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 [H]Eveleen Ó Faoláin
Eveleen Ó Faoláin
 Posted: Apr 18 2017, 07:17 PM

"wake me up"

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Eveleen Ó Faoláin
© Alice // SHE/HER
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Name: Eveleen Ó Faoláin
Age: 16
Year: 6th
Bloodline: Pureblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: Yes - She is an exchange for Johanna Bradshaw.
Appearance: Tiny, blonde, and bouncy.

For a girl who learned that her entire life was a sham, Eveleen is entirely too trusting. Instead of jumping to conclusions, she chooses to see the best in people, looking past any glaring or obvious flaws. She doesn’t judge people for their actions immediately, knowing that there is a rhyme or reason behind them. A thief is only a thief because at one time, they needed something to survive. A drunk only drank to forget. Now they often drink only because it’s the only medicine that works. She would much rather get to know them before writing them off on something that is purely superficial.

The amount of pressure that has been placed atop this young girl’s shoulders feels rather insurmountable. Eva went from living carefree on a nature reserve, where her days weren’t structured and her life was wrapped up in the animals around her, to tea parties, magic, and possible betrothals. Her biological father and mother have tried to bring another child into the world, but their failure has left her the only remaining person to carry on the Ó Faoláin legacy. Something rather important to old, pureblood families.

Despite the responsibility Eva never wanted, she stands tall and always has a smile on her face. To the world around her, she’s handled this adjustment in her life with ease. They will never know that she’s crumbling on the inside. That her knees buckle from the burden on her back. Her smile is sincere, her eyes wide and bright. Kindness is a lost art. That was something that Mary taught her. The same principle applies now as it did on the reserve. She has never met a person she won’t greet with respect.

To that end, the girl has never met a stranger. She will speak to anyone and everyone as if she knows them. She doesn’t have much of an idea of personal space; she she will hug, touch, and lean against anyone unless she is told otherwise. Crowds make her nervous, however, and mealtimes in the Great Hall can be a struggle. That’s one of the few times that she might actually look a little nervous. But she shoves it down with another smile and toughs it out despite how uncomfortable it might make her.

Eva does have a bit of a manipulative streak. As evidenced by both of her family lines, that is at least partially biological. But Mary was crafty about getting Eveleen to do tasks on the reserve as well. Everything was a bargain, everything had a price, and Eva has struggled not to apply that principle at Hogwarts. At least to other people. She’s selfless enough to take care of others, only relying on a favor when she absolutely wants something. The manipulation shines through without her knowing and once it’s realized, she’ll be horrified.

Her behavior is a bit of an enigma. Eva can act quite mature for her age, grasping concepts that seem out of reach for most adults. But then she’ll throw every mature air to the wall when it comes to her love of animals. Especially foxes. And now with a whole new world of magical creatures opened up to her, that obsession has only grown. She sings well and dances, though whether or not she dances with skill is still up for debate. In fact, you might say she’s a regular ol’ disney princess. Complicated life backstory and all.

Eva is quite studious and she does pick up on things quickly, though not as fast as the faster learners in the school. She’s just susceptible to distraction. But she’s catching up on the work from the earlier school years quite fast. Magic fascinates her… it has given her a drive to live, despite how overwhelming the whole transition has been. Hogwarts has allowed her to keep the facade that she, and everything else, is okay.

Character Background:

Eva remembered the sound of the train most vividly when thinking back to the day her life changed forever. She was exhausted, practically stumbling on her feet, and she’d been unable to sleep as world after world streaked past in the rain-covered windows. Everything she had ever known had been a lie. The stability and the happiness had all been fabricated. For money. The joy that had held her heart with tender care fell haphazardly down her cheeks, crafting sticky rivers that were wiped away by the back of the young woman’s hand.

She ignored the gentle touch on her shoulder. Ignored everything and everyone except the window, the rain that fell, and the lightning that occasionally lit up the small cabin. Her real mother sat beside her, staring at her anxiously. Her father sat across from her, eyes practically burning a hole in the carpeted floor. Nobody said a word. Not a damn word. The space was too tense, the air too anxious, and even if it hadn’t been, there were no words to say.

