It's summertime in Scotland; the weather has begun to clear, and the flowers are in full bloom! Now is a time for bonfires, stargazing and long nights spent with friends and family! Welcome to Wizarding Realm- an AU Harry Potter role play set in current day hogwarts!
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 Member Directory
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Jul 26 2015, 01:36 AM   Link Quote

member directory — info

This is our member directory, listing all characters each member has. The directory will be cleaned on the first day of each term (e.g. March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, December 1st). If you have not logged into your account(s) in 3 months, you will be removed from the directory entirely.

Please fill out the form(s) below in order to be added to the directory and remove the asterisks before you post. If you're unsure of anything you have to fill out, please ask in the cbox or follow the examples of members already added to the directory!

For reference, these are the member groups; please keep them lowercase for the code to work:

  • gryffindor
  • hufflepuff
  • ravenclaw
  • slytherin
  • hstaff
  • ghost
  • clashonly
  • hres
  • fantasticbeast
to add a new member
[*code]<div class="directory">
<div class="memname b-link">Alias – pronouns – timezone</div>
<div class="member">first letter of your alias</div>
<div class="m-chars">
<span class="ch-name membergroup">Character Name</span> / ##th year OR subject OR occupation

to add a new character
[CODE*]<br><span class="ch-name membergroup">Character Name</span> / ##th year OR subject OR occupation[/CODE*]

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Jul 26 2015, 02:01 AM   Link Quote

member directory a - m

Adelaide Wilmont / 6th Year
Meliora Vauquelin / 7th Year
Aki Sei / 5th year
Dmitri Haag / 7th year
Tristan Alexander Truman / 6th
Chai Beauvelle / Healer
Redder Blaze / 4th year
Amelia Du Couteau / 4th year
Lissandra Nightingale / Ghost
Mattias Chase / Muggle Studies Professor
Terrence Bartlett / 7th year
Yvain Ellsworth / 6th year
Serafino Fiammetta / 6th year
Eveleen Ó Faoláin / 6th year
Blyssenor Wright / 7th year
Skylar Macdaniel / 7th
Aaralynn Grey / 7th year
Freyja Wolff / 7th year
Fletcher Lawrence / 7th year
Mihaela Valentinov / 7th year
Iris Queshire / 6th year
Kynlee Everlaine / 7th year
Nina Azarova / 7th year
Nessa Ivers / 6th year
Laoise Murdoch / 3rd year
Alexander Kingsley / 7th year
Carmen Mancini / 7th year
Daesung Ryu / 6th year
Destiny Adair / 5th year
Juliet Devereaux / 7th year
Minhyuk Lee / 5th year
Nicodemus Park / 5th year
Sunwoo Seo / 7th year
Sébastien Beaumont / 7th year
Isaac H. Jackson / 6th year
Cameron Blackwood / 5th year
Jade Thorton / 5th year
Everett Lange / 7th year
Leona Santos / 7th year
Alric Bolstridge / 7th year
Gavin Woodbane / 7th year
Catrine Hartell / 4th year
Arthur Callum / Head of Dept. of International Magical Cooperation
Ursa Halbrook / Hit Witch
Myra Odell / Owner of O-dellicious! Bakery
Easton Blackwood / Owner of Wags to Riches Animal Sanctuary
Emric Bolstridge / 6th year
Camilla Evergreen / Apparition
Norice Blythe / Caretaker
Emil Madeline / 7th year
Claudette Gautier / 6th year
Devitt Leighton / Ghost
Dara Sheppard / Ghost
Maxine McLoughlin / 5th year
Ophelia Poe / 4th year
Titus Montagut / 3rd year
Kiska Ferdenova / 7th year

