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 [S]Ilona Bristow
Ilona Bristow
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Nov 4 2017, 08:33 PM   Link Quote
Name: Ilona Bristow
Age: 16
Year: 6th
Bloodline: Muggleborn
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: Yes, Robin approved her in exchange for shelving Everett

Ilona prides herself on her fair complexion. Inherited from her mother, her pale skin marks her as the odd one out in her father's household, if the magic wand was not already a dead give away that she was different. On the other hand, she despises her plain, brown eyes, which always reminded her that she was her father's child, as she did not possess the beautiful hazel eyes associated with her mother. Loni wears her hair in waves that brush past her shoulders, though she sometimes will straighten her hair in an attempt to look more like how she remembered her mother wearing her hair.

Ilona has two sides: the one that people see that she has carefully curated over the course of her life and the side that only her mother ever saw. Now that her mother is gone, the person behind the mask goes unchecked and unheard, driving Loni to a type of self-inflicted insanity. Ilona is something of an expert at making others believe that they are her friends while keeping them an arm's length away. On the outside, she's a smiling, sweet, engaged, and confidant, but truthfully, she is always putting on an act - going though the expected motions of friendship without any of the emotional risks associated with such devotion.

Around the school, she's highly thought of for her perceived warmth and generosity, but a select few recognize the act and know that Loni operates with an understanding that self-preservation is her first priority. While Ilona's ruse has thus-far been inordinately successful, those who have grown suspicious of her facade have been met with harsh retaliation. Loni recognizes that any potential investigator could poke holes in her comfortable, crucial mask, so she does her best to steer away or threaten those who might ruin her image. While she is not an inherently cruel person, she destroys every perceived threat because she has the experience of failing before and the fear of facing that failure once more, but this time she would not have her mother to return to.

The fear of failure is only outmatched by the fear of returning to her father's home and facing her disapproving step-family. Once Loni comes of age, she has every intention of never stepping foot in her father's home again. Nearly every night since she first arrived at Hogwarts, Ilona has mapped out every excruciating detail of her plans to run away from home the following summer and make her way back to her grandmother's home in Hungary. The walls of her part of her dorm are covered with traveling minutia from decades-old seasonal knight bus schedules to dragon wingspans and their correlation to average flight speed and docility. To the astonishment of her pureblooded roommate, Loni even has a sketch of a makeshift submarine constructed from various bits and pieces from around the castle that the Muggleborn girl insists she could collect undetected in less than twenty-four hours. As much as Loni obsesses over getting away, though, she could never imagine leaving Hogwarts. The school was undoubtedly the only good thing to come out of her move to live with her father, since she had not ever quite fit in with the students of Durmstrang.

Hogwarts was the setting of Ilona's first forays into the world of love. The brunette always had difficulty in understanding hetero-normative expectations, since she believed that the best chance for finding a successful partner in life was to keep your options open as wide as possible. As she matured, that mentality was mirrored in her attraction to both guys and gals. For Loni, it was never a matter of if she was bisexual, so much as it was a matter of whether or not anyone should know about it. As such, she has kept all of her romantic exploits secretive and completely impersonal. If she keeps her supposed friends an arm's length away, her lovers stand at least a football field away in terms of intimacy. Her past lovers have described her as a vixen, which humors Loni, but only mildly. With her romantic partners, as with her friends, she sees the other person's emotions as pointless and meant to be toyed with for a laugh, shattered, and then thrown away. To her emotions are weaknesses meant to only provide fleeting moments of entertainment before being dashed and suffocated by the endlessness of depression.

Character Background:
Ilona Jane Laszlo Bristow was born in Budapest, Hungary to Amalia Lazlo, a local Muggle waitress and aspiring actress. Her father, a Muggle English businessman named George Bristow, was not present when Ilona was born, but he did send a letter asking that his daughter be named Jane after his mother and have his last name. Amalia utterly despised the sound of the name Jane and instead went with Ilona, or Loni for short, a sweet name that meant joy, since Ilona brought so much joy into Amalia's life. In order to appease George, though Amalia conceded by making Ilona's surname Bristow legally.

George did not return to Hungary to meet his daughter until Loni was already a toddler. At that time, George insisted to Amalia that he loved her and had only been kept away by a busy office, not a naughty heart. To prove his devotion, George invited Amalia and Ilona to move into his flat in London with him. Amalia agreed, hoping that this would be a new start for her life and her daughter's life, especially after several lean months when Amalia could not get any work. So, at the tender age of three, Loni moved to London, where she and her mother lived in George's flat while George regularly slept elsewhere for late nights at the office or last-minute business trips. Amalia pestered George, asking for a wedding ring and a warm body beside her every night, but every request was quickly declined. The questioning eventually stopped, especially once strange occurrences began happening around little Loni soon after her sixth birthday. Amalia's thoughts turned from George's odd behavior toward cleaning up after whatever mysterious circumstances surrounded her daughter that day. After Ilona's magic began showing itself, George visited the flat less and less. Within a year, the rent payments had stopped and the two girls were evicted. Dejected and brokenhearted, Amalia took Ilona back to Budapest with her, where they moved in with Amalia's mother, Ilona's grandmother.

Back in Budapest, Ilona asked about when her father was coming back regularly, and Amalia tried her best to keep the truth about being abandoned from her. Time has a way of bringing the past forward, though, and after a few years of questioning and withdrawal, Amalia finally explained to her daughter why mother and father were never married and that Daddy was never going to comeback for them. On that day, the innocence of Ilona was poisoned. The failed actress told her daughter to never show her feelings or give her heart to anyone, but to act instead. At first, Loni enjoyed the game of make-believe, but as she got older, it shifted from being a game to a philosophy that would shape her entire life. She honed her acting with her mother and practiced her craft at the local community theater, but her mother forbade her from performing on stage out of the fear that one of the strange magical occurrences that surrounded Loni would isolate them from the only community that ever accepted them.

Ilona was admitted to the Durmstrang Institute at the age of eleven. While her mother's family had long suspected that Loni was special, the realization that she was a witch was seen as something of a relief. Loni loved magic, once she learned how it worked, but she utterly despised Durmstrang. Every student there seemed to be so much further ahead of her, and she was regularly teased for her upbringing. A particularly vicious boy in Loni's second year had told the headmaster that Ilona was a Muggleborn, when Muggleborn students were not permitted at Durmstrang. The resulting inquiry was a months-long ordeal that included Amalia swearing up and down that George was magical, though she honestly had no clue if he was a Muggle or not. Loni was permitted to remain at Durmstrang, but her professors were exceptionally cruel to her after that.

The following year, when Ilona was thirteen, her mother was diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer. She died at the close of Loni's third year. The distraught teenager was ripped away from her grandmother and brought back to England to live with her father. Well... more than just her father. Her father and his family - a wife and two children that he had had before he ever met Amalia. The entire household of Muggles despised their new witch housemate. That summer would be the worst period of Loni's entire life. She felt like a trapped creature in a cage, constantly belittled and mocked by her step-mother and half-brothers. The arrival of her Hogwarts letter came as a relief.

At Hogwarts, Ilona kept her heart guarded, following her mother's advice from so long ago to a tee. While it was nice to be in a place that accepted Muggleborns - mostly - Loni knew better than to trust her classmates. She did not want to spend months in and out of another headmaster's office. All that Loni wanted, all that she still wants, was to be acknowledged and respected. Still, she's not ready to take another risk with her heart, content to live a life entirely driven by deception.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: Any house is better than my father's house. Is it too much to ask to be great and to belong somewhere as well? I'd do anything just to have a place to shine - a stage of my very own!
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