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 Magnus Skjeggestad
Ben · 18 · 7th · · Pureblood · 6'0
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Apr 26 2018, 10:59 PM   Link Quote

Name: Magnus
Age: 18
Year: 7th
Bloodline: Pureblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: freebie!! Shelved and switched freeb status!

Appearance: ---

Personality: Hróðvitnisson is a wolf of rage and a want that seems to never be satiated. Magnus is a young man of similar things, although he does not sport the fur and teeth (at least not physically) of his wolfish comparison; he does not chase the moon. But the wild nature of the wolf is clear in his sharp gaze and the hunger that plagues his soul, the idea that he will never have done enough to be satisfied. Hati longs to be free, and to consume the moon, and to break his bonds. What does Magnus long for, hunger for? That in itself is a mystery. Even Magnus doesn't know what gnaws at his bones in the middle of the night.

Where does the comparison draw, really? How is he so similar to Managarm?

Even with his faults, his default mood isn't bad. He may be crass, and swear like a sailor, but Magnus tends to rest somewhere between flippant disinterest and casual mischief. He is more often than not picking on and teasing his peers, and although his words can be harsh, it is all in good jest. Whether or not someone is hurt is their business, after all, because they chose to take offense with his words.

One thing Magnus will never do: lie. Another thing Magnus will never do: feel guilty for hurting people with the truth. If you wanted something said sweetly, you wouldn't have asked him. He is the type you go to if you want a detailed and honest assessment of the situation: not if you want comfort, because Magnus does not deal in comfort. Being hurt over words is an easy way to earn his annoyance, because words are fickle things and the meaning behind them is what actually matters. Due to this mentality, Magnus is prone to make offhanded comments about almost anything he sees: the only reason he won't speak is if he has sensitive information. Secret-keeping is something he loathes, but he sees the importance of it as a social construct, and begrudgingly does it as little as possible.

Magnus more often than not has criticism to spare. If he sees something he deems wrong or incorrect, he is always the first to point it out, which makes him an excellent tutor if you can handle receiving little to no praise, because he is very hard to please. The interesting thing about this is that he has a tendency to believe he is the best at what he does, which is whatever he's doing in any given situation. It is incredibly hard for him to admit when he is wrong, which most believe to be an ego-stemmed behavior, and they are not entirely wrong. It is partially due to ego, yes, but Magnus also tends to quietly fear punishment. You see, no one is harder on Magnus than Magnus himself.

Which is to say, his ego does come from somewhere. Magnus is an intelligent boy. When he doesn't understand something, he is consumed by the need to familiarize and master the subject, no matter what it is. This is how he learned: with an urgency that had nothing to do with learning and everything to do with being the best version of himself that he could possibly be. The only other person on the planet that he believes equal to his level is his brother: and both of them are bested by his father and (he quietly believes) his mother as well.

This criticism of self comes out most often in bouts of unexplainable anger (most likely inherited from his father.) It seems that the irritation comes from nowhere: you could greet him and he would bare teeth with scathing remarks. It is incredibly easy to piss him off, so companionship of any kind with Magnus tends to result in having a thick skin purely due to exposure. His frothy rage is blind, so any target will do. But one blessing to his spells of anger is that they are short-lived: he will work through them quickly, though one will find it difficult to redeem themselves from whatever pissed him off, because Magnus never does forget a slight. Though he is willing to forgive and forget if one is willing to improve and not piss him off again.

Magnus is also very competitive, which is what comes when you are one of two possible heirs for to be head of your family. But this need to best others has flooded to every other area of his life, be it in class or Quidditch, Magnus wants to be recognized as the best of the best. Even though this insatiable need comes from deep within him, Magnus is honorable, and would never do anything to disable his opponents. If he cannot win by his own merit, then he does not deserve victory. It is as simple as that.

Bonds formed with Magnus are incredibly strong ones, because Magnus finds it hard to make deep connections with people, and so when he does there is little he wouldn't do to keep the bond. He isn't the type to deliberately do things to hurt people, and that alone must be understood if someone is to try and befriend him. If you look at everything Magnus says and does with that thought in mind, he becomes easier to know. He would die for those he considers his friends, and even should they grow to hate him, his loyalty will remain quietly intact. If this wolf imprints on you, there is little you can do to shake him, because you will become his everything. Magnus does not know much about being kind, but he knows when he has found someone he wants to be around, and he clings.

