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 [S]Elya Drozdova
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Jan 1 2018, 10:46 PM   Link Quote
Name: Elya Yakovlevna Drozdova
Age: 13
Year: Third
Bloodline: Pureblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: Idys was put on the shelf where she belongs. It’s very sparkly up there.
Appearance: Short as hell & hair like a goddess

Children are brats. Prepubescent girls who needs to find a way to stand out and earn attention when having no less than seven siblings are even more. And eventually, there are moments when Elya Drozdova can truly be considered the brattiest of them all. Of course, it’s not like it shows, not really, not unless one pays close attention to her every behaviour and goes through the trouble of documenting it all, as truthfully, she can act like the sweetest girl in the world. That’s always how it is, is it not? A beautifully bright smile that always reaches those moonlight blue eyes, those which in turn manage to shine with warm despite looking as cold as ice. Laughter, gentle, never too loud, and an ability to act impressed by almost every single thing she’s told. Is it all a lie? No, not really, but it would be a mistake to believe it is all the result of innocence, because the simple fact is that Elya is not a child. At least not from her perspective she’s not.

Actually, getting called a child is probably one of the things that upsets her the most, something she will voice with no hesitation regardless of who she’s speaking to. Elya was always taught to be polite in any situation, to be nice, to act properly and like a lady should - representing all those standards pureblood society seems to have for girls born into families like the Drozdovs. Still, none of that means she will stay quiet when she feels like someone has said something insulting to her, never feeling any apprehensions when it comes saying exactly how she feels no matter to whom she speaks. It can be a dangerous thing, yet Elya is rarely one to feel intimidated by others, arms crossed over her small chest while brows furrow in both indignation and annoyance. Words - as she has learned after being raised around six older girls - are a dangerous weapon, one she’s still learning to use, wrong choices made from time to time by mistake rather than by chose. Does she regret it when she hurts others? When she upset them or causes tears to come? Sometimes, depending on who it is, as truthfully not too many people matter to the youngest of the Drozdova girls.

Perhaps that’s exactly the reason for it all; that she’s the youngest, the smallest, the one everyone always treats like a child that needs to be protected from the world. She hates it. As truly, she is as proud as all of her siblings, and she most definitely will always act as if she doesn’t need anyone to protect her from anything at all. Elya will always be stubborn, will always believe she’s in the right, and when she’s hurt, she will always hide the pain behind venomous words pronounced while having increasingly watery eyes. She’s not beneath tears, because after all, all the words and all the actions, they’re all meant to get her what she wants, acts of manipulation which sometimes are planned and sometimes are not. She’s simply used to doing everything in her power to get what she wants, as if life is a constant competition, all aspects of it meant for her to prove just how much better she is; be it ballet, magic, or even those lessons she and her siblings would often have regarding languages, politics, and anything else Yakov Drozdov may consider important for his children to know. Sadly, when it comes to most of those things, she really isn’t the best at all.

Character Background:

Elya Drozdova was born in a beautiful world, a world were perfection was not a goal; it was everything that surrounded her. A world which many would have considered to be only a fantasy. In that world, there was a mansion of white walls, one behind which’s mahogany furniture she would often hide when she had been no more than a child playing games with her siblings - a child too innocent to know of any dangers at all. And that was the thing, that in that world of her, no great dangers really did exist; everything was safe, everything was organized, everything was just the way it was supposed to be. It was all she knew for the longest of times; the mansion, its surroundings, those other mansions which were close by but which she would rarely ever visit unless walking by her father’s hand. That world was the estate of the Drozdov family; that which was surrounded by high walls, hidden from the world, where blackbirds never seemed to cease their flight. And everyone was in fact right, because the perfection of her small world, was in truth a fantasy and nothing more.

After all, the reason why the Drozdov family refuse to let their children leave the estate until it was their time to attend Koldovstoretz came, wasn’t really because they wanted to protect them from whatever dangers the world could have brought upon them, but because of the secrets the children could accidentally tell. During those eleven years that passed between her birth and the moment she finally was able to see what was beyond the walls of the Drozdov estate, Elya learned many things, from languages, to magical theory, to ballet and arts, but mostly, she learned about being a pureblood, about their society, and what meant to be born under the Drozdov name. She learned what others thought of their family, how they were respected for their contributions to magic; how thought generations many had created new potions and spells, and how many had even held important positions at a school as prestigious as Koldovstoretz. She also learned that many did not trust them, that many feared them, that terrible rumours existed because of the dark nature of their magic, and that all those things were the reason why no one could ever visit their mansion.

She never questioned any of those things, not even when she did begin school and her classmates asked about it. Much alike how she never questions things like why she wasn’t allowed to visit the homes of their cousins or why it was that she had never heard a single thing about her mother. It was simply not a primordial part of the world in which she lived, questions only forming themselves in secret over her few years at the Russian school, sometimes asked casually to her older sisters only to receive cryptic or dismissive answers. In the end, she gave up on asking, pretending she did not care about it, pretending she did not wonder. She moved on with her life, doing her best to bring pride to her father, until the Aurors came, and they asked all those questions she had tried not to keep on asking. They asked about her father, about her family, about her home, and about what happened within the walls of their mansions. She didn’t answer a thing, of course she didn’t, acting dismissive, annoyed and prideful, but she could not help but wonder.

Why were Aurors investigating her father? Why were they suddenly moving away from Russia and transferring to Hogwarts? At the age of thirteen, her whole world changed into something she had never expected, and truthfully, Elya did not like it.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: “Ew. Do we really have to sit in front of everyone while you read our ever thought? No offense, but this is kind of humiliating. Can we just get this over with already? Just put me with my siblings or something, it’s not that hard.”

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