Birgit Sutton discovered her pregnancy shortly after her seventh year at Hogwarts had concluded. Young, scared, and terrified of her parent’s wrath, she attempted to flee with her lover. Aengus Ó Faoláin did his best to shield his beloved from those that hunted them when their absence was discovered, but neither were talented wizards. Within a week they were whisked back to their respective homes. Birgit was placed on house arrest and Aengus was forbidden to see her ever again. No matter how he tried, he could not surpass the obstacles before him. So he wrote Birgit secret letters and gave her the means to write them in return.

A vanishing page and quill, magic that he’d paid a pretty penny for. One only need to write on it and when the message was concluded, it would vanish and reappear for its owner. It was through this method of communication that he discovered what they made Birgit do. She gave birth to a baby girl; far, far away from their home and from any prying eyes, they sought to make a deal. A woman desperate for a child. How she’d been found, no-one would ever know, but she was given enough money to raise the baby and take her far away. Birgit protested. Screamed and cried, wailed and keened, but her mother was firm. Her father silent. All it took were a few sharp rebukes and her will diminished to nothing.

Her child was gone.

Aengus mourned the loss of a baby he would never get to hold. But he continued to write letters. His obsession to have his child returned to him was madness. He looked, hunted, begged, and searched for years. His letters never ceased. Neither did the ones from Birgit. She spurned marriage proposals from other pureblood boys, ignoring them. Keeping silent. Doing whatever was necessary to remain a thorn in her parent’s side. They wouldn’t disown her as she was their only child, but they continued to push and push and push until one day… they died. Found wrapped in the eternal embrace of darkness in their beds, as if they were only sleeping.

Rumours spread and implied that they were murdered. Or victims of a poisonous snake bite. Birgit went through hell and back, trying to discover exactly what happened. If she was at risk because of her ties to the family name. The Suttons were old money, but criminal, and it was a life that Birgit had never wanted to be apart of… so when she was left to pick up the pieces, she had no idea what to do. But as time passed and no attempts were made on her own life, she began to regain confidence. She took over her family’s estate and sold it. Then she married Aengus, taking his last name, erasing Sutton from her immediate legacy.

Five years later, they found their baby girl. She’d grown up on an animal sanctuary. Homeschooled and surrounded by animals. As requested by Birgit’s parents, she’d lived a sheltered life. Away from people. Away from magic. Away from everything that might ever give away what had happened. She was fifteen years old. By now, if she had remained with Birgit, she would have been at Hogwarts and in her fifth year. But she knew nothing of that world, of that life, of her talent.

At first the adopted mother was reluctant to part with Eveleen. But when a generous donation was offered to help repair the sanctuary and build new habitats for the animals, the woman crumbled. Mary forgot the last fifteen years and was bought yet again. But Eveleen saw. She knew that she’d been bought and sold like a piece of property by people who were meant to love and care for her. She said nothing. When Mary came to persuade her to leave, to go adventure, she said nothing of what she knew. She didn’t put up a fight. She simply left.

Left everything behind.

Her foxes, her stoats, her rabbits. Her foxes. A skulk she’d bottle-fed and raised when they were no more than tiny kits. Her horses. Her birds. Her room. Her house. The little playhouse she’d built with her own two hands just behind the shed. All gone. She would never sit at her favorite lake again, at the best waterfall. But it was fine. It was the right thing to do. The money was well needed, even if she was not, and she would go where these new parents told her. Do what they said. Even if the tears she cried on the train were for the ones she left behind.

Everything after that was a blur. Dresses and hats and shoes. People, tall and short, old and wide, everywhere and in-between. Magic. Magic was real. That explained the odd occurrences of her youth, of how she’d tumbled from the top of her house and landed without so much as a scratch. Of how she’d survived drowning when she was eight. But everything was a whirlwind. She received a letter, from an owl, and she went to an alley for a wand. Books and robes and scales and coins. Then.. once again… she was on a train.

Eveleen had so much catching up to do. In two years, she was meant to learn what she’d missed in five. In two years, she was meant to be a fully-trained witch, hailing from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?:

Eva peered up at the dusty old hat on her hair and cocked her head to the side. “I’ve never, not in a million years, thought I’d meet a hat that talks.” Her parents had educated her on the Hogwarts houses before she came, but she was uncertain. She didn’t feel like she’d fit in anywhere.

Special Request (available at Novice**) Animagus - Red Fox.

OOC Name: Alice
Your Pronouns: She / Her
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? I didn’t. Where am I?


Charlie Cooper
 Posted: Apr 18 2017, 07:27 PM

"4AM knows all my secrets"

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Charlie Cooper
© снʌяɩιε // she
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