight braid that day, it almost looked to tight to her. She spoke in riddles a lot that day, and left her to herself at Diagon Alley after giving her a letter from her mother, a letter with her parents and grandparents names and some money and of course her Hogwarts letters. Confused and slightly distraught she found a plump lady with a small sign with her name on it, only a few feet away from where she standed. The lady reminded her of a mouse, her face and body small and mouse like. "Miss P" She introduced herself as when Lili asked her who she was.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?:

Arriving to a forest with carriages lined up was strange enough for Lili, but the creatures pulling them were no horse, it looked more demonic if a Mormon girl saw it. She almost screamed seeing them, but noticed that no one around her seemed to react the same; till a kid fainted, she held it in . She didn't take time to respond and just picked the farthest carriage and sat in it. She wore her red hair in a french braid, her bangs covering most of her face. Her makeup simple light brown liner and nothing more. She held on to her Breath of the Wilds bag and calmed herself, peaking out the window to glance at the creepy but beautiful creatures. She gently took out her sketch pad and pencils and started to draw them, calming down as she lost herself to her pencil and paper.


Lilian's grey blue eyes looked around the huge eating area, she sat on the small chair nervously, and gasped as soon as the Hat started speaking. She didn't mind the speaking hat, just startled her, made her guard go up higher then normal.
"Ahh!!!" He said with a curious voice. "Rhywin.....a last name we haven't heard from since the long lost son..."He muttered slightly loudly. She crossed her arms and said out loud, "No one cares, get on with it." Her eyes turned more grey then blue. He laughed and said "..... !" She drifted off to her way to a distant memory.

Special Request (available at Novice**) (Do NOT request to be placed in a specific house in this section. House requests in this section will NOT be honored.)

OOC Name: Tish
Your Pronouns: She/Her
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? I think it was an ad on a previous site I was on.
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6. WURR is an alternate universe roleplay, and as such canon characters never existed and should not be mentioned in the application.

7. Please make sure that your application is written in third person all the way through. The appearance and personality sections should be in present tense, and the history in past.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM a staffer!

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