Ailani Kealoha / 7th year
Estela De la Cruz / 5th year
Jayson Rogers / 6th year
Taesung Ryu / 6th year
Yohan Seo / 5th year
Jude Bennett / 7th year
Russell Lovell / 7th year
Raleigh Ellsworth / 6th year
Jonah Tai / Ghost
Youngchul Bennett / 5th year
Brooks Wolfred / 6th year
Alexandra Pace / 5th year
Isaac Thatcher / 2nd year
Stellan Pilkvist / 6th year
August Maynwaring /7th year
Ualan Matheson / 6th year
Orson LeBeau / 4th year
Florian Hollis / 7th year
Moth Skelton / 7th year
Sol Flowers / 7th year
Margo Drozdova / 6th year
Euphrosyne Beauchêne / 7th year
Juno Moreau / 6th year
Karcsi Connor / 7th year
Morgan Mulloy / 6th year
Christian Rhodes / 7th year
Arina Drozdova / 5th year
Niamh Donnelly / 7th year
Kaerac Terellian / 5th year
Devyn O'Donnell / 5th year
Boniface Dinehart / 7th year
Noah Wei / 7th year
Melinoe Pharro /6th year
Judas Whittaker / 6th Year
Halcyon Dowling 7th
Angel Becerra / 7th year
Daniel Kennedy / 6th year
Felix Asvald / 7th year
Slade Bentley / 7th year
Nari Atwood / 6th year
Athanasios Petretzikis / 6th year
Byunmin Ahn / dead
Miyuki Oshiro / 4th year
Lazero Gatti / 7th year
Eros King / 3rd
Nathan Langley / dead
Zoe Han / 7th year
Xin Meng / 7th year
Nora Pierce / 7th year
Lena Utkina / 5th year
Walter Miller / 6th year
Alexandre Devereaux / 7th year
Arabella Geist / Ghoul Studies
Christophe Devereaux / 3rd year
JR Zerner / 7th year
Liam Andrews / 7th year
Andre Elkins / 5th year
Emil Dwight / 4th year
Brydon Wilkins / 6th year
Edgar Poe / 3rd year
Sawyer Kingsman / 7th year
Seraphina Windsor / 7th year
Brianna Cortez / 6th year
Cassius Carver / 7th year
Brandon Eastoft / 7th year
Richard LinwoodAncient Mythology
Lucus Earl / 6th year
Caera Muireann / 4th year
Carlo Right / Counsellor
Fate Rayntree / 2nd year
Ysgawyn Argall-Yates / 5th year
Koa Rogers / 1st year
Jeongmin Yoon / 5th year
Dosik Sa / 4th year
Jidam Bi / 7th year
Yuzuru Masamune / 6th year
Junghwa Ahn / 4th year
Ka Mek / Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor
Luce Decartes / 6th year
Takumi Shishido / 7th year
Luke Whitethorne / 3rd year

Hensley Dowling / 6th year
Tamsin Kapustina / 6th year
Joshua Brennan / Ghost
Chaeyeong Park / 7th year
Miriam Whelan / 5th year
Josiah Dorian / Professor
Eve Whelan / 6th year
Samson Talbot / 7th year
David Loesher / Healer
Hadleigh Dowling / 7th year
Hayley Dowling / 6th year
Idunn Majasdotter / 7th year
Caden Rogers / 5th year
Kassiah Pharro / 7th year
Raelene Maxwell / 6th year
Izaak Woodbane / 7h year
Carsten Sorkin / 6th year
Mauhi Raiona / 6th year
Capella Andromadae / 4th year
Ruth Zuniga / 5th year
Nellie Miller / 1st year
Anathema Aristi / 7th year
Qiuyue Wei / Shop Owner
Itotia Becerra / 7th year
Orit Rosier / Durmstrang Alumna
Soren Sorenson / 6th year
Ossia Bartolomeo / 7th year
Yancy Velasquez / 6th year
Lane Woodbane / 7th year
Raquel Dowling / Wandlore
Maisie Krenek / 4th year
Amita Amirmoez / 7th year
Ravi Masoud / 7th year
Zia Amirmoez / 7th year
Hellion Dowling / 7th year
Sarit Rosier / 6th year
Prentiss Sutton / 7th year
Wilder Sutton / 7th year
Sema Becerra / 6th year
Grigori Kapustin / 7th year
Harper Dowling / 4th year
Raz Siskind / Counselor
Lilith Whelan / 4th year
Dita Fortescue / 6th year
Reina Burke / 7th year
Christina Andros / 6th year
Prima Aristi / Ghost
Zuberi Onwuachimba / 7th year
Demetra Chrysos / 7th year
Memphis Gray / 7th year

