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 [S]Reina Burke
Lyx · 18 · 7 · Undecided · Pureblood · 5'4
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Jan 3 2018, 03:19 AM   Link Quote
Name: (FIRST AND LAST NAME ONLY!) Reina Tempest Burke
Age: 18
Year: Seventh
Bloodline: Pureblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: I’m reusing Remus’ account with TJ’s permission

    Reina has her mother’s facial features, and a smattering of freckles on her cute nose. She’s got curly hair, dark eyes, and usually needs Sleekeazy to tame the waves a little. She dresses in a wide range of colors, but she’s definitely usually dressed designer.
    For a girl made of soft lines, Reina is full of hard angles. She’s like looking at Undine Rising from the Waters; the veil over the statue looks as though the fabric might flow through your hands, but to the touch, the illusion is broken and you’re met with cold, hard marble.

    Raised by her mother after her father’s untimely death, she’s always had very strong female influences in her life. She’s had strong male influences as well, of course, but her mother, aunts, and grandmother have been her idols since she was just a little girl, pretty as a cursed doll that Xanthe might've sold to some unsuspecting idiot. Her family has been matriarchal for a long time, and this has instilled a lot of strong values in the girl, especially since she's forced to live in a painfully patriarchal society. She's not the type to simply accept the fact that she's expected to marry well -and pure-, and have equally pure babies, and be the picture perfect wife; she wants to know why. She wants detailed justification before being expected to simply go along with antiquated, male-driven traditions.

    She's not prone to showing many emotions. Her resting "bitch face" is her primary and preferred expression; you are not owed her smiles, her laughs, or even the faintest upward twitch of an eyebrow. That said, if you can get more than apathy from her, she considers you someone worth keeping close. While she is not of a mind to try and rule over her peers like a queen with an iron fist, she keeps friends close and enemies closer for a reason: she would much prefer a knife in her front than her back, thank you. Really, Rey would prefer no knives at all, but if she must incur someone's wrath -easily done due to her propensity for blood purity and disdain for those she deems lesser- then she would prefer to see it coming.

    With an excellent memory, she remembers favors and holds grudges. You can expect that if she owes you, she will pay up on her debt and quite swiftly, but you should also hope that you don't stiff her, because she'll do everything in her power to burn you. With the things that she sees come through the store, often so people can be rid of proof they ever possessed them, you can bet that she has a lot of power to burn people too. Reina is someone that you'd like to keep in your pocket, but best believe that she'll manipulate you a lot more freely if you're anything less than pure. Friends close, enemies closer. It's a bit of work to be her friend, but once you're there, unless you're the type to stab her in the back instead of the front, you're probably going to keep her loyalty or a decent amount of time. If you stab her in the front, she's more likely to respect you, as well, because at least you had the audacity to own your betrayal.

    Removed from the mundanity of her life, Reina is a quiet young woman, appearing pensive and standoffish. She prefers it this way, the air of unapproachability. She's an Arithmancy wiz, though this is due to handling countless galleons and doing the books for the family's business since she was young. She's got a propensity for curses, and a curiosity about magic as a whole, the hows and whys. The hows tend to result in her cursing someone to find out the whys, but that's neither here nor there. She's not a slouch, despite being well and prepared to take her mother's place; being heir by virtue of being her mother's only child does not mean that she should simply skate by as if she's a pedestrian walking through her own life.

    She's inimitable.
Character Background:
    Reina Tempest Burke was born in the eye of a hurricane.

    Quite literally.

    Her mother, a young pureblood woman named Xanthe Burke, the oldest of the Burke daughters, was on a buying trip in the Caribbean, accompanied by her husband, Elian Eaton. The latter had demanded that their daughter be born in Tortola, in his family’s ancestral home, and though Xanthe had been against it, eventually she got into contact with darker leaning wixes in the area and organized a buying schedule to make the most of being forced to have her daughter in a foreign place that she had no desire to be for the duration of her pregnancy.

    The trip itself was lucrative, the majority of the purchases that Xanthe made being shipped back to Knockturn Alley, and at the end of ten months, a horrible storm hit. Peals of thunder were replaced with the cries of a baby as the eye passed overhead, granting them a brief reprieve. She and her mother were instantly inseparable, and though the storm raged on around them, her father panicking about his family staying safe, Reina slept peacefully, nestled close to her mother’s chest.

    Her childhood was as tumultuous as the storm that she was born into, as if the hurricane had been an omen from the ancestors about what was to come. Her father wanted a delicate, patient, forgiving wife, and that was simply not the way of a woman with the Burke name on her shoulders and blood in her veins. Xanthe wasn’t in anything for the sake of appearances, and had been raised with the knowledge and expectation that she would one day be responsible for running Borgin and Burke’s as her mother had before her, and now that she was finally in that position, she wasn’t just going to let it go for a man who thought his will stronger than hers. Even Bazian Borgin treated her with more respect than that.

    If her parents were not arguing, there was something undeniably sketchy going on. Looking back, Reina would muse that it was admirable that they at least thought that they were doing her some good by taking their fights behind closed doors. Six years of constant negativity sparked a poison in the young girl, a disdain that became a seething hatred for weak-willed men that would try to control the storm-like women that they proclaimed to love. Among other things, of course, Reina quietly developed into an incredibly strong-willed feminist, a talented duelist, and showed the beginnings of what would make her -in the eyes of some pureblood men looking to marry off their sons- a shrew in need of taming.

    On the day her father died, they were fighting again. Elian snapped, declaring that he would divorce Xanthe by the end of the week, and that he fully intended on taking their daughter with him. There was something wrong with her, he claimed, and the lack of empathy and emotion in general would cause her to grow to be something that he didn’t want her to be. She’s not meant to be you, Xanthe. I won’t let you turn her to stone. Reina fled, but not like most children. She wasn’t running from her father. She was running to the storm that had been brewing outside for much of the previous two days. Her infantile magic, which primarily popped up when she was angry or about to throw the mother of all tantrums, drew the storm to her, strikes of lightning called down.

    Her father didn’t stand a chance.

    Xanthe didn’t mourn, and neither did Reina. The pair continued on life the way it was meant to be, with Rey learning the tools of the family trade from her mother, and accompanying her on buying trips for Borgin and Burkes. She quickly gained an eye for the antique, the obscure, the dark, and the powerful, and further, she became incredibly adept at finding buyers for the things that she found. When it came time for her to join the ranks of Hogwarts, she was already well-seated for her future, and at eleven years old, though it made her seem quite precocious, knew exactly where she needed to light the world on fire to burn the path she intended to take.
The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: “I know you’re old, but you aren’t stupid. You know where my family has been for centuries now.”
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the sorting hat is placed on your head, and after a few moments, it loudly calls out ...


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