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 Emmanuel Mannan
Robin · 38 · DADA Professor · N/A · Half-Blood · 6'1
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Name: Emmanuel Mannan
Age: 38
Bloodline: Half-Blood (Wix-raised)

Appearance: Emmanuel “Manny” Mannan is tall and spindly, and always well-dressed – one wouldn’t suspect the mess that hides behind his formal robes, but he was taught that appearance mattered, and there was never an excuse to not look your best.

There used to be a time when Emmanuel Mannan was an ambitious young lad. Now, that ambition can only be seen in the shadow of his skills, like an imprint of writing on the second page of a notebook, after the first page bearing the ink is long gone. The formal robes he wears suggest it, as does his posture, and that hesitant politeness that seems to say he doesn’t necessarily want to be friendly, but is too bound by social customs to be anything but. Social customs are his Achilles heel – for someone who used to track dangerous, dark wizards and witches, Manny more often than not finds himself in places he doesn’t want to be, being dragged along by someone he has no interest in knowing, all because he doesn’t want to say no. He’s the kind of person who politely declines when being offered a drink at someone’s home, and then sits there for two hours realising how thirsty he is.

Yet he used to be bold, in some regards at least. When he was younger, he easily took leaps of faith, chances to prove himself, chances to break the mould and shine. But in the end, he wanted to be happy more than to succeed – so as long as a happy life was a goal he had to reach, then yes, he was ambitious. Unfortunately for those who had expected greatness of Emmanuel, once he had achieved contentment, his ambition ended, and he quickly settled. He could simply not be ambitious for ambition’s sake, but even more damning for his career, was that he could not be cutthroat, or ruthless. Soon, some would even come to know him as spineless. Perhaps that was merely a relative assessment, one easily made when surrounded by people who were simply so much bolder than he was. Manny was calm and unassuming in a house dominated by the bold and dramatic, dedicated but patient while those around him wanted to see results. In some ways it was true though, for Manny didn’t exactly like standing up to people, or making himself heard. Despite being 6’1, his attitude didn’t stand tall. He’d rather shrink a little, mumble something from the corner of his mouth, and when asked to speak up, swallow all words of discontent. He was a quiet indoor person, who shunned adventure and change especially.

Thus he outgrew his courage like clothes. The way he was raised – to be polite, proper, and steadfast – stayed with him, but behind it he stumbled. He possessed skills to be proud of, but surrounded by people who all seemed to succeed better at life than he did, his confidence wavered. Most of the people in Manny’s life would ultimately get tired of his hesitations, his indecisiveness, and his reluctance to take a stand. Although this disillusionment mostly had to do with expectations they had of him – someone with his job, posture, and formal dress sense – which he’d never meant to conjure.

Manny will always avoid confrontations, and prefers to work with others rather than against them. He never expected this to be tested as much as it has been at Hogwarts. Who knew teenagers could be so difficult? Manny and his brother had been model students, and he never imagined himself as someone who would work with children one day, so keeping students out of each other’s hair and getting them to focus on his lessons proved to be a major challenge. Little by little he learned to set his foot down and become strict with them – which was easier to learn with children, most students probably couldn’t even imagine how uncertain professor Mannan was outside of the classroom – but then when did children ever consider that the adults in their lives had lives of their own? Amongst peers, Manny still feels as if he needs to be as polite and cooperative as humanly possible, easily bending to other people’s will. It’s something he hates about himself, but can’t seem to shake.

Character Background:
Myra Patil was a child of muggleborn wixes whose names were largely unknown to the wizarding world. Just ordinary people with ordinary jobs, and so for all of her life, Myra’s goal had been to be more. She was going to be somebody, make a name for herself – and most importantly, achieve what her muggleborn parents never could: to be accepted by the wizarding world’s elite. She was sorted into Slytherin, and went on to work for The Ministry of Magic, in the Department of International Magical Cooperation. It’s at the Ministry that she bumped into her future husband, who worked at the Department of Magical Education, and was ten years her senior.

