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 [S]Raelynn Winchester
Lacey-Jay · Sixteen · 6th · Undecided · Muggleborn · 5'6''
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Oct 2 2017, 06:22 PM   Link Quote
Age: Sixteen
Year: 6th
Bloodline: Muggleborn
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?:
Appearance: Coming soon to a theatre near you
Personality: Hot
    – Ever heard of the saying you’re hot than you’re cold? Well, that pretty much sums up Raelynn. There is no in between. On a day when Raelynn is hot, her emotions are at an all time high. If she is angry, it would be hard to calm her down. Her anger has gotten her in trouble quite a few times. She is known to be quite nasty, verbally and physically. She is not above getting into a physical altercation, but most of the time, she would just take her anger out by throwing and breaking things. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if she were in a good mood that day, her excitement would be hard to tame. Whatever she is feeling, would be extremely heightened.

    – On the days that she is cold, she is quite withdrawn and quiet. On these days, Raelynn would be by herself. Her emotions quite somber, and sad. The normally outgoing girl would withdraw from her normal routine and seek the quietness that follows a lonely creature. Her friends would know to stay away from her on those days. On these specific days, she would be quick to say things that she would soon regret. In the past, these days have caused her to lose some friendships. Nasty, hate filled comments are not uncommon. For example, during her second year she was having a particularly bad day, and when one of her close friends happened upon her in a quiet room, Raelynn snapped at her and made a nasty comment that she didn’t mean. The only reason why she had made such a statement was to get the girl to leave her alone. The next day, the girl would not forgive her. Raelynn can tell a persons weakness, and can use them against them. Even if she would soon regret it.

    – On a scale from 1 to 10, Raelynn would rank an 11 on the stubborn scale. Once she has put her mind to something, its almost impossible to change her mind. Even if she knows that deep down, she is wrong, she would never admit it. She would take it to her grave. This gets her into trouble quite often. Especially in her academics. At this point, Raelynn is currently failing most of her classes. Not because she is dumb, but her stubbornness would block her from asking for help. She insists that she doesn’t need school in order to advance in life. At this point, she’s passed everything by the skin of her teeth. With important exams coming up, I’m sure this won’t stay the same for long. It would be hard for her to forgive, if crossed by someone. Again, no one can beat her stubbornness.

    - Although stubborn, when Raelynn wants something, no one will stop her. Whether that were a prize for winning a competition, or getting the boy she wanted, nothing will stand in her way. And she isn’t afraid of hurting whoever is in her way. Whether that means being sneaky, cunning or manipulative. Raelynn will always get what Raelynn wants. Her determination can be quite surprising, when she really wants something. Otherwise, she comes off as quite lazy. It’s all for show.

    - On the outside, and for those who don’t know her very well, Raelynn can come off as quite a nasty person, but much of that is an act. She’s loyal, passionate and caring. No one is going to get away with hurting the ones that she loves. She can be very happy, giggly and adventurous, always looking for the next high on life. And she can be quite mean, picking up on peoples weaknesses and secrets. It’s a toss-up. She may say the wrong thing sometimes and unintentially hurt someone she loves (on her cold days), but for those that are willing to look past it all, will see a girl who loves as deeply as she breaths. There isn’t quite someone as complex as Raelynn, that’s for sure. She’s a lover and a fighter. She loves to go on adventurous, and won’t let anyone beat her in a competition. Super competitive and a sore loser. Raelynn is quite a character.

Character Background:
    Angelica Winchester was not your typical muggle mother. Up until the birth of Raelynn, one would argue that she was not suited to be a mother at all. A tattoo artist who made a decent living on a side street tattoo parlor in London, Angelica was never one for a long term relationship. Finding out that she was a pregnant was a surprise to everyone, including herself. Although completely unaware of who might be the father of the unborn child, Angelica decided to keep the baby. She was excited and nervous. Of only nineteen years old, Angelica was quite young and shared a loft with her best friend, Delilah Wolfe. Delilah would end up being a second mother to the child, one that would always have a special place in her heart for Angelica’s child. On a cold, October morning, shortly before Halloween, Raelynn was born. A small, but healthy child. Angelica was excited for this new adventure.

