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 jellyfish sting, jeongmin<33

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Feb 9 2018, 05:01 PM   LINK Quote

It was rare for YB to go actively searching for somebody - people were not his forte, and sometimes found them overbearing and gross - but for the few human beings that were actually decent in the world, there was an exception. Jeongmin Yoon was not entirely unbearable, though there was a part of him that the other Gryffindor boy found too happy on the odd occasion, but the company the other provided was pleasant enough. His music was good; YB would never admit that to his face. He was a fan of the genre, and the way Jeongmin sounded when he would sing, but telling that to the other boy meant showing an indication of interest in him, which was not something he wanted to do. The Korean boy was one of those support from afar and with compliments disguised as insults kind of friends. The other boy was new, though, a transfer from Mahoutokoro and that meant there was a possibility he knew his siblings, but that was a story for another time, and not something he wanted to divulge into at this very moment. See, YB did not go looking for people unless he needed something, which in itself was not a common occurrence.

He had gone searching throughout the castle and could not find him anywhere, and it was starting to frustrate him. The permanent scowl on his expression had only deepened, and his hands had turned pink from the cold, winter air that he had exposed them to, due to a lack of gloves. YB hated the cold, but he needed his hands forever free from restraint at all times. He was a flame in the wind, flickering but standing strong, unwilling to relent and extinguish his light and heat at a trivial matter. He needed his hands in case he suddenly needed to flare up and burn whoever tried to come near him. That was why he had been nicknamed Jellyfish; soft to look at, but they would sting you if you tried to touch them, killing you with no regrets, only going to continue with their day as if nothing had happened. YB didn't like to think of himself as a jellyfish - they were too pretty - though he liked to think the animal representing his house was most appropriate. Fierce like a lion, almost frighteningly so, with his voice as loud as a roar.

But right now, YB was looking for his fellow lion, skulking around and kicking open the door to every room with his foot flat against the wood, only to startle the occupants; there would be no utterance of apology when he stormed off, angry that he still hadn't found who he had been looking for. Where was Jeongmin? With his hands shoved into the pocket of his coat, and his fingers of his right hand curled around his lighter, his grip was tight enough to almost crush the plastic in his palm, constellation tattoo on the back of his hand flexing as his knuckles tightened. It was only when he reached the Theatre that his search had thankfully come to an end, as the blond boy spotted the very person he had been looking for. "Jeongmin-ah, where the heck have you been?" Have you noticed he's been trying to swear less? It hasn't really been working, as the explicit language was clinging to the edge of his tongue and threatening to tumble out if he opened his mouth again. "I've been looking for you. I need a favour." No kind words from YB; seemed like today was just a regular day.

@Jeongmin Yoon

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