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 [S]Marcellus Pharro
skeletor · 16 · 6 · · pureblood · 5'9
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Oct 2 2017, 05:07 PM   Link Quote
Name: Marcellus ‘Cel’ Pharro
Age: 15
Year: 5
Bloodline: Pureblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: first
Appearance: (Optional - leave blank if not filled in)
Personality: Cel is full of fireworks, or that’s what it feels sometimes. They burst inside his joints and jitter through the marrow in his bones in the way his attention flickers in the same rhythm as the candles around the castles. He remembers the day he was diagnosed with ADHD, and how it spills out of him sometimes (constantly) in words tripping over each other in bursts and sparks he can’t even catch. Actually, Cel wishes he could be less hyperactive and less impulsive. He wishes he could be like other people who could sit quietly and keep their words to themselves, but he’s not. He’s still stuck trying to figure out how to control himself the way he wants to, keep things the way he wants them to be so that he can be a mysterious shell of a boy instead of something outwards and messy and wholly unpolished. He’s working on it. Energy drinks help.

Most of the time, Cel is a people person, shall we say. He’s come a long way from the hostile kid he used to be, though he’s still a little guarded, still wants to hold everyone else at arm’s length, but he knows better than to do that all the time. For the most part, he’s more trusting of professors than he is his peers, and he’s more inclined to pick and choose who to trust on what he can get from them rather than a need for friendship, or whatever other reasons people choose to make friends for. He’s good at faking it though; something about excessive talking, which either fools people into thinking he wants to be their friend or convinces them to avoid him. Either works apparently.

He doesn’t have the greatest reputation with his peers though - adjectives that others would use to describe him seem to follow the vein of loud, annoying, manipulative, angry, bitter, hostile, violent? Cel knows that he deserves this reputation for the first four years of his Hogwarts career, but he’s working on changing it. He would rather people saw him how he wants them to see him, but that’s taking an immense amount of work to change. Everything is taking an immense amount of work, since he’s only just recently figured out how to structure his life so that he can actually focus on his schoolwork like he’s supposed to. It’s a bit like shedding his skin; he’s come to the point where he can finally get rid of his old self and transform into something else better.

Yeah, okay, maybe he just likes self-improvement. It makes him feel like he’s doing something with his life. And it makes him better than his parents anyway. Somewhere along the way, Cel realised that he absolutely did not, under any circumstances, want to end up like his parents, even though he knew he would’ve if he’d stayed with them instead of going back to the Pharros. And he knows that he almost did. Sometimes he wonders what it would’ve been like if he’d stayed with them, but he knows it wouldn’t have been good. But he thinks he’s getting better with himself; he hasn’t been in detention for a fight for almost a whole year, his attendance is near perfect, and his previous disciplinary issues have been minimised to the best of his abilities. And his homework is (mostly) completed on time. If he keeps this up, he might manage to turn himself into a model student by sixth or seventh year. And Cel knows exactly what he wants to do when he leaves Hogwarts, and he’s slowly working towards it. He can do it. He knows he can.

Character Background: Cel feels like a dead flower sometimes, like circadian rhythm set over years-years-years instead of every day of his life.

Varrick and Bianca Pharro are his parents now, but they came in phases of his life at first. At first, before he remembers, there were Brant and Blythe Adams, where everything was ? showered in gold? Because what else would the Felix Felicis be for? He didn’t know at the time. It took him a few more years to find out, but that’s not yet. At the age of two, he was taken from his parents, and given to Varrick and Bianca (aka his ‘real’ parents, he would start saying, at some point) for three years. Cel doesn’t remember that early on in his life, but maybe everything was normal there. He imagines that it would be. He’s confident that it would be. Why else would he have been with them?

At the very start of his memories, there’s being returned to his family. I want to go home, he protested, back to Varrick and Bianca, but he’s stuck in London with his biological parents. He goes to school. He goes to school. He goes to school. After a while, he only goes to school when he feels like it. They don’t care about his attendance. They don’t care much about how the three times he got suspended from primary school, before his Hogwarts letter even made it into his hands. Maybe this part of his life was nondescript, all the way up until they become homeless. School definitely doesn’t matter so much anymore then. They live with relatives he doesn’t want to be with, and frustration starts to curl around his hands with thorns that creep like ivy.

Cel is old enough to understand about Felix Felicis around then, and his parents, and not having money, and being homeless. He doesn’t know why, but he knows that it’s happening and there’s nothing he can really do about it. He’s curious though, but maybe anyone would be? Or maybe it’s just him. He doesn’t know what he’s thinking the first time he gets his hands on Felix Felicis, but children make mistakes, right? (Everyone makes mistakes, he hears from adults a lot of times, but he doesn’t think that the repetitive parental mistakes his biological parents have stacked up over the course of his childhood are really excusable anymore. He’s just going to be like them, isn’t he?)

Age ten is where it all changes again, and he’s placed back with the Pharros when the system catches up to him. There’s nowhere he’d rather be than there, but he still feels like he’s going to be taken back to his biological parents at any moment. It takes him too long to unpack his stuff, too long to relax into the routines of family all over again, but once his parents terminate rights (finally), he feels like everything is blooming again. And he has his Hogwarts letter by then; Cel is one of the smallest first years, content to keep everyone at arm’s length until otherwise stated and spending half of his time sitting in the detention room with ink all over his hands, but he likes to think that things have changed since then. A lot of things since then have changed. He has a permanent family, two sisters, and a stable grip on most aspects of his life. He hasn’t seen his parents since they gave him up. And Cel hasn’t even considered taking Felix Felicis again, because the stability of things means more to him than whatever he could get from that.

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