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 [S]*Vitaliy Vasiliev, ;w;
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Jan 1 2018, 03:39 PM   Link Quote
Name: Vitaliy Vasiliev
Age: 17
Year: Seventh
Bloodline: Pureblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: I do, but this be my freebie~
Appearance: This boy is fierce.
Personality: pride; a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of one’s close associates, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.

Vitaliy Vasiliev is a prideful, dignified young man in every way considered, or least that was his opinion on the matter; it’s simply how he was raised. Always be proud of where you come from, and the family name being upheld is of the upmost importance. Family comes first, long before anything else. That was the lesson that had been engrained into his head by his father’s meticulous grooming of him to become the next Vasiliev heir. A historical family well-known in the Slavic regions for their pure of blood and their fortune, as well as their presumably perfect children. Viktoriya, Vitaliy and Vasilisa, the children of Valentin Vasiliev, were raised separately from one another. While the girls were taught how to be ladies, Vitaliy was educated on how to be a gentleman. It explains a lot of his present traits of persona, especially how he behaves regarding what the family has dubbed, ‘The Incident’ regarding his eldest sister. Despite being siblings, he’d say that he barely knew her, or would use the excuse that he wasn’t allowed to see her since his father knew from the beginning that she was part of the wrong sort of the wix community. Secretive is one term, and cold is the other, especially if you start putting your nose in places it most definitely does not belong. Most commonly, you’ll find him sat with a smooth smirk upon his features, one leg crossed over the other and looking down his nose at you. Vasiliev heirs are raised to believe that they were born better than everybody and they will die that way, standing on pedestals several metres above you with an air of nonchalance, since that was all they had ever known. What was the point of risking that for something as trivial as feelings or something equally as pathetic? They’d never lower themselves to non-magical levels, right?
Vitaliy himself speaks rather formally, with long words and sentences that don’t always make sense, if only just to show off his elocution and etiquette tutoring from when he was but with comes one of his major downfalls; people are his playthings, and he becomes bored rather easily. Expect him to be kind to you one day, only to rip you to pieces the next. The few people who are the exception to this trait are the ones he calls friends – this is not a label given lightly, however. Vitaliy makes acquaintances and enemies easily enough, but you have to be rather special to come close to this Russian’s heart; it’s stone cold and wrapped in steel. In fact, you could count the people he cares about on his hands, and even then, many fingers would have gone down over the years. Only after transferring to Hogwarts with his youngest sister, Vasilisa, did he start showing a weakness; she was important to him, but only because he had been warned what would happen to him and the family name if something happened to the only female heir of the Vasiliev family. His smirks hide the hurting that happens on the inside, and sharp words are reflective of the verbal treatment he received from his rather spiteful mother. Vitaliy had not always been mean-spirited and distant, though it surely grows worse with the older he gets, and the less love he has in his heart, the colder it grows, and it won’t be long before the freezing heart turns to ice. Who knew laughter could sound so spiteful?

Character Background: Vitaliy Valentinovich Vasiliev was born to Valentin Vasiliev, a Russian-wix nobleman, and his wife Elizaveta, a porcelain doll of a woman, but in all the worst ways. Being the second child yet the only male to the couple meant that he was going to be the heir to the family fortune and titles and whatever else came with it. Krasnodar was a beautiful city in the west of Russia, a place that Vitaliy could always admire from the view of their not-so modest home on the outskirts of the land. While there were certainly no restrictions of being able to leave the house as a child, he would usually have to be surrounded by his father’s men, which certainly brought enough attention from the populace. Surely enough, watching a child run around with four men essentially tailing a toddler was most definitely not a regular sight to be seen. His oldest sister, Victoriya, would never be allowed out at the same time as him, for fear she may corrupt him or something worse. See, she had never been favoured by her parents, since they had wanted an eldest son, not a daughter, and this caused Vitaliy’s oldest sister to rebel all through her life. Is it weird to not know you have an older sister until you turn the age of eleven and meet her at Koldovstoretz?

Being ignored by Victoriya wasn’t the biggest deal. Vitaliy had become rather good friends with his roommate, Grigoriy Drozdov. Grigoriy, but more commonly called Grisha, had very quickly become a constant in Vitaliy’s life. Both from pureblood families, Valentin had approved of this friendship with one of his very rare smiles and appraisals – his son had done him proud. if he could get close to the Drozdov boy, it would mean wonders for his own family. But honestly, when Vitaliy had befriended Grisha, he hadn’t been thinking of familial connections or power or anything like that. Rather, he was just grateful that he had made a friend. That had actually been what had prompted his first interaction with his sister, with her telling him not to get involved with that family, no matter what. Vitaliy paid little mind to her. Who was she to tell him what to do, when she had previously wanted nothing to do with him? Besides, Grisha was a pureblood, one that shared a similar mindset to him, so why shouldn’t he get along with him?

It was during his fifth year, four years since Victoriya had graduated from Koldovstoretz and his younger sister Vasilisa was in her third year, when the family disaster had struck – she had married a muggle. No doubt it was just another one of her attempts to rebel against her family, something that mother Elizaveta had been certain of, and it was without a second thought that she had been cut off from the family. Disowned, unmentionable and no longer able to use the Vasiliev family name for anything. It was a disaster. Total scandal that a pureblood girl had married a muggle, of all things. Valentin had hoped with the sudden expulsion of his daughter that the wix community in Russia would never hear about it. Oh, how wrong he was. Soon, Vasilisa had been cast out from her friendship group, and when Vitaliy had returned to Koldovstoretz after the Christmas holidays, Grisha had greeted him by his surname… rather than his diminutive ‘Vitya’. This had made it very clear that the friendship was over, though it had been further reinforced once Vitaliy had been beaten up by some of the older years. This had been the last straw, and halfway through the year, Vitaliy and Vasilisa had been withdrawn from Koldovstoretz and moved to Hogwarts, in the United Kingdom.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: ’The teachers can’t even place us? Some object has to instead? How pathetic.’
Special Request: Animagi

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the sorting hat is placed on your head, and after a few moments, it loudly calls out ...


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