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 small town moon, sei
Sai Tangsuriyapaisan
 Posted: Jan 29 2017, 11:36 AM

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Sai Tangsuriyapaisan
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Sai was a creature of habit. That hadn't changed despite the fact that he was now thousands of kilometers from home, stuffed into an old castle that he didn't particularly care for. Yet he'd made the choice out of the disintegrating remnants of his own free will, and there was little he could complain about when the person at fault for his circumstances was himself. Besides, he supposed anything was better than being boxed into that atrocious school in the mountains. Even when he was at his loneliest, he hadn't even a single ounce of nostalgia or fond feeling for KAM. It was a psychological prison, and he was glad to be free of it. Part of him though, wondered if he'd somehow jumped out of the frying pan and right into the fire. But he would worry about that later.

The dance hall was empty as always at this time of day. Sai let out a breath that he didn't know he'd been holding as the door creaked shut behind him. He didn't know why he always felt nervous whenever he came here. It was probably the fear that someone would walk in on him. Although he knew how unfounded his apprehensions were, he cringed whenever he heard even the slightest creak. Those were bound to happen often, seeing how old this castle was. He didn't want anyone to see him dancing. He didn't understand those sentiments at all, because his teachers had always told him that dancing was a natural performance, and the word 'performance' naturally implied an audience. But he didn't want an audience. Or else he would scarcely be here.

He supposed that, if anyone cared enough, they would have figured out his routine by now and come looking for him. There was no such person though, Sai thought as he eased himself into a side split and quietly started stretching. Nobody cared enough to actually pay much attention to him, and he was glad for it too. He couldn't help but wonder exactly what his few friends were doing right now, but he supposed that he didn't care enough seeing as he wasn't actively seeking them out. It still felt strange, almost alien even, that there were actually people at Hogwarts who did care a little bit about his wellbeing. He didn't know how much, and he didn't want to. Sai found that the more he thought about something, the more he liked it and the more expectation and hope he put into it. Everything though, was inevitably taken away from him. His only anchor these days was dance, and he was content with that.

Heaving another sigh, he finished his stretching routine and got up. There was an old gramophone in the hall, one that looked like it hadn't seen the light of day in years. Whenever he used it, he always inevitably found a thin layer of dust coating its base, as though no one ever came around to clean it. He trailed his fingers gently against the edges for a few seconds before placing a vinyl inside and stepping back. Despite anticipating it, he still jumped in surprise when the piano chord progression started. Rather than dance though, he only did a few jumps and experimental arabesques in time with the music before stopping. It was best that he made sure he was warmed up first.

He thought he heard something and stopped, but then shrugged it off as nothing. There wasn't anyone who would actually show up. The vinyl suddenly abruptly skipped about thirty seconds of music, and Sai heaved a sigh before walking back to the gramophone to try and fix it.

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