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 Richard Linwood
Leo Benjamin · 36 · Ancient Mythology · · Pureblood · 195 cm (6'4")
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May 31 2018, 12:52 AM   Link Quote
Name: Richard Linwood
Do you have permission from an admin to create this character? Which admin? It’s my freebie, and professor permission from Stells.
Age: 36
Bloodline: Pureblood
Appearance: 195 cm, dark red hair, a medium length beard always neatly groomed, a lot of freckles, long scars around his throat, wand (right) hand - a wooden prosthetic. Wears dark clothes, more suitable for long travels by foot rather than classrooms. When in public (classes, anywhere outside of his chamber) wears a leather glove over the wooden hand to hide it.
What do you do when you can’t believe in yourself? Richard goes straight to a mug of coffee with a dash of vodka. Black, black coffee, the most bitter kind, and fire vodka. It’s disgusting enough for him to forget about self-pity for the rest of the day. And for the last few years, he’s been drinking it every single morning.

On the outside, it’s hard to tell how to approach Richard. His gruff appearance and piercing stare make most people move to the other side of the hallway whenever they see him, and people don’t like to approach him. He doesn’t mind. It’s better that way. They can’t hurt him if they’re afraid. And he doesn’t want to be hurt more than he already has been. So he carries himself like he’s a giant among men, looking down on everyone else. But insecurity seeps through, the most obvious way - he hides his wooden palm in his pocket or his robes.

Contrary to a popular belief, he is neither aggressive nor dense. Sure, he’s not one to sprinkle witty remarks in his speech, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have anything smart to say. He approaches all things in life seriously, in a no-nonsense way. Of course, many people in the world are idiots by his account, and he’s easily irritated by stupid questions and even more by stupid actions, especially, if they endanger other people.

He prefers to spend his time in solitude, looking out the window of his chamber or walking through the castle grounds in the brisk night air. He spends these hours mulling over his life and making the next dose of that awful coffee concoction to keep his mind away from the memories, that hurt the most.

He once was adventurous and restless, wishing to see every edge of the world, see every creature, fight every fight, and become a grand name in history, no matter what it takes. Big plans, even bigger ambitions, executed after months and months of tireless work, yet he never had enough. There was always something more to strive for, something bigger, something better, something that would make him more important.

He’d loved with all of his heart, but that became his undoing. He was betrayed in the worst way possible-- his own boyfriend, his best friend, his lover had pushed him to the brink of death after months of mixed signals. He freezes up every time he remembers being thrust in front of the giant Romanian Longhorn, the stump of his arm starts hurting underneath the wood, and he feels nauseous as the last words of his lover echo in his brain: “It should have been you.”

He hasn’t been able to find any peace ever since, though half a decade has gone by since it had happened. He resents people, doesn’t want anyone to get close to him. He doesn’t consider anyone a friend, he doesn’t want any and on the worst days he thinks they’re all out to get him.

At least he has a home. For the first part of his adult life, he voluntarily estranged himself from his brother, his family and their parents. But then there was the dragon incident, when he’d ported in their living room in the middle of the night after 3 years of radio silence, hand missing, face covered in bruises and tears, and his brother hadn’t hesitated even for a moment.
One day, his brother Andrew came into his room, holding a wooden prosthetic hand. It had been charmed to work as a real one would. Not a word was spoken, not a sound was heard, but he’d never been so grateful in his life. From that point, life started looking just a tiny bit brighter.
That told him that there can be one thing in his life that gives him a sense of peace.

He’d decided that he needed at least several years to get himself back together, and since he wasn’t ready to go back to his adventurous ways just yet, he applied to work at Hogwarts. Teaching Ancient Mythology would provide him with enough busy work and funds to get his life back together, right? Plus, he’d silently vowed to watch over his brother’s children in return for saving his life and he wasn’t one to break a promise.

Character Background:

The youngest of two brothers, Richard Lyall Linwood, was born in a family of shepherds from Falkland isles. He grew up on the family farm, having to tend to sheep and do garden work. That just wasn’t enough for the ambitious, restless child that he was. He’d much rather scale the oceanside cliffs in search of bird eggs and dream of adventure.

He and his brother Andrew got along okay, with Andrew keeping an eye on his younger brother, but when he left for Hogwarts, they grew distant. Now Richard had to spend his days alone, with no playmate. For the next 3 years he only had himself for entertainment, as his brother arrived only for the holidays.

Finally time came for Richard to attend Hogwarts. He’d waited for it for the longest time, and it was his first big adventure. The Sorting Hat didn’t even reach his ears when it already was exclaiming “Slytherin”. The house for those, who’d make it far in life, as he was told. But every high has a low - his brother was in Gryffindor, and they didn’t see eye to eye anymore. So it happened that for the most part they pretended that the other just doesn’t exist. It bugged him, but it was the least of his concerns.

In Hogwarts he found a love for dueling and the dangerous parts of the world. Extensive studies of magical creatures, jinxes, curses and the kinds of potions that aren’t sold at the apothecary, secret duels in the moonlight - that was his school life. And in one such duel he met a boy who’d change his life.

His name was Liam. He was a Slytherin. He was older, handsome, agile, talented and he owned Richard. From the very beginning it was an abusive mess of a relationship with mixed signals, cheating - the lot. Richard was consumed by his love for this boy, and later, man.

They became mercenaries for hire together. Whether it was escorting an important person, hunting down a dangerous vampire or rounding up especially nasty ghouls, they did work for anyone and everyone who could afford it. Richard thought it would be his whole life now, and, for the most part, it satisfied him. He traveled all across the world, became important in certain circles, he was doing it all with the person he loved and who loved him…

That last part was a delusion. Had been one all along. And it only got worse, when Liam started to sabotage their missions. First it wasn’t anything important, just little accidents that could happen to anyone. As time passed, the sneaky attempts to get rid of him grew exponentially both in frequency and danger. Once Liam had come close to killing Richard - in Japan, a rather nasty kappa almost sliced his neck in half. He barely made it out alive, leaving large scars on his neck as a signature.

But the worst thing that had ever happened to Richard was yet to follow.

A job in Romania. Find a missing person. No big deal. Only nobody had told Richard that the person was most definitely in a dragon’s stomach. It took Richard and Liam by surprise. Liam pushed Richard in front of the dragon’s maw and blocked any path of escape. After a second his right palm and his wand were well on their way of becoming the beast’s snack. Somehow he managed to hide from it, and the next thing he remembered through the fog was Liam’s burn ravaged face and a whisper:”It should have been you.”

Using his last strength, he apparated back home, right in the farm’s living room. He hadn’t spoken to his brother in years, but now he was desperate for help and he had nowhere else to turn.

He spent the next three years practically not leaving his room on the family estate. He was depressed. He went through all 5 stages of grief on his own. First he tried to tell himself that he had imagined it all, that his lover hadn’t pushed him, that it was an accident, that he’d said something completely different. They had been happy, hadn’t they? Everything was great! Except the part where it wasn’t. Then followed anger. Helpless anger. For the longest time it was only directed to Richard himself.

Time passed. Andrew gifted him a replacement for his hand and Richard decided that he needed a change of pace. He applied for the position of professor of Ancient Mythology at Hogwarts, hoping to get his head together and educate his nieces while at it. They barely knew him, but maybe he could help his brother by helping them. It would repay his inner debt to Andrew and protect the girls from the dangers of the magical world. After all, if anyone knew about dangers, Richard did.

Special Request (available at Novice**)
Desired Subject: Ancient Mythology

OOC Name: Leo Benjamin
Your Pronouns: he/him
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? The internet is a terrible place.

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