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 Xochitl Becerra, updated: 5 may 2018
Lyx · 16 · 6th · Undecided · halfblood · 5'8"
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May 5 2018, 02:16 AM   Link Quote
originally posted: 4 may 2018

Name: Xochitl Becerra
Age: 16
Year: Sixth
Bloodline: Halfblood

    Xochitl is pretty, regardless of what anyone says to the contrary. She’s 5’8, and a size 12, so she’s fairly average, proud to feel real in a world where young women are told to look Instagram perfect and runway ready by age twelve. Don’t get her started on that. Like her cousin Raquel, her nose is a bit aquiline, that and her long dark hair proud marks of her heritage. She’s never seen a need to change herself for anyone, and remains comfortable at her size, shape, and activity level. She wears a plethora of cute dresses, usually with bike shorts underneath, both to combat chub rub and for modesty and function. That said, our girl can rock a mean pair of skinny jeans with some kitten heels. She finds her uniform a rather cumbersome necessity, and so wears it as required, more frequently wearing slacks before a skirt.
    She may as well be a smaller, prettier mirror of her brother, Josias, at times. She’s ambitious, driven, but still manages to be incredibly kind. She’s a natural teacher and is equally happy to learn something from someone more educated in a subject than she is. Knowledge is power, after all, and Xochitl is aware just how far power can go, as well as where influence can take you.

    Her father taught her to be kind first, and he was right. If you were awful to someone right at the start, they would never trust you when you were nice in the future. So, Xochitl makes it a point to be nice to people first, make them feel safe around her and like they can trust her. She would ask that you not mistake her kindness for weakness, because she’s quite exemplary of the idea that kind people are made of the kind of fire you don’t want to mess with, have been through hell and come out singing. Truly, her kindness is a choice, and between kindness and vitriol, you should hope that she doesn’t choose the latter. Truly, like the big brother who helped to raise her, Xochitl can turn at the drop of a dime. She will be kind until it’s time to destroy those who would try to tread on her for that kindness. It takes a certain kind of strength to remain soft in a world that’s so cruel, and while she would prefer not to join the masses, she isn’t afraid to turn a mirror on others.

    She’s currently, technically, enrolled in two schools. Before she started at Hogwarts, after being shamed out of ballet and gymnastics classes because she wasn’t a size 0, she found acrobatics, a circus school that started in her mother’s backyard, on the shores of Deriva. In order to manage her education as a performer as she grew older, she enrolled both at Hogwarts and Castelobruxo, training in Sao Paulo during the summer and living in Scotland with her brother during the rest of the year. Through a lot of self-control and moderation, she manages quite well, keeping her head above water academically by taking only her requirements for exams, as well as courses that she enjoys. It makes it easier, balancing everything that she has to do by buffering it with stuff that she loves. Still, Xochitl does a lot, up at dawn and in bed early. She works out every morning, eats six small meals at regular intervals, has enough time to do all of her coursework, and finally does a smaller workout in the evening. It’s good. It’s routine, and it keeps her moving. Flexible, literally and figuratively, the young Becerra is good at going with the flow of life and not letting a snag in plans set her off-course the way some of her peers do. She’s got a cool head, and it comes across as unsettling to some of the other kids her age.

    That said, she’s personally never felt that she fits in well. Around her family, she can mesh just fine, as family is a big part of who the Becerras -and Dowlings, by extension- are as people. Around peers, people her age that she’s not related to, she feels like she’s trying to reach out to them and ends up touching glass instead. Sure, she’s liked well enough, but she’s unsettled; do they actually like her, or is it something else that draws them near? Perhaps it’s simply paranoia, but she definitely feels as though she’s a ghost in social situations, a cipher simply filling a role by mimicking those around her.
Character Background:
    Claudia Becerra met the man who would become Xochitl’s father by happenstance. A crowded marketplace in Brazil while she was visiting her mother at Castelobruxo, a bump to the shoulder, returning a lost piece of jewelry. And that was how it started, how she had expected it to end. All she had done was returned the man’s necklace, a pretty piece of coral that someone had gilded, and apologized in Portuguese for bumping into him, giving him a grin and dashing off after her brother. Damían had been a man on a mission, and if she stopped for too long, he would have left her behind.

    By chance, or perhaps, she'd had the time to stop in the market for fruit the next day and ran into the man again. He was kind, and she was drawn to him instantly. He begged her to let him treat her to dinner, have a little bit of her time. And Claudia? Well, Claudia couldn't help but fall in love with him. Josias, her eleven year old, adored him as well. Three months after their fateful meeting, she was pregnant with their first and only child.

    Xochitl was born on a steamy morning, when the mist hadn't yet burnt off the water. Her infant cries echoed off the homes that made up the southern flotilla, and before long, it was almost as if the whole village had filtered in and out to meet the girl. Her parents were so proud of her, a large, strong baby despite being born earlier than anticipated. She grew quickly, though she never truly shed her baby weight, and was a happy child.

    She was never lonely, though she did feel as though she didn't fit in much from an young age. It takes a village to raise a child, and that was something that Deriva was good at; the sense of community and family she had was instilled deep, and though she didn't feel as though she fit in, she knew that on the back of the Mother Turtle was where she belonged. With a brother who was away at school so much, and cousins who lived in another country most of the year, she tried to focus on other things. Her father enrolled her in athletics, only for teachers to shame her out of classes because of her weight, insisting that she diet when she was perfectly healthy.

    Instead, she turned to acrobatics, finding her calling in aerialism. It set her apart, as her dad was a sailor and fisherman, while her mother and brother were better at magizoology and herbology. As she learned, it became easier to soar, and as her father had said, "you have found your wings, who am I to clip them?" She was subsequently introduced to two of her mother's friends, married acrobats who would work with Xochitl and push her to blow her own goals out if the water. The effect was similar to hothousing an orchid: she blossomed and tremendously so.

    When it came time for schooling, things got a bit difficult. Ultimately, it was decided that she would follow Josias to Scotland, that being with her cousins would be good for her, something that she would later come to agree with. At the same time, in order to continue her private tutoring and circus skills, she would be enrolled part time at Castelobruxo, able to take filler courses in the summer to balance out everything that she needed to do to follow her passion and see everything to fruition the way she envisioned.

    "It won't be easy, my little minnow," her father warned.

    "When do I start?" she asked in reply.
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