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 [S]Arina Drozdova
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Dec 5 2017, 03:51 AM   Link Quote
Name: (FIRST AND LAST NAME ONLY!) Arina Drozdova
Age: 15
Year: Fifth
Bloodline: Pureblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: Yes, I got permission from stells <3
Appearances can be deceiving; no truer words have ever been spoken about Arina Drozdov.

Blessed with an alluring smile and long, golden hair, Arina Drozdov is the epitome of grace and beauty. At a glance, she seems flawless- almost unnervingly so. She greets you with confidence and poise, with an outstretched hand adorned in jewels and bangles. When her voice hits your ears, it is reminiscent of tinkling bells, or wind chimes on a winters night. Her smile is bright and reassuring- her eyes even more so. Again, at a glance, she seems perfect.

But, behind her well rehearsed facade is vicious individual with a blackened heart and overinflated ego. Intelligent, critical and egocentric, Arina Drozdov is absolutely nothing like the character she portrays; a meek, joyful girl with only the purest of intentions. It almost comes naturally by now: the smiling, laughing and subtle flirting. People are often too quick to assume the best in others… much to their own downfall.

For such a young girl, Arina is surprisingly cynical. Unlike her peers, she is more likely too see the worst in others than the best; for, she knows from experience just how easily ill intent can be masked by a smile. Kindness, no matter how forced, is often met with kindness. It is a fatal flaw that every member of humanity shares- with the exception of Arina of course. ’Kindness’, therefore, is her greatest weapon. After all, the easiest way to keep tabs on your enemies is to trick them into believing they are your friends. And for a fifteen year old girl, she has amounted an awful lot of enemies. It seems, not everyone is so quick to fall for her facade.

On the odd occasion that flirting and flattery doesn’t get her her way, Arina is not above blackmail. One of the many perks of having a powerful father, is that dirt tends to be rather easy to come by. Theoretically speaking, she has her ear to the proverbial wall. Gossip seems to gravitate to her naturally - for, she has enough friends to keep tabs on almost anyone of importance. And her father, being as powerful and feared as he is, tends to keep tabs on the rest of pureblood society- especially those with roots in Russia.

As manipulative and calculating as the girl might be, she does not necessarily have malicious intentions. At least not yet. Rather, she tends to use her wealth and status to better her own circumstances; be it threatening others into silence, or coercing her friends to help with remedial tasks. At fifteen years old, her power and good looks can only get her so far. She has no grand delusions of taking over the world, or even her family business for that matter. Although admittedly, she does have a rather macabre interest in her father’s work- call it child-like curiosity. Her sights are set much lower. Her aspirations for the time being don’t extend far beyond becoming head girl, or having the upper hand in fight- she is a realist after all. Arina is intelligent enough to realise her place in the world, and fully believes an education is her ticket to success. She has no intentions of relying on anyone, much less a husband, for support- as she fully intends on maintaining her lavish lifestyle herself. After all, her father raised her to be strong and independent. Though he might’ve pushed more feminine habits onto her, like ballet and sewing, he also understood how important it was to raise self assured women. They were, after all, the entire reason for his existence. That alone more than explains her over-inflated ego.

Character Background:

From the moment she took her first breath, Arina’s father showered her in luxuries and riches, the kind that most children could only dream of. For, money was no object for the Drozdov family. Her birth was celebrated with gifts of grandeur - golden lockets, strings of pearls and dresses laden with pink frills and bows. She came into the world in the same way she intended to leave it: wealthy, well dressed and adored.

Much like her siblings, she was born with a full head of golden locks and eyes as blue as glaciers. The similarities between them were striking, uncanny even, especially considering they did not truly share a bloodline. The siblings shared a father, yes, but they did not all share a mother. The Drozdov children were born to a multitude of different women- women who would eventually leave them once their pregnancy had been carried to term. It was a unusual set of circumstances, and an unconventional way to raise family, but it was all Arina and her siblings had ever known. As such, she had never yearned for anything more. After all, it was not as though the little girl was lacking in female role models- she had more sisters than she did barbie dolls.

Arina’s upbringing was arguably just as unconventional as her birth. She lived most of her life locked away from the outside world, imprisoned in her childhood home. Though thee bars were made of cobblestone paths, vast gardens and silk bedspreads- they were bars nonetheless. Her social circle did not extend beyond her immediate family until she was old enough to attend Koldovstoretz. It was for her own good, their families brand of magic was simply too powerful for her to control. She was prone to outbursts of underage magic from a young age- with her first outburst being the most powerful of all. Although she was far too young to recall it accurately, her older siblings could recall it in great detail. She had been playing in her fathers study while he was away on business, her hands covered in black ink and grime, when she interrupted by their nanny. The woman’s scream could be heard from the opposite end of the manor, as a letter opener was sent hurtling towards her face. She left unscathed, but refused to return to the home thereafter- even to collect her final payslip.

It was the first indication that anything was amiss with Arina.

The girl did not pick up on social cues as easily as her peers or siblings, and her professors at Koldovstoretz would often write home complaining about her withdrawn, antisocial behaviour. Her father simply put it down to shyness, an unfortunate result of her time spent segregated as a child. It was not until much later that he would discover the truth. His daughter was gifted. At school, she excelled at near every subject she attempted, her vocabulary far exceeded that of a children her age. She was bright- extremely bright- too bright to waste her time and energy fraternising with children

The combination of wealth, intelligence and blood purity was enough to dangerously inflate the girl’s ego. She was quick to realise how much power her name held over her peers, and even quicker to decide how she could use this to her advantage. By the time Arina reached her fourth year, she had every boy in the school at her beck and call- and every girl dying to impress her. Seldom did she have to lift a finger. Arina held the entirety of Koldovstoretz in the palm of her hand- which was perhaps why she was so upset by the possibility of leaving it.

Her world was shattered the day a group of Aurors pulled her from class and began asking questions she quite frankly didn’t have the answers to. “What does your father do? Where does he keep his funds? ” It was enough to make her stomach churn, and more than enough reason for her father to pull her from Koldovstoretz.

She and her sisters were to follow their brother to Hogwarts. Things in Russia were simply too heated, there were too many rumours circulating about their family. They held too much power… and the government wanted to quash it.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: "God. For a talking hat you certainly think you hold a lot of power. What does it matter where you sort me?

Special Request (available at Novice**) -wiggles eyebrows- Maybe

OOC Name: Exh
Your Pronouns: She/Her
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? Shine!

Arina's avatars by the wonderful Evan <3 & Exh (das me)
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Dec 5 2017, 09:51 AM   Link Quote
the sorting hat is placed on your head, and after a few moments, it loudly calls out ...


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