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 [S]Augustus Yardley
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Oct 30 2017, 03:37 PM   Link Quote
Name: Augustus Yardley
Age: 16
Year: 6th
Bloodline: Muggleborn
Do you have more than one character?: No
Tall (for his age)鈥攂londe (never a hair out of place)鈥攂lue eyes (can sometimes look grey)鈥攆abulous.

Augustus Yardley is as commanding as his name suggests鈥攁nd as pretentious. Though, to be fair, that can鈥檛 really be helped when he was born into England鈥檚 royal family and is currently 25th in line to the throne. It鈥檚 still, after six years at Hogwarts, incredibly difficult for Gus to accept that as a muggleborn, he鈥檚 what鈥檚 considered the 鈥渓ower-class鈥 of the wizarding world. Nothing about him is lower or lesser, from his intimidating height and perfectly laid hair (always, even right after he wakes up), to his tailored dress style and unsmiling thin lips. But class isn鈥檛 ultimately about material things. It鈥檚 an aura, an air, and Gus has that in strides. You look at him and know he鈥檚 important. He would fit in at any pureblood gathering, but unfortunately he will never be invited to one.

The first thing that most people note about Gus is his seriousness, which follows him around like a dark cloud or, more appropriately, a lost puppy. He doesn鈥檛 smile鈥攏ot ever. There are some rumors floating around that someone once saw him grin at something that happened in one of his books, but that鈥檚 all it is: a story, a myth, like Father Christmas or cellphones that can hold a charge all day. His humorlessness is as defining of Gus鈥檚 childhood as it is of Gus himself. He鈥檚 had the kind of life that most people dream of, filled to the brim with parties and castles and luxuries, but fun? That鈥檚 something Gus hasn鈥檛 had much of in his life, unless you were to count pandering to people more important than he鈥檒l ever be as fun, which he doesn鈥檛. It鈥檚 a necessity, though.

That鈥檚 the thing about Gus. For all his seriousness, he鈥檚 not innately unlikeable鈥攗nless he鈥檚 trying to be. In the muggle world he鈥檚 engaging, charming, and for lack of a better word, princely. Talking to people has always been something the boy is incredibly good at. He knows how to read them, how to tell them exactly what they want to hear, how to make them feel like they鈥檙e the only one in the world worthy of his royal attention. At Hogwarts, however, there鈥檚 barely even a hint of that charmer underneath. For six years he鈥檚 kept everyone in the wizarding world at an arm鈥檚 length, because any attachments there will make his eventual decision even more impossible. He can鈥檛 be both a wizard and a duke. Eventually, he鈥檚 going to have to choose one or the other.

Gus has always been the bookish sort, preferring the company of characters on pages in black and white to almost anyone he鈥檚 ever met in reality. He can read for hours, days even, without getting bored or needing to come up for air. Unfortunately, as a student, he tends to be very hot and cold. He has his mother鈥檚 sharp mind but also his father鈥檚 fickle nature. When a subject interests him, he will become immersed in it and give it his all. When it doesn鈥檛? Well, let鈥檚 just say he鈥檚 a staple in the detention room, and not for partying or getting into fights, but for having the balls to read in the middle of class and telling his professors that if they don鈥檛 like it, they should make their lectures more interesting. He鈥檚 a smartass, an arrogant and clever one at that.

Aside from reading, Gus has a hidden passion for writing as well. For the last year or so he鈥檚 been publishing an anonymous newsletter exposing the juicy happenings around Hogwarts, from new relationship statuses to pureblood family drama. The muggleborns compare it to Gossip Girl (and his pen name of Wicked Wix probably doesn鈥檛 help matters), which Gus takes personally because it has far more substance than that. He at least doesn鈥檛 need to use helper verbs. As standoffish as he is, as unfriendly and sarcastic and volatile as he can be, he hears and sees more than most people do. But he doesn鈥檛 expose truths out of maliciousness. He just believes that truth, and knowledge in general, deserves to be spread. It鈥檚 more powerful than fists or weapons.

For as long as he can remember, everything he鈥檚 ever wanted has simply been handed to him. Toys, books; things, people. Thats probably why he鈥檚 profoundly bored. He doesn鈥檛 want anything that he can buy, because money certainly is no issue. He wants to fight for it a little bit. He wants to work for it. Magic is one of those things. As a muggleborn he entered Hogwarts with no preexisting knowledge about magic, for once without a head start on everyone else. He鈥檚 worked hard to make up the difference ever since. To some he might seem a naturally gifted wizard, but the omnipresent bags under his eyes tell a different story. He鈥檚 studied hard and practiced even harder鈥攕ometimes where and when he鈥檚 not supposed to, because rules don鈥檛 apply to him.

