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 [S]Nenet Ahmadi
Nenet Ahmadi
I desire things which will destroy me in the end
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Nov 21 2017, 12:44 AM   Link Quote
vName: Nenet Roshana Ahmadi
Age: 18
Year: Seventh
Bloodline: Pure
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: Robin
Appearance: (Optional - leave blank if not filled in)
Once upon a time Nenet was an easy going girl. She would trust easily enough and though she knew that people were capable of cruelty did her best to try and see the good in everyone and anyone she met. Unfortunately the betrayal and deception of her mother have since then shattered that innocence. And while Nenet is still a dreamer at heart, and still wants to see the best in people; she finds it hard to actually trust anyone now that she’s been heartbroken and betrayed. Love has never been something she thought about, at one point she thought she would marry Rashim and they would share at least a companionable marriage like her parents did. That dream too has been broken and discarded. Some would say that Nenet is a spiteful, playful creature. She carries her burdens proudly but also has enough pride to be ashamed of the rumors flying around about her family. It would be unwise to try and provoke her, because while she is not confrontational, Nenet is also not the type to forget.

Physical violence has never been a go-to for her, preferring to have someone confront her and provoke her when she’s ready to lash out. There have been rare instances where she will go out of her way to provoke someone into reacting, this mostly stems out of a sense of futility. Even though she is prone to deny it, Nenet secretly know that she is like her mother. She can be manipulative and is unrelentingly unforgiving. Atop of being the type of person who does not forgive someone messing up big time, she is stubborn as a mule. Getting Nenet to apologize for something is hard to do, she will realize she has made a mistake but finds it extremely difficult, if not impossible to ask for forgiveness of admit her mistake.

Nenet can be very severe and strict on herself, and often speaks a harsh word without meaning too. When she doesn’t feel someone is being two-faced she is actually a very easy going person. Drama is not something she enjoys being entangled in but at the same time she can be a little bit dramatic. The girl is quiet when alone but friendly and approachable. Coaxing her silly side isn’t as hard as it seems, as she enjoys muggle technology and has been known to post silly pictures of herself on social media. Not very many know that Nenet can sing, her voice uttering words you’d expect to only hear in your ear, sultry and deep. Nenet also has a knack for art, she’s been known to design or create her own jewelry. Sometimes drawing the design and sending it to her father for crafting.

Most of Nenet's battles are fought through passive aggressive behavior, a bit of snarky commentary here and a bit more there. She is a storm waiting to happen, each day only helps to gather that slowly building rage. One day she will erupt in monsoon showers, thunder and crackling lightning and may the gods have mercy on anyone who stands in her way. Aside from that steadily building thunderstorm, Nenet is reserved and kind. She's well-mannered enough and has had experience with making unwanted friends that, while she may not completely integrate, she can most certainly assert herself.

Beneath the sometimes unapproachable facade and the dark eyes there lurks the heart of a dreamer. Some nights Nenet is prone to lie awake and dream of where the future will take her, of making her way panhandling on foreign street corners. Sometimes her mind will wander back to Rshim and her traitorous heart will yearn for the sound of his voice and the warmth of his body, his breath mingling with hers as they used to lie awake and talk about their futures. She is a fractured and bruised heart, feeling the sting of pain with each heartbeat. And while she doesn't want to end up hurt and betrayed again, Nenet still can't help but feel that there are good people out there. That some day her family will piece itself back together again and they might reach that happily ever after from her favorite fairy tales.

Character Background:
Roshana and Asim’s marriage was not one of love, they never could have claimed that their arranged marriage was a joyous one but they were at the very least, content. The Ahmadi family was known for its fine jewelry and high quality stones, they had been merchants at first, but quickly found that their lands yielded diamonds. When they married, Asim did not mind that his wife spent their money to buy them only the best of things. Roshana was content to spend Asim’s money and neither of them fought over extravagant expenses despite his parents cautioning that the well would eventually run dry. The threat never did come to fruiting.

