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 [N]Kiana van der Decken, This started as a joke but alas
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Apr 8 2018, 04:42 AM   Link Quote
Name: Kiana van der Decken
Age: 27

Faction: Neutral
Reason Behind Faction Choice: Kiana left the wizarding world behind after she graduated from Hogwarts, and joined the Dutch marines as a sailor. She wasn’t in Great Britain when The Clash began, and, living her life as a muggle, didn’t keep up with the Wizarding World at all.

Job: Deckhand, Port of London.
Reasoning for Job Position: Kiana only just moved to London, and her marine education is all she has – but she also can’t actually sail because she’s now responsible for young children that need her to be around. Reintegrating herself in the wizarding world will take time – especially since she’s a pretty awful witch and scored lowly on NEWTs (after all, she thought she’d just be going back to the muggle world after Hogwarts, and would never need any of this again…)

Kiana Van der Decken would never consider herself a witch. It would be seven years after her graduation before her wand would see the light of day again, having left the wizarding world behind her to go back to her muggle roots. While travelling with the navy, it wasn’t uncommon to come across traces of magic here and there – so obvious once one’s eyes had been opened to that world – which made her realise that perhaps it wasn’t magic so much as the wizarding world that had made her feel like she didn’t belong. She no longer felt the need to be sceptic the way she had been at Hogwarts, instead being more open to the supernatural stories of people she met – knowing that the world really was filled with fantastical things. In the end, superstitious was simply a smart way to be.

Family’s still important to Kiana, and it’s the force that ends up driving her. Losing her father to cancer was a tough blow. It brought out some of her worst sides – she started smoking, drinking more heavily, and getting into fights, but ultimately she pulled through and finished her marine training. While losing Ian was even worse, Kiana promised herself that she wouldn’t make the same mistakes, for the sake of the remaining family that needed her.

The navy brought out her responsible side, honoured the values of her upbringing and polished her rough edges. No longer an impulsive teenager, Kiana grew up to be a resourceful, dependable young woman. Her courage and loyalty would come into play more and more, and teamwork became an important part of her daily life. After experiencing two great losses, mortality also became a much more tangible concept. While still daring, she no longer takes uncalculated risks like the youngster she used to be – the one who went through life as if she was untouchable, as if the very sea would yield for her. 27-year old Kiana knows how unforgiving life can be, how easily tragedy can strike, and how fast time goes by.

While the navy mellowed out her temper and stubbornness, instead learning to rely on others and trusting other’s judgement, one thing that didn’t change was her inability to give up. Determinate until the end, Kiana is still a force to be reckoned with when she sets her mind to something. She is still fierce – fiercely loyal, fiercely protective, fiercely herself. The intensity she was known for at Hogwarts has not diminished – it was simply honed.

Suddenly finding herself the guardian of three small children, Kiana was forced to shelve her taste for adventure, and face the harsh reality of living day to day and working nine to five. Struggling to make ends meet, she occasionally slips into bitterness, but her family is worth everything in the end, and pity the poor soul who’d harm a hair on her nieces’ heads.

She may not think of herself as a witch, but her sorting had been right at least – Kiana was most certainly a lioness.

At 20 years old, Kiana graduated from Hogwarts and joined the Dutch navy’s program to join their Marine Corps. Her twin brother Ian, who’d graduated muggle high school at 18, graduated as a Maritime Officer at 21. After serving as a first mate on a cruise ship, he fell in love with a fellow sailor, a St. Eustatian woman named Julie. Always the passionate romantic, Julie became Ian’s new adventure and the two left the cruises behind to settle down in Amsterdam, where both joined the Coast guard, and would later start a family.

At 22 years old, Kiana became aunt first, and orphan later. Jul and Ian were mighty proud of their baby daughters Dominique, Wendy, and Tina, and as the family celebrated the newly arrived Van der Deckens, nobody could’ve imagined that the next family reunion wouldn’t be a happy one. Kiana and Ian’s father Willem was diagnosed with cancer, and his health quickly deteriorated. Ian, Jul, and the triplets moved into the old family home to take care of him in his final months, but Kiana couldn’t bear to see her father in this state. In their childhood, Kiana had been the more responsible of the twins, but planning her father’s funeral was hard on her, and the burden fell almost solely on Ian while his sister took to alcohol for solace. The Gryffindor alumni would spent almost every evening at a bar, occasionally getting into fights over football games, until the day of the funeral finally came and she remembered that losing herself wasn’t the answer. If she wanted to honour her father’s memory, she had to get her act back together and finish her marine training, which is exactly what she did. Finally, she could be who she felt she had always meant to be – a seafarer, an explorer, an adventurer. Bound by nothing, always on the move. As important as family was to her, she wasn’t one to settle down and start her own. Her brother joked that that was okay, because surely he had enough kids for the both of them.

At 23 years old, Kiana was a full-fledged mariner and left Europe behind. It’s what she’d always wanted, the open sea and distant shores on the horizon – but it’d be a lie to say it wasn’t greatly motivated by her father’s passing. The idea of the family they used to be, or could’ve been, killed her – and as happy as the navy would ultimately make her, whenever she received a letter from Ian a part of her would bring back the what if’s: what if her father had lived to be a grandfather, what if she was a better aunt, or even a better sister? She missed her family greatly, but time flies by when you’re running from things, and before she knew it, time would run out.

During those years and the years that followed, the dreary old Hogwarts castle and its world of ghosts and dragons became a distant memory, though it wasn’t uncommon for the sailor to find magic in any corner of the world – she was simply the only crew member who knew where to look. It was a part of the world whose existence she’d finally accepted – but she didn’t consider herself a witch, and her wand remained unused.

At 25 years old, Ian Van der Decken and his wife sailed out on a rescue mission, and never came back. Perhaps people who only knew Kiana by name and reputation would’ve been surprised at what happened next, but surely nobody who actually knew the fiercely loyal Gryffindor, to which family had meant everything, would. Now the legal guardian of her brother’s daughters, Kiana came back to Amsterdam, where she became a simple dockhand, to start a task that was more daunting than the magical world or the seven seas, could ever have been – raising children. Aside from taxing, people always neglect to mention how expensive children are, and Kiana sold the schooner that had been in her family for three generations with pain in her heart.

At 26 years old, Kiana became close with the extended family on her mother’s side – because when you’re raising three toddlers, you need all the help you can get. Unfortunately, everything changed again when at 27 years old, Kiana witnessed magic for the first time in at least two years, in the form of a floating teddy bear. This was a part of the triplet’s childhood that Kiana’s big, Greek, muggle family couldn’t help her with, but perhaps some friends from her old boarding school could…

So to everyone’s astonishment, Kiana sold her parents’ house and moved to London with the girls. She had no idea that upon re-entering the wizarding world, she’d be met with a political conflict that had taken on the form of a civil war…

Special Abilities / Other: None!

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Your Profile has been approved. You are part of no faction, and therefore answer to no one save for those that you choose.

There is no leader that you'll need to PM for a password, as you don't have a general facility for those that are neutral like yourself. Welcome to the Clash.

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