It鈥檚 the same when it comes to people. He generally wants nothing to do with anyone who wants him. The people who don鈥檛 acknowledge him, the bad seeds, are the ones who get under his skin in the best way. That tendency to be drawn to all the wrong people has only gotten worse since puberty and his discovery that he might be oriented a bit less than straight. He hasn鈥檛 鈥渃ome out鈥 and doesn鈥檛 plan to any time soon, seeing as royalty and homosexuality is another combination that doesn鈥檛 mesh well. As loose as he is with other people鈥檚 secrets, he keeps his own close to his chest. Kindness is a luxury he鈥檚 never been given, so he doesn鈥檛 show it to others either. Fair is fair. As a friend鈥攂ecause he does have a few鈥攈e鈥檚 not all bad. But as an enemy? Good luck.

Character Background:
Andrew Yardley was born to rule鈥攊f only eight other people who were also born to rule would kindly die first. That number grew throughout Andrew鈥檚 adolescence and young adulthood as those eight people had children of their own, eventually landing in the high teens, which solidified that no, he would never rule. Of course no one had truly thought he would, other than Andrew himself. He wasn鈥檛 a direct member of the current royal family of England, but a descendant of someone who once had been. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e born to rule鈥 was just something parents say to their over-indulged only child to make them feel special. Unfortunately, Andrew took that promise very literally and finding out he would never have the kingdom he was promised began his endless pursuit of perfection.

He went into law after sixth form, determined to matter, to be a king in his own right. While he was in school he sought out the perfect bride, a woman of impeccable breeding, appearance, and intellect鈥攃lever, but not cleverer than him. His courtship with Eliza Gallows was one of opportunity for both of them. They were attracted to each other鈥檚 names and statuses, but not necessarily to each other. Romance and passion weren鈥檛 always precursors to a successful marriage, however. They agreed on what they were each looking for: Andrew wanted a trophy wife to show off, and Eliza wanted beautiful children to mold. With that agreed, they married in a lavish ceremony that even the queen herself attended. Just months later, Andrew inherited the Dukedom of Gloucester.

The beginning of their marriage proved to be a difficult one. The one thing Eliza had asked for鈥攃hildren鈥攚as also the thing that evaded them. She got pregnant once, a year into their marriage, but miscarried a few months later. They both had their issues when it came to conceiving and carrying a child to term: Andrew had low fertility, due to an injury he sustained as a child, and Eliza was diagnosed with PCOS. Resentment stewed between them over the next several years with each one blaming the other for their problems. There were a few false alarms and one tragically late miscarriage before the pregnancy that would eventually stick. Eliza was put on bed rest, much to her displeasure, but nine months later, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Lord Alistair Augustus Arthur Yardley, Earl of Ulster. That was his official name and title at birth, having inherited one of his father鈥檚 subsidiaries just by being born. Seeing as that was quite the mouthful even for a royal, however, his parents simply called him 鈥淕us.鈥 Luckily, for both Gus and his parents, he was perfect, because he would be the only child they would ever have. But that meant all of their expectations and aspirations, both individually and together, were thrown on him. It was never an option for him to be less than exceptional, less than perfect at anything he did. He was expected to walk before his peers, talk before his peers, be better than his peers in every way. The general feeling, at least to Gus, was that if he wasn鈥檛, they would love him less.

With a sentiment like that, it might be easy to think that Gus鈥檚 childhood was a terrible and loveless one, but that wasn鈥檛 the case鈥攓uite the opposite, in fact. He was heir apparent to a dukedom, after all, and an earl in his own right. His early life was quite comfortable, spent at various estates where he rode horses and in multiple city manors where he was shown off at parties at least once a week. When it came to looks, there were few that beat the young Yardley, with his regal blonde mane and steely blue eyes. And as he got older, he was difficult to top in wit and charisma as well. He was well-spoken and charming, a lethal combination, and everyone who met him agreed that he was just the most wonderful boy they鈥檇 ever come across. Compliments were his currency.

Of course he rarely received them from his own parents. There was always something he could be doing better, faster, and most of the words that came out of their mouths were complaints. When they bothered to talk to him at all. A carousel of staff and servants raised Gus, not his mother or father. The disconnect between them only grew when, at eleven, he received his letter from Hogwarts. They wrote it off as a prank and attempted to ignore it at first, but then one morning a man dressed in strange robes showed up on the castle doorstep. Gus鈥檚 magical abilities could not be ignored, he said, or else he would be a danger to himself and everyone around him. Andrew and Eliza begrudgingly let him go, under the guise that he was going to school in America.

His magic would always have to remain a secret. That was the 鈥渁greement鈥 from the start. And when he finished his magical education and learned how to control his 鈥済ifts鈥濃攖hey always that that word with a certain kind of disdain, like they were smelling something foul鈥攖hen he would leave the wizarding world behind and take up his position in the royal court. It wasn鈥檛 up for debate. He couldn鈥檛 be both a wizard and an earl, eventually a duke, 25th in line for the throne of England. For years Gus has lived with one foot in each world, under the constant cloud of the knowledge that someday soon, he will have to choose. Between the magic that has given him a purpose all his own, and the parents he would rather die than disappoint. Either way, it won鈥檛 be easy.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?:
Eyes making up more than half his face, young Gus didn鈥檛 even care where he ended up as the hat was placed over his head. He just knew he would never get tired of this wonder.

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