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 The Crash!, IC Announcement; Read me first!
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27-November 17
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Nov 27 2017, 10:54 AM   LINK Quote
The Crash!
The last incident with the Whomping Willow (which involved a group of Gryffindor boys with a just enough bravado to push them into recklessness) took place over ten years ago. And so, naturally, when the next incident took place, it was not without notice. As it does among children and teenagers, the news spread through Hogwarts like a fiendfyre, every pair of lips spreading this flame and every set of ears catching it, until there wasn't a single witch or wizard who hadn't heard the dragon-sized tales of the stranger – Not a student or a staff member? – who emerged from the crash. He was tall with the bellow of a giant; stout with a beard that rivaled Merlin's; powerful, having come out virtually unscathed from his encounter with one of the most violent of entities in the school.

But the most intriguing detail of all—

He laughed.

Amidst the wreckage, he tilted his head back, a jolly guffaw shaking his wide, impressive frame; it was as if the Whomping Willow's heavy swings merely tickled the man and disaster slipped right off him like soap. "Well, that was unfortunate!" He boomed across the lawns, shaking the very ground beneath the crowd of students that gathered around him. From beneath a heavy pair of long, white eyebrows twinkled two chestnut-brown eyes that surveyed the general chaos around him in amusement. Fragments of broken toys lay scattered in the snow; several reindeer stepped gingerly over the pieces, remaining oddly quiet and still in nature despite their recent trauma. With every move, their tangled harnesses, adorned with silver bells, jingled across the stillness of the onlookers. "It looks like I'll have to make a short detour here." Despite what seemed to be an inconvenience, a delighted smile lit up the man's features. Expectantly, he turned to the crowd and asked, "Anyone care to lend this old man a hand?"

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