    Raising a child proved harder than expected, especially when she still shared a one bedroom apartment with her best friend. Angelica would be lost without Delilah, and knew that she couldn’t survive on her own. Although she made a decent living at the tattoo parlor, Angelica was quite the spending. She often spent too much money on useless things, or attempting to spoil her only daughter. Delilah helped when she could, but much of Raelynn’s childhood consisted on late bills and shady business deals. Angelica had a hard time putting her partying life aside for her daughter, but she managed to do just that. Delilah played a major role in Raelynn’s upbringing, and would forever be a second mother figure to Raelynn. Magic or not, she would never forget her roots.

    Raelynn was a raised a shop baby, surrounded by the alternative lifestyle of a pierced and tattooed artist and her best friend. She loved it, and although she never had lots of money or the finest things in life, Raelynn wouldn’t change a thing. Its not that she hated people with money or power, she just knew that her upbringing helped to shape who she became. She loved her mother, despite all her pit-falls and mistakes. When Raelynn turned seven, she began to display signs of magic. Angelica just thought that she was imagining things, when objects would fly off the walls when Raelynn was having a temper tantrum. It wasn’t until she spontenously changed her hair color, that Angelica freaked out. Not knowing where to turn, she reached out to Delilah for help, wondering if her child was pocessed by a demon. Delilah was just as confused. The two girls quickly left the loft, going down to the local pub for a drink, attempting to brush off what they had witnessed. One drink after another, and the girls were blabbing to the entire bar what they witnessed. There questions did not go unanswered, for their was a wizard present in that bar, one that found pity in the girls confusion. His name was Sebastian Blake.

    Sebastian Blake was Angelica’s night and shining armor. A pureblood wizard who taught Angelica and Delilah all about the wizarding world. Delilah refused to acknowledge the magical realm, even to this day, but Angelica embraced it. Not all did she embrace magic, but she fell head over heels for Sebastian. He was cunning, secretive and devilishly handsome. He accepted Raelynn as his own, despite her muggle background. His relationship with Angelica was sweet and innocent, although they would never get married or have kids of their own. He wouldn’t live that long. Raelynn received her Hogwarts letter and was estatic. She couldn’t wait to show Sebastian and to hear all about what Hogwarts had in store for her.

    Things were great, until Raelynn’s third year. Sebastian passed away. The circumstances of his death were a mystery, but things got very hazy after that. Raelynn loved him like her own Father, one that she never met. Angelica became more withdrawn, pushing Raelynn away. Raelynn would swear that she resented that Raelynn had magic, and therefore, some sort of supernatural connection to Sebastian that she would never had. Much of the pureblood community at Hogwarts knew Raelynn, for her mothers relationship with Sebastian was quite scandalous in the Pureblood community. Sebastian had always tried to push Raelynn to get along with all wizards and witches, despite their blood status. That stayed true. Raelynn would never judge someone on their blood status, although some would do that for her. Hogwarts would prove to be some of the best years of her life. She had quite the numerous stories to bring back to her mother and Delilah.
The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?:
    Oh crap, my turn. I just don’t wanna end up somewhere stupid. I want to be around people who can take a joke and won’t cry like a little baby. I would say Gryffindor, but there is something so noble about them. They always want to do the right thing. Sebastian said he was a Slytherin. I think I'm a lot like him. Maybe I’m best suited for Slytherin. I do look good in green.

Special Request (available at Novice**) (Do NOT request to be placed in a specific house in this section. House requests in this section will NOT be honored.)

OOC Name: Lacey
Your Pronouns: She/Her
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? goooooogle? I think haha

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the sorting hat is placed on your head, and after a few moments, it loudly calls out ...


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