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 Brandon Eastoft
Leo Benjamin · 17 · 7 · · Muggleborn · 175 cm (5'7")
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May 29 2018, 08:54 AM   Link Quote

Name:Brandon Eastoft
Year:7th (starting September)
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?:My old one is shelved, so nope.


Brown medium length hair, which is extremely soft, as by magic. Maybe he's born with it, maybe it's just really good muggle shampoo, who knows. He doesn't really have a hairstyle, per say, it's more of a "I just got out of bed and ruffled my hair, I'm good to go."

Green-blue eyes, straight nose, thin lips, bushy (but not too prominent)eyebrows and a constant stubble.

175 cm tall, lean, not very muscular but not scrawny.

In a few words, Brandon is a human version of a golden retriever - intelligent, athletic, kind and sometimes a little bit goofy. If you see someone at Hogwarts with a "Free hugs" sign, there is a high chance that it's Brandon, wearing a onesie.

As a child, Brandon was an unstoppable force. The boy was overflowing with energy and curiosity and asked a hundred 'How?'s, a thousand 'Why?'s and wanted to know what made the world tick. But he was too restless to sit down and study from books and think about all the answers he was presented with. No, he'd much rather play ball with the kids in the yard. His parents signed him up for various activities, starting from football (soccer) practice, ending with modern dance, yet nothing seemed to satisfy the boy. They were starting to worry that there might be something wrong with him, but they hoped to wait and see if their son wouldn't simmer down.

When Brandon arrived at Hogwarts, the amount of information and the newfound universe, completely different from his own, made him stop in his tracks. Of course, at first he wanted to try every single thing, but after the first flying lesson he realized, that he would never be a Quidditch player or a dragon rider, or, or… He was just too afraid of heights.

Besides Quidditch, there didn't seem to be another wizarding sport, which upset him greatly. But now, when his parents weren't there to sign him up for a 1000 and one thing, he actually had to take his life in his own hands and plan, and over the first few years of school , he began to mellow out. He asked his parents to send him a football from home and played it in the school grounds or empty classrooms together with other muggleborns and anyone else who wanted to join.

Now, as his last year in Hogwarts comes closer and closer, he wishes to make a club and perhaps, start a tradition, to give muggleborn kids a chance to do something familiar, so the wizard world doesn't seem so daunting and to promote being active.

Despite his love of sports, he is not the brash jock type. Above everything Brandon values honesty and truth. From a young age, he was taught that it was better to be kind and offer warmth and companionship to others, yet end up never achieving anything that others would consider greater, rather than use deceit, lies and fear to achieve his means. The world had too many bad people as it was, and in Brandon's opinion, everyone deserved to be loved - as long as they themselves were kind in return.

This attitude extended to animals too. Care of Magical Creatures became his favorite subject from day one. Brandon seriously considers pursuing a carrier in this sphere after Hogwarts, and his heart was stolen by a puffskein some years back. He'd prefer caring for smaller, peaceful animals, rather than risk his life rounding up dragons, but if work would call for it, he wouldn't be the one to hide and make excuses.

He does not like violence or conflict, but, if he would see someone in need, he wouldn't hesitate to pull out his wand or his fists to help. He becomes very unsettled when he witnesses betrayal or treachery. Sometimes it even makes him become quite depressed for several days while he tries to process and make peace with it. For this reason, he tries to avoid reading or listening to the news, grasping at the last straws of blissful ignorance and childish innocence.

No person is without their flaws. Brandon's most fatal one was his love for socializing. If you are an introvert, you'll want to be on the other end of the castle at all times. He loves to talk. He'll talk for days if anyone is listening - and even if they aren't. Sometimes he'll go on a rant with a "Did you know that…" and 10 minutes later he'll mutter "What was I trying to say with that anyways?".

He craves company and feels unsettled when there isn't anyone to talk to. He feels a deep need to be accepted, which mostly hails from being a muggleborn in the world of wizards, where there are plenty of people that consider his presence in their spaces a crime. He feels as if he is not himself unless there is a group of people around him, laughing and, quite often, drinking. Any trip to Hogsmeade ends with Brandon being less than sober, which sometimes gets him in trouble. but mostly it's just very embarrassing.

