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 Potions Class One, Winter Term 2017
Eudora Spitznogle
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Slytherin HoH
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Dec 2 2017, 01:36 PM   Link Quote
user posted image

The usually dark and dismal dungeon corridor had been completely transformed for the holidays. Instead of being illuminated by gloomy torches lining the slightly moist stone corridor, Christmas trees sparkled and shined on either side of the passage, filling the dungeons with light. The potions classroom was no exception. A large tree was situated near the front of the classroom where Eudora's desk usually sat. It was decorated with various potions vials that had been turned into ornaments and filled with glowing liquid. Students would also notice it was decorated with clumps of... DEVILS SNARE! Altogether, it was a rather weird arrangement, but it fit Eudora's aesthetic perfectly.

In fact, Eudora was still busy decorating the tree when her students started arriving, humming "Jolly Old St. Nicholas" as she fiddled with the backside of the tree. Though Eudora has been raised in a traditionally Jewish household and still kept many of those customs in private, she adored the Christmas holiday and frequently celebrated it alongside Hanukkah. She loved spreading the joy of the holiday season to others.

"Students!" A voice called out from behind the tree. "Students, today we will be brewing--" her voice was cut off with a mumble as the tree shook violently for a moment. There was a struggle and a few curse words before Eudora emerged from behind the tree, glasses slightly eschew and pieces of fir tree in her hair. Behind the tree, Eudora had leaned a bit too close to a bit of Devil's Snare, but she was fine.

"Ahem... we will be brewing the Antidote to Common Poisons," she smiled out at the class, pulling stray tree bits from her hair. "As a side note, please give the tree a wide berth," she straightened her glasses on her face and brushed down the front of her deep maroon robes.

"You may begin!"

Antidote to Common Poisons - Beginner
Part 1
1. Add 1 Bezoar to the mortar
2. Crush into a very fine powder using the pestle
3. Add 4 measures of the crushed Bezoar to your cauldron
4. Add 2 measures of Standard Ingredient to your cauldron
5. Heat to a simmer
6. Wave your wand
7. Leave to brew

Part 2
1. Add 1 pinch of powdered Unicorn Horn to your cauldron
2. Stir 2 times, clockwise
3. Add 2 Mistletoe Berries to your cauldron
4. Stir 2 times, anti-clockwise
5. Wave your wand to complete the potion

user posted imageuser posted image

{ Head of House }
Gavin Woodbane
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Dec 5 2017, 08:46 AM   Link Quote
It never failed to surprise the Hufflepuff just how cold the castle could get in the winter. Each morning as it got colder, Gavin would feel a little more bitter, his normally goofy disposition absent in the mornings until he could warm up. Finally, though, it came time for the boy to simply resort to warming charms in addition to his uniform and black and yellow scarf. The instant warmth that clung to his Hufflepuff sweater and trousers was heavenly, relief nearly overwhelming as comfort returned to him and had his lips twisted in his usual crooked grin in the mornings, and kept it throughout the days.

This time, walking into potions was no different than a week or so prior when he’d given himself permission to use the warming charms. He was comfortable, waltzed in with his usual swagger, and practically beaming at the sight of the newest addition to the classroom. “Very nice, Professor!” He complimented, grinning wide and looking the tree up and down, settling on the decision that it was perhaps one of the uglier Christmas trees he’d seen yet with its kitschy decorations and looming threat of the Devil’s Snare embedded in the tree. Which, naturally, only meant that it was perfect in Gavin’s mind.

Taking his seat, the badger waited for class to start, his notebook and quill lazily thrown in front of him. He stifled a laugh as she struggled to get free from behind the tree, covering it slightly by yawning immediately after. Scratching the back of his head, Gavin pursed his lips, contemplating the burning question that popped into his mind after learning their assignment for the day. Did alcohol count as a common poison, and would it help to treat a hangover? In his mind, it almost sounded too good to be true, but he also wasn’t particularly afraid of testing the theory.

“Professor Spitznogle, are we keeping our potions after we brew them?” He asked, hand raised as an afterthought.

Gavin gets too cold during the winter and uses warming charms to be comfortable. He arrives happily to class, marvels at the tree, and asks @Eudora Spitznogle if they can keep their potions once they’re brewed so he can test his theory that the antidote would work for a hangover.


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{ pride }

kitty pixel by heidi
Arina Drozdova
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Dec 6 2017, 10:10 PM   Link Quote
If she had ever known failure in her life, it didn't show. The girl carried herself with untold amounts of grace and poise, as if she were floating into the room atop a gust of wind- like a bird taking flight. Everything from the way she walked, to the way she dressed herself, spoke to the incredible amount of confidence she possessed. Being the new girl could be difficult, especially in a school as large and cliquey as Hogwarts. Inquisitive gazes and hushed discussions seemed to follow Arina wherever she went. So, when the opportunity presented itself to make a grand entrance, she rather enjoyed making a spectacle of herself. First impressions could only be made once after all.

Gliding into potions class with her clutch bag in tow, Arina took a seat near the front of the class, carefully laying out her ingredients and textbook before her. After all, it was not just the students she was looking to impress that day- she had every intention of making an impression on her new head of house too. While she had not been particularly thrilled by the notion of moving to Hogwarts in general, she was at least grateful to have been sorted into Slytherin. While the dungeons might’ve been a little too musky and damp for her liking, it was better than rubbing elbows with the likes of halfbloods, blood traitors and mudbloods- at least as far as she was concerned. Although in saying that, at least for the time being, she was attempting to keep her views on blood purity under wraps. It was easier to make connections friends that way.