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Aug 31 2016, 10:20 PM   Link Quote

member directory n-z

Imogen Reeve / 2nd year
Jacian Turner / Counselor/Therapist
Cambria Raines / 6th year
Brennan Sheppard / Ghost
Vaughn Travere / 4th year
Eshe Msitu / Herbology
Chikara Momomiya / 7th year
Pollux Chan / 6th year
Jetta Stone / 6th year
Rode Connors / 7th year
Brandy Sage / 6th year
Drew Silvers / 7th year
Alani Lua-Millers / 5th year
Talya Reich / Ghost
Effie MacNeill / Music
Skylar Vanstone / 7th Year
Zion Malay / 5th year
Quin Danse / 7th year
Serenity Gong / 5th year
Jisik Sa / 5th year
Ada Cipriani / 4th year
Kalisa Moitessier-Bailey / Divination
Yedam Bi / 5th year
Paris Moon / 6th year
Shizuka Masamune / 3rd year
Sai Tangsuriyapaisan / 6th year
Addison Tso / 7th year
Simone Levesque /6th year
Kiana van der Decken / 6th year
Gretchen Kirke-Faust / 5th year
Armin Adler / 6th year
Mathilde de Clercq / 5th year
Johanna Corduroy / 6th year
Danny the Poltergeist / Poltergeist
Remiel Donovan / Ghost
Kyle Griffin / 3rd year
Lenny Plunkett / 5th year
Rex Bannister / 7th year
Mitchell Zweifelhofferman / 6th year
Bortwick Mandelbaum / 6th year
Felton Quigley / 5th year
Jason De Bonis /3rd year

Sigurd Nilsson / 5th year
Preben Nilsson / 7th year
William Pierce / 5th year
Uriah Dorian / Librarian
Constantijn Huizinga / 7th year
Rosalie Blotts / 6th year
Xavier Hoot / 6th year
Nikolai Horváth / Ghost
Theodorus Faustus / 6th year
Penelope Thomas / 6th year
Tammuz Amar-Sin / 7th year
Luca Holmwood / 6th year
Mia-Rose Linwood / 4th year

Aisley Munn / 6th year
Amelia McMahon / Wandmaker
Archibald Munn / 7th year
Avery Brigham / Dead & haunting
Campbell Lithgow / 6th year
Ciprian Dalca / 6th year
Elissa D'Este / Transfiguration (Gryffindor HoH)
Elya Drozdova / 3rd year
Grigoriy Drozdov / 7th year
Icarus St George / 7th year
Idys Ward / 6th year
Isidora Argyris / 7th year
Martín Marzán / 6th year
Mikkel Skjeggestad / 7th year
Nechtan McMahon / 5th year
Nollaig O'Sullivan / Groundskeeper
Olivier Argyris-Giroux / 5th year
Quincy Elkins / 7th year
Riordan Storm /
Yekaterina Drozdova / 6th year
Victoria Isley / 5th year
Theodore Isley / 6th year
Miles Beckett / 7th year
Finlay Storm / 6th year
Emily Brookshire / 1st year
Elliot Woodbane /7th year
Luciana Valenti / 5th year
Bartolomeu Dalca / Ghost
Gabriela Dalca / 7th year
Arlan Munn / 3rd year
Murdock Breckenridge / Art Professor
Sebastian Todd / 6th year
Rory Storm / 4th Year
Ronan Ivers / 6th year

Alexei Rosier / 7th year
Amicus Donaghue / 7th year
Beauregard Fontaine / 6th year
Cuyler O'Shaughnessy / 7th year
Ellington Demere / 6th year
Jubiñha / Wandmaker
Landry Gaspard / 7th year
Sascha Klaus / 7th year
Maeve Kearney / 7th year
Cadi Harris / 5th year
Shion Suzuki / 6th year
Vitaliy Vasiliev / 7th year
Gabriel Castellanos / 6th year
YB Yoo / 5th year
Alma Kingsley / 5th year
Jiduri Min / Deceased
Jaejin Sun / 7th year
August Cloud / 6th Year
Yarden Pascal / 5th year
Emilija Kazlauskaitė / Auror
Minkyu Minami / Care of Magical Creatures

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