It's summertime in Scotland; the weather has begun to clear, and the flowers are in full bloom! Now is a time for bonfires, stargazing and long nights spent with friends and family! Welcome to Wizarding Realm- an AU Harry Potter role play set in current day hogwarts!
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 Nessa Ivers
Ani · 16 · 6th · N/A · Pureblood · 5'4"
Gryffindor Prefect
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May 22 2018, 11:29 AM   Link Quote
Name: Nessa Ivers
Age: Sixteen
Year: Sixth
Bloodline: Pureblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: Nope! This is my first one. Hopefully there be more.

Over the years, Nessa has sported many hairstyles. When she first arrived at Hogwarts, strands of blonde hair flourished past her shoulders to the middle of her back. In fourth year, she chopped it to her chin. Now, it ends from anywhere between her jawline to her shoulders. When she first cut it, she had bangs, but she learned the hard way that bangs were most definitely NOT her thing. At the beginning of sixth year, she added a bit of a silver tint to it. Since cutting it short, Nessa enjoys rolling right out of bed and heading to breakfast without so much as having to run a brush through her hair.

She's never minded some of the things that puberty brought, like a more defined chest. That being said, she definitely minds the pimples and lacking behind she's been granted, as well as the chubby chipmunk cheeks still not slimming down. With her Irish ethnicity, she has extremely pale skin, easily burnt on the farm back home. She stands parallel with the average woman from Ireland, measuring off at 5'4" (about 163 centimeters).

Her frame is similarly average in size, but she dresses most often in oversized shirts and baggier pants when not in robes. In one word, her style is classified as street with elements of both grunge and pastel.

Personality: INTJ-A

I - Introverted:
Many often confuse the details of what it means to be introverted, including Nessa. For many years, she never associated with the word. But once she understood the complexities of its definition, and that there are levels to it, it's clearly the label meant for her.

She isn't shy. That's one of the first misconceptions. Unless for some reason she's housing embarrassment, or perhaps has a bit of a crush, Nessa has no problems starting conversations or asking questions.

Being around people, however, isn't always easy. Most times, no matter who she is around, conversing and hanging out tires her- And that is why she is an introvert. Her energy comes from being alone rather than being with a large or small group of people. Even one-on-one time leaves her in need of a recharge by herself. It's why after a large party or a get together, she'll be napping in bed or snoozing in the common room. That and maybe she's just a little hungover.

N - Intuitive:
Problem solving often begins with a big picture for Nessa, and then works itself down into minute details. It's why she has an eye for design: She can stick to a large theme or a singular feel that a client wants a room to emulate, and then pick up bits and bobs to make it all come together.

Being intuitive means she holds a preference for thinking out a problem rather than jumping right in, hands on. She's a careful observer at first, not an immediate doer. The owner of a careful eye, she's able to read between the lines, be it in her studies or in her relationships.

She has a good sense of people, and she utilizes such emotional intelligence. Maybe not as often as she should, but she's getting there. Age is slowing her recklessness, but not all at once.

New things are exciting to Nessa, and change doesn't bother her often. Easygoing, the tide rolls right over the blonde, and she can easily go with the punches.

T- Thinking:
When it comes to decision making for her, situational differences are rarely accounted for. Nessa prefers an unanimous truth, and believes in little exceptions to such. A big believer in pros and cons, she prefers to weigh out all of her options before coming to a conclusion. Once she does, she sticks to it, and barely anything - If anything - can change her mind.

Stinking to her guns often means being interpreted as cold, or snobby. Often times her refusing to change her opinion on a matter leads her to be labeled as ignorant. None of this deters Nessa, however, as she is capable of verbally sticking up for what she believes in. Telling the truth is more important than other people's feelings in her opinion, and not only does she apply this method to the handling of others, but she hopes and prefers that the people around her will do the same.

J - Judgemental:
Despite the negative connotation associated with the word, Nessa utilizes judgement in a productive manner. She is open to new ideas, so long as the argument is strong enough to overpower hers. Although pride has been instilled in her since early childhood, admitting she is wrong is a bumpy topic for her. It depends on the situation, funnily enough, and the people she is having to confess to.

Having a definite plan is preferred, as she is one to succumb to stress and anxiety when close to a deadline. Outside of school, Nessa is rather easygoing. If others make decisions for the group, she isn't one to dig in her heels unless she feels it absolutely necessary. In other words, she doesn't go looking for fights. If it's something she believes in, she'll stick up for it. She just so happens to believe in a lot of things.

