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 [S]Luce Decartes
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Oct 7 2017, 11:21 PM   Link Quote
Name: Luce Decartes
Age: 16
Year: 6
Bloodline: Pureblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: N/A
Appearance: Luce is the type of person you see and instantly think “Oh, he’s a snob.” Luce has brown wavy hair styled in a perfect wave, a pair of thin-framed glasses with black frames, and a look of complete indifference in his color-changing eyes. They change at random, usually amplified or weakened by the color of his outfit. If he's wearing black for example, they'll appear blue or brown. His skin is pale and smooth, unmarred by scars and other marks one would expect a normal teenage boy to have. His clothing choice, when not in the school uniform, is fairly formal, often a suit or something similar. His face is usually set in a rather apathetic stare, he tends to show little emotion in public.

Personality: Luce is what one would call a loner. He isn't the type to talk to other people, he'd rather be playing some instrument than actually socialize. Luce is quick to anger when people speak to him, as he greatly prefers solitude to being social. He absolutely hates it when he is told what to do, and if you are the one trying to order him around, watch out, he won't hesitate to hex you if you get on his nerves. He doesn't really listen to Anyone, authority figure or not, don't cross him, and he'll behave. He just doesn't like being ordered around. The only person who can tell him to do anything and get away safely is his brother.

Luce loves music more than just about anything else. Music is his life, and music is one of the few things capable of calming him down. He spends hours practicing playing his music, he wants to perfect his skills. Even magic can't hold a candle to music for him, if it meant he could keep playing his music he would give up magic in a heartbeat. Music has been the one thing that was a constant in his life, so his love for music runs deep, to his very core.

Another thing about Luce is he is EXTREMELY attached to his older brother, Hayden. His parents died when he was young, so Hayden was all he had for the longest time. Hayden raised him, Hayden loved him, Hayden was the only thing he loved more than music. He would do anything for his older brother, whom he loves dearly enough he would even give up music for him. Nothing is too good for his brother, in Luce’s eyes. He acts like a lost puppy around his brother, following him around and hanging on to his every word.

Luce isn't exactly nice to muggle-borns, he doesn't like people being born in non-wizarding families learning magic. He doesn't do it because he thinks they're disgusting, but simply because he doesn't feel people without at least one wizarding parent shouldn't be wizards. He's aware it makes no sense, but he doesn't care either way. If he can, he'd do anything he could to prevent a muggle-born from learning magic, he tries to get them to quit without outright making them miserable. He’ll pick out their insecurities and use them to manipulate them into quitting, if he can.

Luce is also one of those types who tends to avoid studying, though his wits and keen intelligence usually make up for his lack of studying ability. Luce doesn't really pay much attention to teachers either, he's usually off in some world of his own. He doesn't care about school at all, and gets detention for his lack of care quite often. He's that type that never pays attention and is constantly getting scolded, but is never really harshly punished because he isn't a huge disturbance and he still gets grades of decent quality. His cunning is quite a sight to see, and whenever he pits it against a teacher, the teacher will not have an easy match.

One of the last big things about Luce is, he's gay. He's not open with his sexuality, but he isn't closeted either. If you ask him what his sexuality is, he will tell you, but he doesn't spread it around. If he finds you attractive and you're a guy, He’ll flirt, he doesn't care about what anybody thinks either way. He never was one to care what people thought of him, so his sexuality is something he doesn't really want to hide. He's gay, and proud of it, no matter what people think. Luce does in fact have a type as well, and it isn't a shy, quiet type. He loves being noticed by the more “bad boy” types, even if he doesn't show it on the outside.

Character Background: Luce does in fact come from a line of pureblood wizards that originated in France. His father was the firstborn son of his family, his mother the youngest daughter of hers. He barely knew them, though, they died when he was young, about 9 years old. His brother was 18 at the time. His brother raised him rather than see him go through foster homes and foster parents, and they did well like that, just the two of them. Since his brother had inherited a fair bit of money from their father, they had a comfortable, if not grand lifestyle, in which Luce could easily have any of the instruments he desired. His brother taught him violin and piano, and the japanese shamisen, part of the reason for his love of classical music. It was his brother who planted the seed, but when Luce showed talent is when his brother really grew serious about teaching him. Luce had lessons every day, and he practiced each and every instrument until he could play all of them in his sleep.

By the time he was old enough to go to Hogwarts, Luce was considered a prodigy. He still practiced as often as possible, keeping to himself, and forgoing studying in favor of his music. Luce didn't make any attempt to make friends, and he made it well known that he didn't care for socializing in the slightest. Anybody who tried to get close to him was pushed away, until gradually, they got the hint and left him be. He didn't feel the need to socialize, so nobody was ever allowed to get too close to him.

Luce discovered his sexuality when he was 13. He developed a crush on a boy in his year, but only figured it out after months of confusion. When he finally did realize why he had been acting so weird, he was rather weirded out at first, but came to accept it without much reluctance. He was who he was, and since he knew his brother wouldn't care if he liked boys, he didn't particularly care either. After all, you love who you love, you can't change that fact. He accepted it fairly easily and didn't make any significant changes because of it.

Most of his time at school has been uneventful and boring. He got good grades, got in trouble for not listening, snapped when people came near him, it was a constant boring routine. Nothing really changed much for him, it was a monotonous existence, not that he minded. Routine was something he enjoyed, immensely. He had a certain way he did things and he stuck to that way stubbornly.

But change did indeed come in his 5th year. His brother began dating a guy he had met at the ministry, and they began drifting apart. Luce and Hayden talked less and less, which made Luce sadder and sadder, though he refused to show how much he was hurting. He wanted his brother back, but ended up throwing himself entirely into his music. His brother was happy, so rather than get in the way, music is what Luce turned to to help get him through the sudden loss of closeness with his brother. Without Hayden to help him, he grew lonely, and his previously joyful and happy music turned dark and sad. All the things he never said to his brother, he conveyed with his music, showing just how much pain he was really in. All his playing took on such intense emotion that any who heard it were stunned to see so much emotion from a 15 year old. He pushed people away even more than before, and acted out in class more. He studied even less, though he still got decent grades. Now, in his 6th year, he's accepted that he is no longer number 1 for his brother, and has settled down again, though his music still holds an undercurrent of sadness.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: “Not Gryffindor. I think I’d die if I was placed in that house full of idiots. They may as well be Americans with their Hero complex. Slytherin… yes Slytherin is the house for me. Please let me be Slytherin.”
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OOC Name: Luka
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How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? I typed Harry Potter Roleplay forum into my search browser and this popped up.
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the sorting hat is placed on your head, and after a few moments, it loudly calls out ...


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