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Cosimia Spiros was not a huge fan of winter, that much was true. Growing up in Mykonos, Greece, the winters meant much different than it meant to those in Scotland. In Mykonos, the temperature would dropped, but not significantly and the idea of their being snow was merely a dream. Although Cosimia had traveled much before she came to Hogwarts for schooling, she had yet to experience the snow that occurred during this time of year. Even to the stubborn sea creature, it was hard to deny that the winters at Hogwarts could be quite beautiful. It made for a beautiful picture of the castle, and even Cosimia couldn't deny that. When the first snowfall had arrived at Hogwarts, most of the students had made their way outside to enjoy the freshly fallen snow. The grounds were covered with students, young and old, jumping around and attempting to build snow men. Some of them even dared to throw snowballs at each other. Cosimia couldn't be bothered with such gatherings, and waited up in the Ravenclaw tower until well after dinner time, when darkness fell, to go explore outside.

While most of the students were throwing off their winter clothes and getting warmed by the fire, Cosimia was bundling up and getting ready to go outside. She chose a rather warm and stylish winter sweater, one that her mother had bought her on a trip to France. Although her boots were fashionable, they were lined with fur that were sure to keep her thin legs warms. She stuffed her wand into the back of her blue jeans, and put her sweater over the part that was sticking out. She moved swiftly past her housemates, ignoring any of their questions that they may be asking. She knew that if she were going to get outside, she had to sneak out, and she wasn't going to let anyone ruin that. She left the tower and glided through the castle, and if anyone asked, she was simply on her way to the library to get some studying done over the winter break. What a joke.

Cosimia didn't use the big doors that lead out to the courtyard, no, she chose to use the exit through the kitchens. After what seemed like hours, Cosimia found herself stepping on the fresh snow and making her way to the courtyard to find some peace and quiet. The snow was falling still, but had slowed to a light flurry. She brushed the snow off the bench and sat down, scanning the quiet courtyard for any visitors. There is nothing quite like the silence that came with snow. It was as if the world stopped moving. It was both quiet and peaceful, and something that Cosimia was ready to take in.

Cosimia tensed, feeling the presence of someone else in the dimly lit courtyard. Their were only two light sources in the courtyard, illuminating the bench and only about ten feet around in diameter. She shot up from the bench and held her wand tightly to her side, nervous that the intruder was a threat.

"I know you're there. Come out!" Cosimia yelled to the darkness, attempting to sound strong and poised, although all she wanted to do was run in the opposite direction.

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