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 [S]Nona Pierce
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Jan 2 2018, 10:05 PM   Link Quote
Name: Nona Pierce
Age: 17
Year: 7th
Bloodline: Halfblood or Pureblood, might even be muggle-born but that’s doubtful. Nobody really knows, but Nona intends to find out at some point.
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: Yes, Stells said I could make her

Appearance: Being more sporty and adventurous than her sister, most people would expect Nona to look more like a tomboy, with short or messy hair and always wearing jerseys and worn jeans. That assumption would be 90% incorrect. She’s sometimes have those messy days, after all, what person doesn’t occasionally want to be lazy with their appearance? Instead her dark brown hair is kept long, sometimes straight but usually styled with waves and curls. She will never go out without at least a light layer of makeup on (except those days with sporting events because she WILL NOT allow her makeup to run in public), her hair is always carefully styled (the only time you’ll catch it being lazy is directly after a quidditch game and she will fix it as soon as she possibly can), and her clothes tend more toward the side of fashionable rather than practical.

She keeps herself to a strict beauty regime: washing her face and moisturizing twice a day, using a sleep cream every night and exfoliating and using a face mask every Sunday. To go along with the beauty regime, None also has a strict exercise routine. She wakes up early every day except Wednesday and Sunday to jog for an hour followed by thirty minutes each of crunches and pull-ups. Every evening she does half an hour of tai-chi before bed. This is all to keep her body and skin as healthy as possible.

Her dark gray, almost black eyes are her least favorite feature and she will often wear pastel colors to make them appear brighter. When reading and writing, the 17 year-old wears reading glasses due to a small issue with farsightedness, and she tends to try to make these glasses as fun and bright as she possibly can to draw more attention to the frames than her eyes themselves. Along with her eyes, Nona is also unhappy with her lips, believing her mouth to look small. Usually she will wear shades of pink for her lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner to make her mouth appear fuller and more attractive.
Personality: As a small child, Nona had very poor motor control. She had difficulty walking and moving around. As an attempt to change this, Will and Spencer signed their younger daughter up for soccer classes at four years old. When she was five, she was insisting on also trying out baseball. At six she was taking karate lessons as well. Soon she was interested in almost every sport under the sun, both magical and non. Some sports didn’t stick around like, such as tennis, badminton and horse racing (both the normal and flying kind). Quodpot and quidditch, however, became quick favorites, second only to broom racing. Her love of sports means she not only instantly likes anyone else with an interest in them, but it also goes towards keeping up her appearance.

And her appearance is extremely important to the dark-haired teen. She spends 13 ½ hours a week exercising to stay in shape. She goes out of her way to ensure her clothes are of the latest fashion trends and she will literally go crying to Nora if she gets a single pimple. But it’s not just her own appearance that she’s picky about. Nona is also very critical about the people she hangs around. If they wear grungy clothes on a regular basis or never go through the trouble to style their hair, she will go through the trouble to try and change this atrocious behavior of theirs. If her friend is unresponsive to her charitable help, she will ditch them without a second thought and only take them back after their appearance is up to her standards.

That’s not to say she only hangs out with people who are immaculately fashionable. If she is in the mood to party or have a little fun, she will temporarily set her standards aside. Some of the most fun people to hang out with were only so fun because they didn’t give a damn about their clothes, and she knew that. While she would still care about her own clothes, she would be willing to accept someone in a week-old shirt and stained jeans if they were offering her a night of loud music and alcohol.

Yet for someone who was so concerned with her appearance, it might come as a little bit of a shock how much Nona enjoyed getting into trouble. Climbing trees, exploring dark caves and deep-sea diving are just a few examples of things the girl does for fun. She’s down for almost anything that involves a little danger, whether it’s danger of being hurt or danger of being caught. It’s not that she’s unafraid, she just feels that the fear is part of what makes it fun. She doesn’t seem much point in being careful but regretting not doing something because it was scary. She lives and thrives in the now and her only looks back are to see where she has been and the only looks forwards are for her next adventure.

Of course, it would make sense for someone so focused in the present to be lead entirely by her heart; her emotions rule and command the American girl. She is the very definition of “wearing your heart on your sleeve.” If she’s happy, she shares that and her life is filled with bright smiles. On the other hand, if she’s mad or sad, she makes sure that nobody she meets that day is left in any doubt of how she feels. She’ll take her mood out on her friends, exploding at them over small hurt feelings one day, then giving her best apology and promising never to do that again the next. But those were actions she knew she could get away with at Ilvermorny. Those were friends she had grown up with, they would always come back to her in time. Now at Hogwarts, she knew nobody and had to proceed with caution and at least the attempt to rein herself in.