Besides drinking, this need to be included sometimes makes him agree to reckless things, like sneaking out during the night or trying to spend the night in the Forbidden Forest. Even more so, if you can convince him that it's for a good cause.

Character Background:

Brandon Eastoft comes from Chard, Somerset. Born on 23rd of May, 2001 to mother Alice and father Kyle, he is the only child of his family. His mother and father met in their hometown of Chard when Alice, who works as a firefighter, was extinguishing the town's library, in which Kyle had began to work just a week earlier. After a year or so of dating, they married, moved in a small house and soon after, Brandon arrived to this world

He had a comfortable childhood. His parents were loving, they had their own garden, tended to by his mother when she wasn't at work. They weren't rich, but they got by. Sure, he didn't have the newset phone or the flashiest shoes, but there was always food on the table and a roof on his head, and he was happy.

As for the wizarding world - until the arrival of Hogwarts professor at their door, wizards were only wise old men in books and people with nimble hands on the TV screen, it was all an illusion. Sure, sometimes the old woman down the street, who took care of him when his parents were working, told him tales about his great grandmothers, who were renowned in the area as being capable of healing illnesses both in people and animals, but he didn't think much of it. After all old wive's tales held no truth to them, as his father said. (Though sometimes Brandon would sit on the porch of his house, petting the neighbor's ginger cat and telling it that when he will grow up, he will be a wizard.)

As he got older, people began to remark that there was something about the boy. He never got injured during sports lessons or when he fell off his bike, never. Even if there would be a cut or a bruise, it would heal in less than a day. His hairdresser never forgot to comment on how soft his hair was and how it never tangled, even though he absolutely despised getting his hair brushed, as little kids do.

When he reached the age of 7, his parents began to send him to summer camps across the country, so the boy would see something besides the streets of his town. Some of these camps involved actual camping in tents, some of them - science ones. He began to keep a small collection of postcards with nature views from all around. Initially he had bought them as a present to his parents, but they urged him to keep them to himself so he wouldn't forget where he had been.

And then, a month after he had turned 11, a letter came in the mail. For Brandon Eastoft. Not for Alice Eastoft or for Kyle Eastoft. For Brandon. From Hogwarts. His parents were largely sceptical, even going as far as taking the letter away from Brandon and trying to tell him that this was some very crude joke, but nothing could compare to the triumph Brandon felt when a week later the proffesor actually did arrive. His parents had to endure being levitated with their couch while Brandon sat on the floor, eyes shining like two flashlights and jaw wide open.

That September he got on the Hogwarts express and a new chapter of his life began.

During his 1st year, he realised how much he didn't like heights and barely passed flying class. He vowed to never get on a broom ever again, and so far his own promise hasn't been broken.

His 2nd was notable with his first detention, given to him after he had been tricked by an older student to sneak in a mysterious package into his common room, which ended with the evacuation of the tower until the literal shit stain had been cleaned off the ceiling.

During his 3rd year, he accidentally managed to anger a hypogriff by tripping over it's own feet. A week in the hospital didn't deter him from asking the teacher a private lesson to apologize to the animal.

His 4th year was largery ruined by a case of the Black Cat Flu. He barely remembers those few months he'd spent on healing potions and sleeping through class.

His problem with alcoholic drinks began during his 5th year and continued into his 6th, earning him several counts of detention and at least 50 points lost in penalties over the span of two school years.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: "This hat can talk, oh my god. How is that possible? Can I hold a conversation with it? I wonder where I'll be sorted in! Can they not sort me anywhere? What if they don't, and I get kicked out? And-" the frantic trail of thoughts is cut by the hat's announcement.
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OOC Name: Leo Benjamin
Your Pronouns: He/him
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? I was here 4 years ago and then 2 years ago and now I'm here again.

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(30th of May, 2018)

OOC: Leo Benjamin / I fall off the face of the earth a lot.
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