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 [P]Eperona Audet, beefy birdbrain boy
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    Eperona Audet
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    Stells done it pour moi
    Thirty Eight
    hes a ... big boy
    Despite possessing the smarts and strength uncharacteristic of the usual three-year-old, Rona could easily be summed up as the world’s largest, buffest toddler. He’s easy to make happy and likes to make others happy too: as though happiness runs through his veins in place of blood, making people smile and laugh is a feeling that he can’t get enough of. His social skills are okay, but generally a little underused: due to growing up surrounded by animals rather than other children, he has trouble speaking to people sometimes. General chitchat comes easily to him, but specifics - especially problem solving - can be a challenge. He’s good at generally brightening people’s days, but if somebody is really struggling with something he often struggles himself with how to deal with the situation. He’s really that friend who just offers hugs, a nice chat, a plate of biscuits and a cup of tea instead of actual ways to solving your problem.

    Unless, of course, your problem is revolving around your COMC studies! Rona puts his whole life into teaching his subject, and his adoration of animals both magical and muggle is not hard to see. Rona, well-versed in healing magic and helping animals, perform check-ups on any of the animals at Hogwarts - from the magical ones brought in for class, to the pets and horses in the stables, to even the giant squid. His whole life, disregarding his school years (only just) had been 100% animal-based; and regular interaction with other human beings is something he’s not entirely used to, so tries to keep conversations to study or animal-based topics, so he can remain in his comfort zone. He’s nice enough, just… new to the whole “talking to other people” thing.

    Rona is, much like the birds he spent his childhood alongside, a total free spirit. As a child, he ran everywhere because it was the closest thing to flying like his feathered friends he could find. He lives life wherever it takes him, and rarely lets things get him down. After discovering that being weird wasn’t a negative thing during his time at Castelobruxo, Eperona has learnt to love himself in a way that might come across as vain, but really is just his self-love that came after being bullied. To keep himself in a state that he considers his “best”, Rona regularly works out and goes on long, trekking walks when he’s not working – so he can not only keep his body in good condition and feel healthy, but also remain at one with the natural world that practically raised him. Working in a school is fun and something that Rona loves, but he worried that – even in an outdoors class – staying cooped up within a specific area all the time might affect his sense of freedom, so he makes a big effort to keep things as natural and as chilled out as possible. His room is decked head-to-toe in foliage and birdfeeders, and the windows are never closed.

    Rona, despite discovering himself during his student life and coming to terms with his way of being, can have moments of self-doubt where he worries that he’s done something wrong, most specifically with other people involved. While animals are wonderful and interesting, they are often predictable and have specific behaviour patterns: humans, not so much. His nerves can sometimes get the better of him and he requires some time to “recharge” where he’ll meditate or do yoga; and in order to force himself to enjoy socialising, he often does this with other interested members of staff or students. He’s tempted to start a Yoga club, but is worried that people won’t take it seriously.
Character Background:
    Aata Teiheiura made for a perfect version of her school’s most popular girl.

    She seemed to slide into the “cool” clique almost flawlessly upon moving into secondary school. She was kind and sweet, top of her class and involved in a large amount of extra-curricular clubs. She played sport and played it well, she kept fit and was drop-dead gorgeous, spunky and funny yet still the kind of gentle and modest that allowed her to be loved by nearly everyone. Aata loved to dance, loved to drink, loved to party, and just her presence at a get-together of any kind made it an immediate success.

    Poemä “Poe” Audet was a very different kind of teenager.

    Poe moved from Raiatea halfway through his last year in secondary education, after being convinced to stay in school by his parents. He didn’t particularly care much for studying, for classes and exams, but he supposed that allowing his parents to choose what they wanted him to do in life allowed him to spend less time worrying about his future and more time having fun.

    He spent most of his time inside of class staring wistfully out at the wildlife, and spent all of his time outside of class buried within it. He adored the bugs, the birds, the flora and fauna that surrounded him. Naturally, as teenagers are oft to do, he was judged by his fellow students for being the strange guy who kept birdseed in his school bag, just in case something flew close enough for him to tempt over. He would speak to the birds that landed by him, cooing over them like a mother over her newborn, and he’d smile when they ate out of his hand. Poe adored the wild world, and made sure to keep himself entwined within it at all times.