Hiran Mannan was the product of what had once been a pureblood family, with a name that was now long gone, as the family had lost their pureblood status over the past century, with half-bloods marrying into the family, making their children half-blood as well. The family wasn’t exactly wealthy anymore, but they were comfortable, and still had their house elves, and their estate in the countryside where Hiran, and later his sons, grew up. That they were no longer officially pureblood bothered them little, and their way of life hardly changed. Their children were raised fairly traditionally, in an environment steeped in magic – the muggle world was an odd, foreign thing, although it started right at the nearest town. Unlike his spitfire wife, Hiran was a meek man. In a way, that’s why their relationship worked – he admired her fire, and his own serenity could calm her storms.

The Mannans had two sons – their firstborn was Rohan, and Emmanuel followed two years later – who would grow up to mirror their parents. They were both raised to be proper, diligent, and conscientious. Both were sorted into Slytherin at Hogwarts, and Myra was overjoyed. Their sons did well at Hogwarts, and Myra and Hiran were proud parents, whose praise filled their children’s heads with the ideas of greatness. While Hiran was someone who liked to sit at home in front of the fireplace, helping his children with their homework and teaching them chess, Myra was a social person who had a myriad of friends, and the achievements of her sons was her favourite subject. Rohan and Emmanuel never had to feel unloved or unsupported, and felt like they could do anything they set their mind on. The parents didn’t pick favourites, at least not then, but it was obvious from the beginning that Rohan was more like their mother, and Manny more like their father. Rohan was charming, talkative, and courageous, a star student who was popular with professors and peers alike. Manny tended to stay in the shadow of his brother, but he didn’t dislike it – he looked up to his older brother and in many ways, he was the one who placed himself in Rohan’s shadow in the first place. When he went to Hogwarts, professors had high hopes of him given how well Rohan was doing, and he didn’t disappoint them – all the adults in their lives seemed to agree that the Mannan children were bright and would go far, encouraged ambitious career decisions such as wanted to become Minster of Magic, or an Auror. Both Rohan and Emmanuel would even get close to those dreams.

After Hogwarts, both siblings worked for The Department of Magical Law Enforcement – Rohan had worked himself up to become a member of the prestigious Wizengamot, and his mother beamed with pride. Furthermore, Myra adored both of their spouses – Kevin and Penelope. Manny met Penelope at the Ministry, where she worked for the Wizengamot Administration, and he worked for the Investigation Department (a step towards becoming Auror is what everyone thought, except that never happened). Penelope was a fierce woman, who liked to travel, and didn’t like getting used to things for too long. She’d get a completely different haircut every few months, and changed her job twice during the time they were married – first by taking a job at the Improper Use of Magic Office, then by changing departments entirely and going to work for the Department of International Magical Cooperation. She was a woman who liked to take risks, be spontaneous, and keep her life fresh.

They do say that opposites attract.

In his twenties, Manny learned that being a prodigious child meant very little in the adult world. Career opportunities weren’t handed the way good grades at school had been, and Manny was too content where he was to strive for more. Becoming Auror suddenly seemed like a silly childhood dream, like how muggle children want to become astronauts. As an inspector, who worked closely with aurors, it just looked like an incredibly dangerous job, for people who either didn’t have a family life or were willing to risk it. He’d much rather hunt dangerous wizards from the safety of his office, thank you very much. After all, he had everything he needed in his life to be happy – Penelope.

In his thirties, Manny learned that that wasn’t mutual. After eight years of marriage, when Manny was 34, Penelope told him she was moving on with her life – and it wouldn’t include him. She was an unstoppable force, he was an immovable object, and he was keeping her back. For Penelope, the divorce was long overdue, for Manny, it came completely out of left field, because he had absolutely adored her. The year after felt like a dream, or an illusion, as he stumbled through life lost without her. Moving back in with his parents wasn’t exactly the best for his mental health, because somehow, the worst of it all was his mother’s disappointment, who had grown slightly bitter in her old age. Myra made it clear that the second son that she had praised so much during childhood, had failed her. He hadn’t started a family like Rohan, he hadn’t become Auror, and now he barely seemed to have his life together without Penelope – whom she saw at work all the time, and had become closer with over the past year than she was with her son. Manny was never one to be motivated by spite, so his mother’s complaining just anchored him more in his defeat. Surprisingly, it was ultimately Hiran who woke his son from the dreary routine that had become his life, and made him apply for a position at Hogwarts. As it always would, the drastic change was something he feared, but ultimately, the completely new environment would do him more good than he could’ve ever predicted.

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