The content of the days class, brewing an antidotes to common poisons, would be a breeze for the young snake. She’d had a rather unusual upbringing, to say the least, and’d had more practice brewing antidotes than she’d care to admit.

The day’s task was not one for the faint of heart- it involved handling a number of particularly grotesque ingredients, that, had Arina not already been familiar with, might’ve been enough to make her stomach churn. Bezoar’s might’ve looked like, unassuming innocent rocks- but were in fact more like kidney stones for cows than they were minerals, metals or rocks. God, magic could be revolting.

The girl inhaled deeply and pressed on, intent on finishing her potions without paying any more thought to how disgusting the magical world could be.


Arina glides into the room like some damn mythological creature, takes a seat and tries to make a good first impression on her classmates and new head of house.
Hotaru Myeong
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Dec 7 2017, 10:43 AM   Link Quote
Cold fingers had never been a problem for Hotaru Myeong. When the winter chill settled into the castle walls and wind sometimes crept through a badly shut window she would try to find a way to fix it. The Hufflepuff didn't mind it as much despite the fact that she'd become used to the constant warmth of their dorms because of its location. Her oil like eyes widened at the sight of the corridor to potions class. Little Christmas trees lined the sides, lights in green, red and gold reflected off one another creating a halation effect at the edges of her sight. Usually something like this only occurred on old photographs and it might have been the way her eyes had gone a little bit glossy with amazement. Professor Sptiznogle had outdone herself.

A large Christmas tree greeted the students as they entered, the witch's head tipping back a little in order to get the full view of it. It light up the usually dank dungeon and brought about a festive kind of warmth that even the cold humidity couldn't dispel. A few students had already come in before her, the Hufflepuff stepping aside as a chest-but haired girl floated into the room. That one had been new, a face Hotaru could recognize or actually forget. She paid no more than what seemed a passing mind to the other witch before taking her usual seat off to the corner. While the pale witch often tucked herself away, her presence was always noticeable.

Today she was noticeable without her cat. Other days it was because of how she dressed, or spoke or didn't speak. Her attention was immediately ensnared by the professor's voice, a fleeting smile gracing Hotaru's lips when the tree shuddered right before Professor Eudora stepped out. Antidote to Common Poisons, she announced. The ingredients were laid out before them, including instructions. Hotaru slid out of her seat and began arranging her workstation, tucking the chair in so that she could move about more freely.

A warm cauldron was always a happy cauldron, so as per usual, Hotaru worked out of order. First she set her cauldron to heat at a lot temperature, giving her time to pluck the Bezoar and crush it using the pestle on her mortar. The potion called for 4 measures, so she crushed a little bit extra just in case she needed to start all over again. Her body hummed as she worked, repeating the same tune she'd sung to the Shadow boy in the dungeons the night they'd been attacked. Pan's lullaby converged in song around her, low enough not to disturb anyone else.

Hotaru marvels at the decked out hallway and classroom, she doesn't say it but Professor Spitznogle is actually one of her favorites. As per usual she works out of order, pre-heating her cauldron and grinding a bit extra powder just in case she messes up.

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Florentin Deschamps
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Dec 19 2017, 04:26 AM   Link Quote
The closest thing to holidays back at Beauxbatons was eventually Professor Spitznogle's enthusiasm about Christmas decorations. But even that dulled beside all those things Florentin was used to - not from home, because decorations at home were sparse and elegant, easily compared to a regular Deschamps family dinner. Not bland, but never quite fulfilling. Either way, Florentin was pleasantly surprised when entering the classroom, for a moment convinced that the tree was speaking until he realised that it was their Head of House, greeting them from behind. It could be so much worse - one just had to remember Professor Dubois' classes that had contained too much suffering and humiliation for the French boy's liking - and recently, he had gotten humiliated enough by throwing up slugs in his dorm due to a hex from a certain dorm mate. He was not doing well remembering it without feeling his stomach turn uncomfortably. Yet dwelling on uncomfortable memories was hard as this Christmas tree was almost mesmerizing, and in moments like this, Florentin turned into a small child again: fascinated by sparkly things.

He looked for an acceptable seat - by himself, as long as he still had a choice - and dropped his bag onto the table before elegantly seating himself. Safety measures needed to be followed and slender hands rummaged through the bag, pushing parchment rolls and books aside before grabbing the small beauty case that contained lipbalm, handcream and several hair ties, one of the latter now carefully retrieved before he tied his long and smooth hair into a rather messy bun. He was not risking having a single strand of it burned, listening to the instructions that were given. An antidote should not be too hard, and usually, Florentin was doing well in Potions, which might tie together with having occupied himself with beauty potions too often. And had brewing Amortentia not started the whole emotional chaos he was dealing with?

At least failing at brewing an antidote would not necessarily kill him, or so he hoped while putting up his cauldron and preparing the ingredients for his potion, eternally grossed out when thinking about the places this bezoar had been before it was going to be worked into the antidote. Sometimes it was just better not to know where something truly hailed from before devouring it. Calmly, Florentin dropped the bezoar into his mortar and started to crush it - an activity that would take him a while either way, as he always struggled to crush objects to dust with the weakness of his bare hands.

Florentin does not hate Potions, which is already a big plus, right? Safety first, he ties his hair up and starts to crush a bezoar.


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