    To the majority of the school, it came as a complete shock when, of all people, Aata and Poe became engaged. Firstly, nobody had even known they were dating! Poe had arrived less than seven months ago and seemed to spend the entirety of his school time with various avians, and Aata was… well, she was cool! She wasn’t the kind of person to hang around with a strange bird kid, surely? But unbeknownst to either’s friend groups (not that Poe had anybody in his), the two had briefly met on a bus home and hit it off immediately. Like two puzzle pieces that had searched for eachother their entire lives, they clicked from the get-go. Poe inspired Aata in his care for all living things, his gentility in the way he allowed tiny talons to rest of his hands as he fed them, his long fingers that planted seeds in his garden specifically for the insects to adore. Aata, in turn, allowed Poe to explore a world full of other human beings for the first time in his life, which had previously been spent along animals and not much else. They accentuated each others strengths and dulled each others weaknesses, and together they formed a power couple that shook the foundations of Tahiti itself.

    Life in the next handful of years seemed a blur: Aata became an Audet, they found a house together and jobs. Poe found one job, and promptly lost it. He found another, only to have it fall on the same fate. Again, and again; while Aata kept the two of them afloat, Poe attempted to engage within the working world to no avail.

    “Perhaps” he had mumbled to his wife one evening “I’m only good at talking to birds”. She had nodded, sadly, softly; and then jumped up. She grabbed hre husband by the shoulders and with a look that screamed how couldn’t we have thought about this before?, they came up with a plan. Poe would learn veterinarian studies and work with animals - birds if he truly needed to.

    Poe, for the first time in his life grateful that his parents had wanted him so desperately to study, trained to work with animals and afterwards, where his life should have been a celebration of passing his studies in a subject that he adored, he was filled with grief. A shock phone call informed him of everything in a blur: a hospital, your mother, an illness, so sudden, nothing we could do, I’m sorry, stay strong.

    Poe returned home for the funeral, and stood for a long time, silent, at his father’s side. His father explained, softly, that the family home hurt too much to live in. He was moving somewhere smaller, somewhere just for him and the dog. He also explained that Poe was to get the house, as per his mother’s will. The acres of land, the large Audet family home that he had spent his childhood capturing insects, luring birds into the garden, caring for the animals that had long since moved off to farmland or even to slaughter, much to Poe’s sadness at the time. Through a horrible, terrible event; something wonderful had sparked in his brain.

    He pitched the idea to his biggest fan and best invester, his wonderful wife; and she in turn pitched it to her family (who were rather well off). Though rocky at first, the money came and the business began. The house had to be remodelled, things had to be built, habitats had to be specifically set up, rights had to be secured and protection had to be maintained…

    Poe and Aata stood hand-in-hand, to welcome visitors to the wonderful newly-opened Audet’s Aviary and Reserve It was, without doubt, a tremendous success.

    Eperona Ra’iarii Audet was born a few years later, to a mid-thirties Poe and Aata who had poured their entire life’s worth of love into their birds, yet still realised they had more to give. Rona grew up loved, and he grew up happy. An adorably chubby toddler who learnt to walk and shed the pounds drastically when he learnt to run: he ran everywhere. He ran to bed, he ran downstairs for breakfast, he ran out into the reserve and for hours he would run and run and run until he ran back home, tuckered out, and would run back upstairs to bed. Running was freedom, and the closest thing to flying he could think of when surrounded by avian friends at all times. With his parents in love with their son and their work in nearly equal amounts, Rona grew up – later very thankful of this fact – unwatched for large parts of his life. Poe and Aata knew the reserve grounds like the back of their hands, so Rona was allowed to venture as he saw fit so long as he remained in their owned land. He spent his days climbing trees, stalking various feathered friends, sneaking through bushes, digging holes, splashing around in streams and lakes; and he grew up muddy and bruised and always, always smiling.