Nora is something of a help with that, at least. She knows that if she really needs to throw a tantrum, she can throw it at her dearest sister. Not because she enjoys tormenting Nora, but because the girls are stuck with each other and love one another dearly. Nona would do anything for her twin, and that’s not a phrase to be taken lightly with her. If Nora asked her to, Nona would throw out all of her clothes and beauty supplies. She would drop her friends without a thought, she would fight someone, attend a class, break-up with a boy, any of the above for her twin. She views Nora as a part of herself, and why wouldn’t she do anything for herself?

Character Background: The story of Nona actually begins with a two young wizards and one young witch. Spencer Ward was a Slytherin-alumnus 10 years out from Hogwarts and working to become a Magistrate. He was quite proud of himself at the time, having just been given his first serious case. This would be the case to make or break his career, his was utterly convinced his entire future would be set by how well he did.

Will Pierce was a graduate of Ilvermorny. Having been sorted into the Pukwudgie House on his first day at the school, it was no surprise to his friends and family that he would choose a career that required kindness. In this case, he chose to open a daycare specifically for magical children. Now, Will also had a younger sister, Meg, who worked as an foreign correspondent for The New York Ghost. While writing a story on the election for Minister for Magic in Great Britain, Meg met and fell in love with a wizard from Ireland. Will would of course attend her wedding, being her older brother.

Spencer Ward was also to attend the wedding, as the date of a darling witch who was a friend of the groom. Naturally the two met and it was instant attraction. Spencer convinced Will to extend his stay a few weeks. After a few dates and then long months of long-distance correspondence, Will managed to talk Spencer into visiting him in San Francisco. Finally, after a year of the two going back and forth, Spencer decided to simply move to the American city and resume his magistrate work there. A few months after that they were engaged and then married.

The third player in this tale was a witch from South Korea. She was quite a prominent woman, married to quite a prominent man. The two liked each other well enough and had two children already. Work would cause her to temporarily relocate to America without her family. It was meant to be only two years, a time which was rather acceptable to all who would be affected by her leaving. While staying in America, the young witch attended a quidditch game between America and South Korea. One of the spectators she happened to run into had been an old boyfriend, and in jubilation for South Korea’s win, they might have over-celebrated.

The witch had only been in the country for six months, and, finding herself pregnant, she decided to carry the children to term and place them up for adoption, as she couldn’t return home with two new babies and the father had conveniently vanished once he found out about her condition.

This brings us to Will and Spencer, married for two years now and thinking about children. They happily adopted the magical twins, naming the older Nora and the younger Nona. Besides a small problem in motor development, which was quickly corrected with practice and sports, Nona’s childhood was without many hiccups. Her favorite game as a small child would be to sneak out of the house when her dads weren’t looking and explore as much of the city as she could. Of course, she never got very far and this game was quickly forgotten once she was sent off to school.

Ilvermorny was an entirely new place to explore filled with new people to meet. The young 11 year-old didn’t really care about what house she got at the time (though later she would proudly state that Thunderbird was obviously the best house in the school), she just wanted to discover what she could as quickly as possible. She quickly amassed herself a group of friends, and together they set about breaking rules, skipping classes and trying to sneak off the grounds. She used most of her lesser friends gloriously, pitting them against one another and convincing them to do her homework or lie to a teacher for her. It was all going quite splendidly and she was never happier than when she was at the castle. And then she decided to date Chad Wilks.

The jerk that was Chad decided to cheat on her a week before finals. She, of course, found out, he had cheated on her with the cousin of one of her friends, did he think she just wouldn’t hear about it? Regardless of whatever was going through the empty head of that boy at the time, she dumped him and then got her revenge. By setting his bed on fire. It wasn’t exactly the smartest move, the teachers quickly found out and Nona was trying to think of same way out of the mess, when Nora claimed responsibility. With the more ‘trustworthy’ twin insisting she was the one to set Chad’s bed on fire, the staff immediately believed her no matter what Nona said. Nora was expelled after that, and Nona insisted on going with her.

Without much choice left, Will and Spencer began thinking about what schools they could transfer the girls to. Nona insisted heavily on a school in Asia, wishing to know more about her culture and past. Yet, due to the fact that none of the family spoke anything besides English, and that Spencer had family in the United Kingdom, they moved to Richmond and the twins were sent off to Hogwarts on September 1st.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: ”This is ridiculous. Who would ever wear a hat this gross looking? It better not mess up my hair. And listen, you creepy hat thing, I know you’re sorting me first since my name comes before Nora’s, but if you don’t put us in the same house I’m going to be so pissed.”

Special Request (available at Novice**) (Do NOT request to be placed in a specific house in this section. House requests in this section will NOT be honored.)

OOC Name: Mousse
Your Pronouns: She/Her, They/Them, I’m not really picky
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? Santa granted me knowledge of wurr as a christmas gift

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the sorting hat is placed on your head, and after a few moments, it loudly calls out ...


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