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Anna liked stories. Often times it didn't really matter what genre she was reading but they did all have to meet a certain criteria for the Hufflepuff to really delve into it. Romance didn't play a major part in each one, but she certainly liked having a certain degree of it in all of her stories. Quick burn, slow burn, instantly in love - none of those things mattered. Sometimes the insta-love got a bit annoying, especially when it became the story's main focus. Fantasy was another requirement, there had to be a certain element of the impossible or she'd simply lose interest. She lived in a magical world after all, and even though the mundane sounded fascinating, it also seemed tedious and boring.

She'd found a curious gem among the large leather bound books in her parent's bookstore. It was always like an Easter Egg hunt whenever she went home, her mother and father feeding her voracious need for the written language. They'd hide new books between the large, older ones in hopes that she would find them. Anna always found the books, their glossy covers calling to her the way hot chocolate might call to someone who was cold. The problem wasn't the finding it was trying to get her to put a book down without reading it all in one sitting. Sometimes she'd stay up late, telling herself just one more chapter. Eventually the threat of sunlight and classes would force the badge to set her book down and at least catch an hour or two before the day truly started again.

Anna had gotten a little bit better about not staying up late reading, forcing herself to do homework instead of reading a book from cover to cover. Today there was a bounce in her step as she mad her way back to the Hufflepuff common room, the book titled "Ready Player One" was burning a hole in her backpack. She could feel the weight of it, settled against the corner of her bag; calling to her. As always the common room was warm, heat rushing over her face as the portrait swung open and she stepped inside. The loud chatter of the great hall had fallen away a long time ago but it had still roared somewhere in her ears. Now that she stood in the light of the hearth's fire and the familiar colors of her house, the small headache started to dull in the wake of the silence.

The witch let out a sigh of relief as she looked about and found a particularly tall Hufflepuff boy she couldn't help but bug every time. Annabella watched Reade and only hesitated a moment before deciding that she was going to bother him anyway. The smaller badger wandered towards him, her booted feet shushing against the ground. "Hey Reade, what are you doing?" she asked, turning on a heel and flopping down beside him now that she'd announced herself. There was a note of excitement in her voice, a sure sign that she couldn't wait to tell him about the new book she'd gotten. He was probably one of the only Hufflepuffs Anna was aware of loved reading as much as she did.

"Mom sent you new books." she chattered on, pulling the bag off and into her lap. She pulled it open, rummaging around for his books and her own. Although she knew that he had a charm that could turn text to braille Anna still liked getting him books in braille. She wasn't sure why, it had just started happening. "I got a new one about a futuristic world where people go to school, shop and work out of a virtual reality." She wanted to squeal with delight, the simple plot making her physically itchy with anticipation.

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