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 Theodorus Faustus
Theodorus Faustus
 Posted: Apr 16 2017, 04:23 AM
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Fuck your Honda Civic, I've a horse outside

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Name: Theodorus Faustus

Which character do you have at Intermediate or Advanced? Sigurd Nilsson

Age: 16

Beast/Creature?: half satyr

Area of residency?: He tries to be a normal student, thank you very much.

Appearance: He got goat legs, my friend.

Theodorus – oh please, use Teddy. Teddy is just fine - is all talk. From quick witted replies about how great he is? to stupid self-deprecating jokes to fill in awkward silences and everything in between. Not that he has an ego or anything, far from it. He isn’t the one to actually start flaunting how smart those things really make him, but it’s there in the small upturn of the left corner of his lips. The boy knows; it just isn’t exactly an asset he praises himself for. If anything, the humour is more a defense mechanism than anything else. A way to make fun of himself before someone else gets the chance to. He's a beast and a Faust; you learn to adjust by ending up a mess when it comes to expressing genuine emotions.

Speaking of! One thing to remember about Teddy though, is that he’s a dramaqueen. In the sense of draping himself over couches and sobbing over someone taking the last pudding during lunch while it was clearly him who shotgunned it. It isn’t below his to start long monologues full of big hand gestures and dizzying back and forth pacing about the most mundane topics imaginable. On the other hand real problems -things that hit his core in ways that make his insides turn or heart ache- will never be mentioned. Perhaps a remnant of spending his days at the Faust household every now and then. He’s quite content to not bother people with actual issues. People don’t care about those, especially not if your personality is supposed to represent something enjoyable and entertaining.

Teddy still kinda likes to dream of finding true love and living happily ever after. Pretty creatures like nymphs and mermaids encouraged, humans a nice option too. At this point in his life he really isn’t picky anymore. Still the boy tends to hang out by the lake a lot, in the hopes of meeting a possible way more better looking distant cousin of the Giant Squid, or stare dreamily during breakfast before catching himself and eat before his dish turns cold. It's something rooted in him since childhood, a love for, well, love. From the start of his life the boy wasn't wanted, not really. It just consisted from moving from one place to the other, forever back and forth while calling neither of them home. He wants that, something called home, and hopes it's maybe in a person rather than a place. He used to look forward to those head pats Arthur provided as an only form of affection. Now the need just grew.

If there is anything especially remarkable about Teddy, besides the obvious goat legs that is, it’s his ability to learn any type of instrument in a exceptionally short amount of time. They speak to him, as weird as it sounds, and by now everything from a guitar to bagpipes are amongst his arsenal of crowd entertaining instruments. The bagpipes are definitely his favourite but he doesn't underestimate the power of bringing a harmonica out in front of crowds either. A part of him just has difficulty with the quiet of things, loves to give the world around him a background tune that consists of more than just birds singing. If he isn't talking, music will tell the right kind of words too.

Growing up in the viscinity of muggles while never really interacting with them left him curious and full of wonder. The curiosity has always been there, a core aspect of his personality that always made him listen and watch. At Hogwarts it shows even more, how he tunes in on every conversation even remotely muggle.

Character Background:
Growing up half/half is much weirder and difficult than anyone might ever tell you. It’s much harder than Teddy would ever tell you, even.

Everything all started somewhere in....not England. Details aren’t available at the moment, Teddy would only offer some vague hand gestures. A lot of things can happen when you get charmed by a satyr, and babies are definitely one of ‘em. His mother still didn’t take it so well, like any person who refused to read the terms and conditions beforehand and got iffy about whatever they agreed to. Of course his mother got away with it; what was a baby supposed to complain about anyway? With dad out of the picture, however, things just became a little complicated.

That’s always the moment a Faust tends to pop up in your life.

Arthur Kirke-Faust was there at just the right moment. How he does these things is also still very much up for debate. Nevertheless he ended up being a savior, long before Teddy even knew what that word meant, or could talk for that matter. The guy found some probably distant relatives, dropped that baby in the woods of Scotland where they resided. Bob's your uncle. Although Teddy’s uncle ended up bearing the name Titianus. Too bad that, as you would've guessed by now, things weren't that simple. They forgot the magical mom in the equation. How else would a woman ever even encounter a satyr. Those magical genes were something the kid had inherited. Worst case scenario for very confused and panicking satyrs, best case scenario for a Faust. Well, sort of. Arthur took the kid in, played the role of guardian -as you can hardly call that man a dad, let's be real- to make sure Teddy wouldn't cause too many magical accidents.

Like I said before, it was a lovely back and forth from Scotland to Kensington. From forests to muggle town. Neither ever really fit.

He learned to play instruments back with the other satyrs, something that came as easy as breathing almost. When he went to England, every type of flute was packed in a suitcase looking too small for what it actually contained. The mansion was too quiet, so he brightened it up. It was one of those ways to connect to his adoptive sister Gretchen, while mostly annoying Anthony at the same time. Then again, Teddy had always been ace of the latter, starting with the first muddy hoof he set onto the carpet and ended with the never ending noise. When he went back to Scotland it was all about magic; the things he'd learned or practised. Things he actually had to work for to be good at. None of them really understood, as that kind of magic was reserved for wizards and witches. It went on like that for several years, until teddy learned to keep them separate and just live two lives.

They celebrated holidays together sometimes, leaving him awkwardly in the middle.
He would argue that teenage years are weird for everyone. It's normal.

Arthur got him his first wand too, a small shop hidden away from the commercial Diagon Alley. Ollivanders couldn't be trusted after all. Arthur did a lot of things, like making sure the boy got into Hogwarts as soon as he turned eleven. Being present in his life, however, wasn't one of those things. It created a rickety family structure of guardian, uncle, adoptive sister,... And when Teddy thought the legs were weird, he just had to listen to kids at the Ravenclaw table talking about missing their mom and dad.

Anything else we should know?: He learns all kinds of instruments really fast c:

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Erik Dwight
 Posted: Apr 16 2017, 04:24 AM
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