A - Assertive:
When it comes to achieving something, Nessa's one to take the wheel and go for it. If no one in a group has made a plan, or there is indecisiveness among friends, the blonde can be the one to take charge and make the decision.

Character Background:

The summer she were born seemed like a particularly hot one to the town of Portlaiose. Irish summers rarely were such a thing, but it meant that the Ivers' farm maintained its spring blossoms. Many were excited for her arrival, most of all, the Ivers matriarch. After a long lineage of male after male, it was a relief to the woman to finally bear a girl.

Many years separate the youngest sibling pre-Nessa and Nessa herself. To say she was an accident was not incorrect, but she had been a rather happy one at that. At least, that is what her mother would've said until she started being able to crawl.

"Nessa no!" "Nessa, quit it." "No, Nessa, you can't climb the bookshelf."

Needless to say, it only got worse once she could walk. And with walking came running. Time and time again, the vase in the hallway was broken by a speeding girl desperate to keep up and play with her older brothers. Time and time again, the vase's pieces were magically heated back together by the mumbling house elves.

Eventually, Karen Ivers gave up trying to groom her. She had plenty of sons, and they would have plenty of children. If one in eight ended up wild, then surely she had done something mostly right.

But, the time that Nessa spent exhausting her mother had taken years. There was plenty of forced sittings, forced teas, forced afternoons spent inside rather than out, running about the never-ending plots of trees. The Ivers were prized and famed wood growers, shipping out bundles to select broomcrafters and wandmakers. Only few brands got Ivers wood, and only fewer clients received such high quality goods.

It was impossible to keep the girl out of something. Her interest were constantly piqued. Every day was a new adventure, time for the girl to learn something about the world around her. Luckily, once her mother decided to give up on reigning in her wildness, she was free to do so. House elves were always following behind, cleaning up her messes for her.

Slowly but surely, the Ivers boys got accepted and sorted into Hogwarts. And then, slowly but surely, they all graduated, found jobs, and moved out. Soon, Nessa was left alone on the large farm, with few playmates. The elves were always grumbling about something and bustling about to keep their wicked master Karen pleased. Left to her own devices, her imagination grew, and so did her love of art. It was a solo task she actually enjoyed, seeing as reading was often so boring.

Her own time to head off to Hogwarts had felt so much longer than her brothers'. The feeling as if it would never come so often lingered in her mind that the letter was more than a celebration, it was a relief.

The school was everything her brothers said it was: Massive, daunting, and full of opportunities. Having lived on the Ivers tree farm all of her life, Nessa had barely met anyone outside of family. All of the sudden, she was shoved into a social setting with preteen insecurity and desperation to fit in. Despite never before considering homesickness a possibility, the blonde was experiencing it. Hard. Sure, home hadn't been the best place, but at least she knew where everything had been, and at least none of the staircases moved.

It took a few months for her to settle in to her surroundings. The schoolwork very quickly slipped to the back burner. She hadn't known what she wanted to do career-wise, but she certainly knew she didn't want it to be anything that required her to know the majority of what school required her to know.

Instead, her time was focused on making friends. It didn't take much effort, and even though her true source of energy came from being alone, Nessa enjoyed surrounding herself with new people. She joined clubs, attended parties, and went to the Quidditch games.

If there was one thing that became her Hogwarts education mantra, it was that she was going to experience absolutely everything and anything she could. Over the summer was the time she could use to recharge in seclusion; Hogwarts was going to be her time to shine.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?:

The raggedy hat that looked as if it was going to fall apart was placed atop her head. Having a rather small head, Nessa found the itchy fabric slip down her forehead, nearly covering her eyes. Long eyelashes pressed together in blinks. How to feel? The pubescent girl was feeling a whole wide array of things. This moment was going to determine the rest of her years at Hogwarts; how could she not feel nervous, excited, and like she was going to vomit all at once?

What house did she even want to be sorted into? They were all so good for differing reasons. Her seven brothers had been scattered among the houses, but not evenly. Every sibling had a favorite sibling. Alby, her favorite, had been in Gryffindor. For years, the youngest Ivers had attempted to emulate the boy. Perhaps enough emulation had resulted in similar personalities. After all, Nessa liked to think she was brave. As brave as Alby? Well . . . She'd have to just wait and see.

Scrunching her eyes tight, she gripped the hem of her skirt and listened as the hat called out-

OOC Name: Ani
Your Pronouns: She/Her
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? On Shine's advertising board.


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