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 [S]Grigoriy Drozdov
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Oct 12 2017, 12:38 AM   Link Quote
Name: Grigoriy Yakovlevich Drozdov
Age: 17
Year: 7th
Bloodline: Pureblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: I asked Robin for permission like weeks ago...and then I died.
Appearance: -
No one in their right mind would ever claim Grigoriy Drozdov is a gentleman. Seriously, have you ever seen that boy? Sometimes it seems as if his whole existence is based on the question: how awful can I be this afternoon? It’s not as if he does it on purpose, probably not (at least one can hope he does not), but the behavioral patterns which are acquired by nurture are often hard to shake off, especially if one does not desire to shake them off at all. It shows in the way he walks, so full of pride and so tall, in those disinterested stares, and especially in his often condescending and sneering words. Is he arrogant? Well, yes of course, he is a Drozdov, and Drozdovs have a steady tendency to act as if they are the kings of the whole world. Then again, how could they not? Most fear them too much to do anything about it, the rumours of the atrocities they’ve done being all too well known. Let’s face it, more often than not, gossip is what moves society in the wizarding world.

Ah, but Grisha (as those close to him often call him) cares little for these things, as rumours and gossip are petty and beneath him, or at least he pretends they are, although he may or may not eavesdrop on some conversations from time to time. And while he does claim he’s not fond of gossip, he will always be the one who is first to judge, as it often is with purebloods of families like his, so proud of their name and thinking everyone to be beneath them, especially those of lesser blood. Will he go out of his way to insult someone? Well yes, of course he will, as most people are often seen as irritating, and being realistic, Grisha isn’t all that patient. He’s prone to anger and annoyance, but while people may irritate him, he’s still not one to involve himself in something as crude as fist fights unless absolutely necessary, instead prone to easily casting jinxes and hexes. After all, he’s a wizard, and quite proud of that fact too, magic being used constantly in his day to day life ever since turning seventeen, as Charms has always been the subject that comes with the most ease.

Transfiguration, on the other hand, not so much, although that may be for the simple fact that Grigoriy is not fond of complicated things, always resulting to be blunt and to the point, never having the patience for long speeches and poetic words. Of course, it could just be called a harsh exterior, full of a confidence that never seems to waver unless in the presence of certain very specific individuals, all of it existing as a shield to hide some more surprising facts about a boy that rarely ever allows himself to trust others. For example, there is the fact that he long ago developed an interest in something that seems as silly as Alectryomancy, although he is quite aware that it makes little sense to expect a rooster to bring any knowledge about the future. Then again, what really does make sense in the life of someone like him? Some things often seem all too confusing, and Grisha finds himself in the need to take a pause, climbing up to the highest place possible for the mere sake of smoking the kreteks he grew fond of thanks to the influence of one of the few friends he had at Koldovstoretz. The mere scent of clove coming as comforting as the athletic achievement that is climbing up a rooftop to isolate himself from the world.

Character Background:
How befitting it must have been for a family that has one too many secrets to choose a blackbird as their symbol, for it is a creature that represents mysteries, truths hidden, and stories untold. It leaves room to wonder how many of the whispers told about the Drozdov family are real, to wonder what really is the truth.

Sometimes it felt as if they had always existed, their presence so clear and so obvious despite often not being there at all, so reclusive, all of their activities hidden from the world from behind high walls and closed doors. The rumours often said that the mansion was somewhere in the Northern Caucasus, perhaps Stavropol or one of its neighboring krais (some even claiming it could be near Mt. Mashuk), but it may have as well been anywhere else, for the truth was that no one had ever been there at all. Or, well, been there and returned. Only the Drozdov themselves and their closest servants knew, one too many spells of darker natures keeping the place hidden, impossible to find without the proper clues, although truthfully, who would ever want to find such a place at all? No one, at least not if they had heard of all of those things people often said.

There was the story of those who were taken in the middle of the night and never returned, of the experiments conducted - those which were the reason for the Drozdov family’s historical ability to come up with new potions and spells, which had made their name renowned, which often earned them high positions at Koldovstoretz. There was also the tale of the children that lived within those walls, those which were said to never see the outside world until their time to attend school came, those which never spoke of home. The children were often many, as the Drozdov family had never been one small, siblings and cousins so close in age, although not all of them always getting along as well as one would expect. From the outside, it could have been called a rivalry, the jealousy towards those who belonged to the main branch of the family, those would actually get to inherit the Drozdov name. Yet the truth was one much simpler, for they were all children of high egos and strong personalities, children who had often been told they were the kings and queens of the world.

Despite it all, argument was never something which filled the halls of the Drozdov home, the silence often seeming almost petrifying, only broken by the sweet sound of childish laughter, of those young girls who did not know why it was important to keep quiet. When Grigoriy had been a child, he had laughed too, playing by the hand of sisters who were all too fond of dragging him from place to place as if his will did not matter at all. He was not the youngest, he was not the oldest, but he was indeed the only boy, accompanied by no less than seven sisters who looked so much alike him and his father - with those piercing blue eyes and that hair all too blonde. Perhaps there was also much they got from their mother too, yet if that was true or not would remain a secret even to the children, for none of them had much memories of such a woman, their father never spoke of her, and it was not like they could have asked, for Yakov Drozdov truly wasn’t the kind of man to whom one would freely ask any questions at all, especially when considering he was barely even home.

It meant a childhood filled with tutors and servants, of boring lessons which they knew they could not avoid, discipline so real and present - yet still a childhood full of moments which the children enjoyed. As children, they had always been close, Lida (or Lidiya if one is being all too formal) being the eldest and the one who constantly took charge, coming up with the strangest ideas for them to enjoy their afternoons. Yekaterina was one of the youngest, but often the wittiest and the quickest, the one who would do the most daring things and then find herself in trouble, as if a cat climbing up a tree and being unable to find its way down. And who would be the one to save her? Well, that would always be Grisha, as he would also be the one bring Lida’s plans back to earth, the one to watch out for them, to speak up for them against the terrible words of their cousins on those rare occasions they did meet.

The thing was that, Grigoriy may have been Yakov’s only son, but that did not mean he was the heir of the Drozdov wealth, for Yakov himself was the second son of his father, and one who knew none of his children would ever grow up to carry the Drozdov name. It was one of those complicated things about their family’s traditions, about their hierarchy, one that had been explained to Grigoriy at a young age, his father ever so patient to the boy’s questions, yet his words also always stern. It was the truth, and once the truth was known it was unchangeable, a sudden dislike developing for the cousins who lived in the greatest mansion of their estate. Yes, it was more than one, a small community within the high walls, behind those gates adorned with blackbirds.

Surprisingly enough, dealing with them back at home was easier than at Koldovstoretz, for while all Drozdovs had the benefit of their own name to earn them respect, that did not mean there was respect among themselves. For the most part, he ignored them, pretended they weren’t there, but there were always those altercations, those which increased as years passed, making him feel almost glad the moment his father announced he would be leaving to finish his last year of studies at England. Almost. How could he possibly be glad if the reason for it was an engagement to a girl he had never even met? How could he be happy if it meant leaving his sisters behind? It was ridiculous, all of it, and honestly, Hogwarts sounded like a terrible place.

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