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 Mikkel Skjeggestad
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May 4 2018, 01:26 AM   Link Quote
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Name: Mikkel Fridtjof Skjeggestad
Age: 18
Year: 7th
Bloodline: Pureblood
Appearance: I'll do this later I pinky promise

Every single aspect of life can be turned into a competition. That is something of which Mikkel Skjeggestad is quite aware... painfully so. Grades? Of course! Ability? Well, how else would you measure how good you are at something if not? How fast you can learn to perform a certain task? Absolutely! That鈥檚 just a must!

Competing, proving himself to be the best, has always been the central aspect around which his life revolves, one that was forced upon him ever since birth, or actually even since before. The first competition Mikkel ever won 鈥 without even being aware that he had done as much 鈥 was that of his birth, only a few minutes older than his twin brother, yet said minutes already beginning to set up the great divide that was destined to rise between all siblings born of the Skjeggestad name. And he dreads it. He always has, ever since he became aware that such a destiny was a possibility and what everyone expected of them. A possible future where the bond between him and Magnus was forever broken looming ever-eerie, as if one of those dark clouds that were meant to bring storms with them.

For, see, while Mikkel loves competition, while a need to shine bright above others and prove himself the best seems to come almost naturally to the Norwegian, when that 鈥榦ther鈥 in question is his own brother, it鈥檚 different. Not to mention awful. Perhaps it鈥檚 all simply because of the fact that such a dynamic has been imposed upon them all of their lives, even the smallest of games turning into an attempt at making a rivalry rise, thus giving said contests an involuntary and forceful nature that Mikkel just cannot stand. Yet, perhaps, it also has to do with something much different: with what sets his brother appart from all those people he has no qualms about defeating. Care? Fraternal affection? Trust? Yes, all of those, but also something else: loyalty, one that cannot be denied.

It may come as surprising to those who meet him, for this is the same Mikkel who will not hesitate to sacrifice others if it benefits him; the same Mikkel who will trick, cheat, and lie, simply because it amuses him and takes away some of the dullness from his day to day life. But, when it comes to Magnus, the truth is that his brother is the only person to whom Mikkel would never lie. He has never done as much, and he never intends to do so, for while most people are considered to be closer to pieces in a chessboard that can be manipulated by one who considers himself to be a skilled wizard鈥檚 chess player, Magnus is... untouchable, really. The only person who is truly worth being honest to, keeping safe, and protecting 鈥 although it鈥檚 not like his brother really needs him to protect him from anything.

Ironically, for someone who has the potential to be so loyal and so protective, when it comes to his own well-being, Mikkel can be rather鈥 reckless. If the choice is fight or flight, his own answer will always be the former, even if the odds are against him. It鈥檚 not that he doesn鈥檛 have an instinct of self preservation, as he most definitely does, but there a certain dislike for appearing weak and accepting defeat 鈥 all of it the result of that unquestionable pride. Of course, cunning and smart as can often be, he does know that logically fleeing in itself can be a victory, but sadly, sometimes this logic and his actions don鈥檛 quite click. (Teenagers, amiright?)

Still, it鈥檚 not something that happens often, as usually Mikkel is one to consider himself more of an observer: only approaching people if he finds them to be interesting, and generally resulting more quiet than anything. He鈥檚 not a team player, and aside from his loyalty to his brother, his own spirit of camaraderie is almost completely lacking. And while there are likely a thousand explanations for this fact, most of them probably having to do with changing school all too often, even if Mikkel himself would never admit such things ever affecting him.

Character Background:

Destiny is a funny thing.

A future that is already written, set in stone, that no one can change no matter how much they fight it or how hard they try to go against it all. It is binding, and truly, those who are not careful can easily be consumed by the thought: trapped in the mentality that all that occurs in their lives is involuntary, and that their destiny means all. They can become absorbed, obsessed, centering their lives around it and even that of those who come after them...

From the perspective of Mikkel Skjeggestad, this is exactly what occurs with his family.

All of his life, since even before his own birth, everything was centered around this destiny over which he had little to no control. First son to Erik Skjeggestad and his wife Sofia, meant to compete with his twin brother until one day one was chosen 鈥 until one of them took the blessing of Fenrir. Just like it had happened with their father, and their grandfather, and his father before him; all part of a cycle that had been going on for centuries and that seemed to repeat itself endlessly. Why? Because apparently, three hundred years ago or so, the man who was head of the family fell under the belief that for some reason he had been chosen and blessed by Fenrir. Yes, the Fenrir, the one from the Poetic Edda and who is all over Norse mythology; son of the god Loki and the giantess Angrbo冒a, monstrous wolf, foretold to kill the god Odin during the events of Ragnar枚k, bound eternally by the gods, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...

Crazy, right? Well, he believed it, and what is more, he believed his own sons were blessed by Hati and Sk枚ll respectively (yes, the sons of Fenrir, bound to the skies and tasked with chasing the moon and the sun). And so, in the hidden castle by the name of Ulvehi, he raised his sons to compete over who would earn the title of heir, carefully watching over every step taken by them until a single one was chosen: him who had been blessed by Hati Hr贸冒vitnisson. Said process repeated itself for centuries, claiming that as long as the son who represented Hati was chosen, all chains binding Fenrir would forever be broken. Time passed, the world advanced, yet the Skjeggestad remained centering their lives on their beliefs, this destiny truly seeming to be the most important thing鈥

Of course, Erik Skjeggestad wasn鈥檛 an exception to this rule, and when his sons were born 鈥 the first twins ever documented to exist in the lineage 鈥 they both suffered through the same fate that befell upon all those before them. Ever since young, they were trained, educated, taught to do all things which were considered fundamental to known by someone who carried the Skjeggestad name. Reading, writing, and speaking different languages; chess, horseback riding, hunting, a firm handshake; the list went on and on, and through it all, Erik watched and judged them. Always harsh, always serious, always one to demand excellence from both his children; the beautiful lands that surrounded Ulvehi being more of a training place than a playground for the siblings. And as time passed, Mikkel grew to dread it.

Mostly, he didn鈥檛 understand. Why did they have to do all that? Why did they have such a destiny? Why couldn鈥檛 they just have fun? Of course, asking his father wouldn鈥檛 have given any favourable results, nor would any good have come from him rebelling against his family鈥檚 practices (he would know, he tried). So, he learned to lie. At first, it was for his own sake, to pretend that everything was fine, that he had no issues with the way things were. His childhood self elaborating statements like how he most definitely didn鈥檛 want to cry when falling off his horse, or how a day spent with his father had been just great if his mother asked. He became good at it, and eventually, the lies came more naturally than what they probably should have, deceiveful and misleading statements being constructed with skill because there was just something fun about deceived. Truly, it likely had more to do with the fact that it was easier than speaking of how he truly felt, for he easily realized as much when speaking to his brother 鈥 the only person to whom he never lied.

Perhaps, it was just an attempt to escape, to defeat that terrible destiny that chased after them much alike the way Sk枚ll chased after the sun, because as much as the chase may have been at times, as much as there may have been a certain enjoyment to the competition and that life, what Mikkel really wanted was a choice. One that would come at at the age of eleven, the moment him and his brother were sent far from their home to the distant Koldovstoretz, for in their father鈥檚 insistence on having them attend the Russian school, Mikkel gained advantage, enjoying the freedom that came with being far away from home. And even when they transferred from Koldovstoretz to Durmstrang that freedom was still there, their transfer to Hogwarts at the end of their fourth year of studies being the peak of it all...
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