    He attended primary school and, as his teachers often pointed out, became nearly identical in behaviour to his father. Why concentrate in classes when there were bugs outside to catch? Why do homework when there were a magical array of colourful feathers on every bird, and he just couldn’t help but feel the need to see them all? Nature ruled his heart, and the young boy grew distant from his schoolmates. While Poe seemed to content in his solitude with only the fur, feathers and scales of his animal friends; for Rona it upset him. His classmates avoided him: called him names, laughed at him. “That freak”, they would say, “did you see him talking to that bird? Like it was a person? What a weirdo!” And their words, like knives, cut deep. He didn’t want to go to school anymore, he became a liar: swearing that he would walk to the stop, catch the bus to school and come home later; when he would disappear off into the reserve and come home pretending to have been studying diligently. However, a pre-teen often doesn’t think these ideas through and Rona’s parents approached him one day with a letter from his school, notifying them of his absences. With his mother and his father’s love beside him, with a long talk about emotions, and feelings, and staying true to yourself and eventually finding the people who will love you for you, Rona returned to school.

    At age eleven, Eperona was invited to Castelobruxo School for Magic. Aata had crumpled the note, sworn something about nasty jokes from the other children, and told her Rona not to worry. Another letter, another piece of paper in the bin. Another, another, another; and Poe began to argue perhaps, just perhaps, this is the real deal. Aata took some convincing, and Rona did too – too terrified of the idea of being the butt of someone’s cruel joke to dare assume he was truly this kind of special. After deep persuasion, Eperona attempted to attend the South American school and the invitation, of course, was legitimate.

    Magical life wooed Eperona like the beauty of the most beautiful woman on earth. He took to it immediately, suddenly coming into contact with hundreds of people just as odd as him, who grew up feeling just as left-out as him, who knew they were different just like him. He had never had such a boost of confidence before, and even despite the new introduction of “blood purity” into his life, he rarely let things get on top of him. The toddler who never stopped smiling returned, and Rona was friends with nearly everyone: purebloods, halfbloods, muggleborns, even the Professors. The most amazing thing, however, was the creatures. Naturally, Eperona was passionate about parrots, in love with lorikeets, wild about warblers, krazy for kingfishers (I’ll stop now); but the magical world offered beasts, both Avian and not (as well as some seemingly both) for Rona to adore. It was like being a child again, every year of his life learning about even more new and exciting creatures. The birds, as per usual, caught his interest the most, but could one not love the idea of coming face-to-face with a dragon, a manticore, a… giant squid?! It all seemed wonderful, amazing… magical. Like Poe and Aata met and clicked immediately, Rona’s love for the magical world and it’s inhabitants fell into place just as smoothly.

    He graduated from Castelobruxo and, much to his parents equal measures of pride and sadness, decided he would not move home. Like his father, he loved the animals; he wanted to work with them, live with them, and study them for as long as he could get out there amongst them. As a Magizoologist, Rona’s work took him across the globe. He lived briefly in Russia, in Australia, in Nigeria. With a tick beside every country he’d studied creatures within, his world map was practically falling apart from the sheer amount of ink on it’s surface.

    However, despite his promise he had to work studying animals for as long as he could do so, something stuck in his mind. When he trailed through jungles and trekked across deserts with his fellow Magizoologists, he was always alongside… older people. Wonderful, kind and loving people; but people who were over forty. Where were all the younger students of magical creatures? Where were the fresh-out-of-school apprentices?

    “I suppose Care of Magical Creatures comes across as boring to a lot of people, dear Eperona” a friend had told him, as they set up camp mid-climb, searching for mountain trolls. That had shocked him: “Boring?” How could they be boring? The subject matter, of course, was not boring at all – the world of animals was so vast, diversely and so interesting mimicked our human societies that almost anyone could find interest in that, so surely the blame fell on… the professors.

    Like the day Poe had decided to study animal care, a shot of inspiration hit Rona like a bullet. If people weren’t interested enough in the subject he devoted his life to, he could surely get them invested. He applied everywhere that taught: from lesser-known magical academies of only a hundred students or so; to bigger schools like Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, even back at his semi-home of Castelobruxo. “We can’t accept any more staff”, he would hear back; “We don’t need another COMC Professor”. Until he heard, shockingly, a yes. From Hogwarts: not as big as the schools he was used to, but perhaps that would be for the best? Perhaps he could inspire a new generation of Magizoologists, and perhaps he couldn’t - only time would tell, hm?
Special Request:
    probably avilingualism, eventually
Desired Subject:
    Care of Magical Creatures


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    he him hims
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    idk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so long ago
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