Character Background: The Skjeggestad is a bloodline supposedly as old as the Aesir themselves, but no one can really recall other than legend and myth. But do not tell that to a Skjeggestad, because they are devout in their beliefs that the norse gods were not only real, but still exist in some ways. It's hard to tell when this zealot mindset began, because hailing from Norway where most of the population are not religious is a stark contrast. But yet, here they are.

The story goes that three hundred years ago, the male head of the family fell to the belief that he was blessed by Fenrir, whom was borne of Loki and Angrboda in the Iron Wood. He and his wife copulated until they produced two sons whom he claimed to be blessed by Hati and Skoll respectively: the wolves who were bound to the skies as Odin chained their father. The sons were raised to compete for the head of the family. Every behavior was compared and every move was carefully monitored until the son representing Hati was chosen, and on his deathbed, their father stressed the importance of repetition: if the Hati-son took the blessing of Fenrir, Fenrir would never be bound, and Ragnorok would be forever prevented. The belief of a madman, surely, but the sons were raised devout, and so the son took the blessing of Fenrir and continued the cycle.

This cycle, despite the modernization of the family that comes naturally with time, continued. Boys were given blessings until they turned to men and passed the blessing on, or became unblessed- (the son who failed was stripped of his blessing, but not dishonored: there was not shame in not being chosen, unless the son himself felt shame.) Until Erik Skjeggestad and his newlywed, Sofia, began their reign as the leading couple of the noble house. Only a year after their marriage, Sofia became pregnant and birthed two twin boys, the first documented occurrence in Skjeggestad history : Magnus and his brother, Mikkel.

The boys' father, even from a young age, started the boys in rigorous training. They learned advanced reading from a young age and were made to read the poetic Edda at ten years old, but they also learned to play chess, to hunt, to butcher, to ride horseback, to have a firm handshake and to never let their opponents get ahead. Their actions were always judged harshly: their father surely felt love for them, but he made certain that they knew when they were being fools, and when they were wrong. Magnus was a mouthy, moody child from birth, and even though he strived to be a near-perfect image of his father, the man seemed to never be impressed with his efforts, and took to physical punishments to get his point across.

This grew a divide between them. Magnus did not hold an emotional attachment to his father for long, but the hunger to be just like him (but perhaps better) never went away.

For generations, Skjeggestad brothers were never allies. They were sharp stares over the dinner table, they were hateful looks and scathing comments, they were always looking for weaknesses in one another. In the worst cases, their aligned loyalty to the family was the only thing that kept them from doing irreparable damage to each other. But Magnus and Mikkel, despite whatever differences they would grow into, always had one thing in common: they loved each other.

Even when their father would compare them to each other, even when they discovered that 'friendly competition' was really a veil to cover the stakes at hand, they never blamed each other for their predicament. Magnus was always angry, similar to the rage of his father, and when they would get into screaming matches that would occasionally devolve into violence, his brother always quietly looked after him even if he had to keep up appearances for their father.

Magnus was always the difficult son, but he curbed his ruefulness with his efforts. He gave every effort and more often than not succeeded in things both physical and mental. Magnus learned from every asset he could: yes, he believed the family's hired huntsmen to be, for lack of a better word, dimwitted. But he recognized that they understood more about hunting than he did, so he listened and practiced until he learned and could declare himself better than them. Whenever he grasped something first, he always stopped to help his brother grasp it, too, and vice-versa. To their father's quiet chagrin, and their mother's wholehearted delight, they always looked after one another.

Their mother was a quiet woman, with a quiet kind of intelligence. It seemed that nothing missed her sharp eyes, and she dutifully reported to their father what she could learn from dinners with other noble ladies. (He called her his raven, and it perhaps was the sweetest he could ever be. Magnus always thought this ounce of kindness is why his mother stayed,) the only reason Magnus knows of the truest form of love is from his mother, whom would braid his hair when he was young, or have their servants cook his favorite meals, or tell him 'good job' when no one else would. It was a shame he could never believe her, because perhaps if he had, he would be a better person.

Magnus grew, grew, and grew with his brother at his side. The stakes got higher the taller he grew. They both knew at the end of their education that their father would select one of them for grooming, but which would it be? Only time would tell.

There's no mercy for the weak of heart.
They'll be trampled down and torn apart.
As ruthless as it all may seem,
The wild cares not for the weaker beings.
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