For the most part, Nenet had a pretty normal life; if her parents argued it was never in front of her. Her upbringing was eccentric. Where other children received dolls and doll houses to play with, Nenet received etiquette lessons and was taught from an early age to be always cater to men. It was as much a part of her father’s culture as breathing. Roshana was raised slightly different, she did not think her daughter needed to learn how to be a simple servant to men and tried her best to set Nenet on a path full of books, puzzles and exploration. Roshana came from a completely different world and it was a clash of the cultures. In the end, Nenet grew up with mixed signals and confusion, but she did her best to appease both of her parents. When Nenet was seven their family reinstated to the city of Cairo. The city was her playground. It’s large glass buildings would reflect the sun off its many windows; making the city sparkle like a jewel every sunrise. She had very little in the way of friends and held next to no desire to befriend anyone outside the pages of her picture books. As she grew older, these thoughts manifested into actions put to play when she'd sneak out of her home and into the city slums to run free with the street kids, to the horror of her parents.

Roshana and Asim tried to correct her tendency to befriend just anyone by putting her in an all-girl’s school for young wixes. Although Nenet never put much effort into befriending people, they were often drawn to her and she never did try to push them away. Steadily that scrawny little girl started to manifest power and turn in a young beauty. Bullying seemed to be a common concept whether one was muggle of wix. Although Nenet tried not to initiate a confrontation her power’s manifestation was often explosive and she racked up warnings from the headmistress until she was eventually expelled for putting a scorpion in a student’s chair. It didn’t have a stinger but they girl had screamed her head off and in the end they’d made a big deal out of the entire situation. On her eleventh birthday Nenet received her dreamcatcher and after years of being homeschooled, was excited to head to a school with other students.

She met Rashim here. Rashim was her first friend, she’d stumbled upon him during a dance lesson. Or rather he’d been left in the dust, publicly shamed by his dance partner when Nenet had swooped in. She’d always had a strong sense of justice and had found herself striding straight for him. In the end he’d stepped on her toes a total of forty times, her toes throbbing and blisters forming between her toes by the end of the dance lesson. The two fell into a steady friendship, growing closer as the years went and they automatically flocked to one another. It was because of Rashim that Nenet found the growing tensions at home bearable. When she could no longer stand the arguing, she’d sneak out of her house and fly to Rashim’s. They’d sit on his rooftop and watch the sun rise in companionable silence. Or they’d speak about their dreams to one day travel the world together. They’d bum off whoever they could, Nenet would sing on street corners and pan handle. It had all sounded so glamorous. But Rashim was holding a deep, dark secret that could destroy them both.

”In the end we all come to be cured of our sentiments. Those whom life does not cure death will. “ Those had been the last words Nenet heard from Roshana. Before one of the people she thought she could trust indefinitely had shattered their world and everything in it. The words had come after the discovery of her affair with Rashim’s father. Nenet didn’t know how long the affair had gone on for, but she had felt betrayed from all sides. Her father had been furious, Nenet had simply been shattered. She knew there was no real love between her parents but had thought that loyalty and contentedness would see them through to the end.

In the end, after her parents went their separate ways in a rather private way; Nenet had chosen to go with her father. As an Auror, Rashim had a job to do and while he was also a jeweler and merchant, his job to the ministry came first. He relocated them from the beauty of Cairo and Nenet transferred to Hogwarts. The last she’d seen of Rashim and his betrayal was his back walking out the door as she’d thrown whatever she could find at him, screaming at him to get out!
The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: Does it even really matter where I am sorted to? It’s my last year here and no one can wash away the stain that follows me even here. If you put me with the purists they’ll try to shred me to ribbons. Maybe that’s what I need, a good old fashioned fight of an eye for an eye.
Special Request (available at Novice**) Legilimens

OOC Name: Mari
Your Pronouns: She
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? I live here


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Nov 21 2017, 02:19 AM   Link Quote
the sorting hat is placed on your head, and after a few moments, it loudly calls out ...


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