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 [S]Novalie Mårtensson
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Jan 5 2018, 02:34 PM   Link Quote
Name: (FIRST AND LAST NAME ONLY!) Novalie Mårtensson
Age: Sixteen
Year: Sixth
Bloodline: Pureblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: Yes, Stells gave me permission!
Appearance: (Optional - leave blank if not filled in)
    Novalie, or Nova as she is most often called, is a quiet girl. She doesn’t say much, and keeps to herself during most occasions. She’s a woman of a few words, but not because she doesn’t have anything to say. She was raised in a very strict family, on that valued pose and grace. Being a semi-professional ballerina, Nova has been in the spotlight for much of her young life, resulting in a calm and composed attitude. Many would say that Nova is quite mature for her age, but that mostly has to do with her upbringing, rather than her true desire. When around her friends, in a comfortable and safe environment, Nova can speak a mile a minute. It comes down to who is listening.

    Patience is a true virtue, and something that is embedded in the young girl. With a strict ballet background, this is something she learned from a young age. Nova can wait for what she wants, even if it will take some time. She is not afraid to take a step back and let the chips fall as them may, even if it may take a great deal of time. Time does not matter much to her. In all honesty, Nova values time as a friend. Time heals all wounds, as well as to help foster growth and development.

    Awkward. Yes, you read that right. Nova has a way about her that is quite off centered. She isn’t exactly the best with making friends or speaking in general. As a child, she was constantly surrounded by adults and never really learned how to talk to people her own age. She has been known to be very dry, blunt and say whatever she feels like. With the straightest of faces, she may meet you and tell you that you have a small stain on your shirt, and that she has someone back home who would be able to fix that for you. Or that your hair reminds her of a mop that she saw once. See? Awkward.

    Naive, another word to describe the girl. She knows nothing of love, committment or even kissing a boy. One time when she was tthirteen, and preforming on a short ballet in France during the summer, another boy in the company was attempting to flirt with her, and she was completely lost. She didn’t pick up on any of the hints, nor did she know how to even talk to a boy. To be honest, until she even came to Hogwarts, she had never even spoken to a boy her age. Let’s just say, the girl is a lost puppy in the realm of love. Although she has dreams of getting married and having children, and teaching them everything she loves about ballet, she doesn’t know how to make that happen. She wouldn’t know love if it hit her over the head.

    Although she had spent many years in the spotlight, traveling as a professional ballerina, she has become rather shy and quiet. When she isn’t twirling around the corridors, or practicing in a quiet tower, she is most likely studying or reading. She has spent so much time away from people her age, that she isn’t quite sure how to act around them. She has made friends, and those she has kept close to her heart, but for the most part, she is awkward and alone most of the time.

    Dedicated. Driven. Passionate. All things that shape who Nova is. She loves ballet, her family and her country. She hopes to one day work professionally as a dancer, even though she comes from a strict Pureblood family. Nova’s family are competive, and you would be surprised to find out how many wizards and witches belonged to the ballet community.
Character Background:
    The union of Henrik Mårtensson and Elsa Karlsson was a match made prior to there consent. A Pureblood arraigned marriage shouldn’t be a surprised to anyone, no? Both were born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, they both agreed that they would raise their children there as well. First came a boy, Pavel Mårtensson, born in the Springtime. Next came Novalie, who was born the following summer. And lastly, Astria Mårtensson, two summers later. Once Astria was born, the parents decided they wouldn’t have any more. They were content with only three. Pavel would carry on the family name, with Novalie and Astria destined to marry into rich families. This was just the Mårtensson way.

    The Mårtensson family are not poor, to say the least. There family dates back to the the early 1500s. Their family is a part of a large group of witches and wizards who have found wealth and prosperity in the muggle community, although strictly only socialize with other purebloods. The Mårtensson‘s are a long line of famous ballerinas in Sweden, who own their own ballet studio. Both the Misses and Mr found success in the ballet world, traveling all around the world to preform in front of thousands of people. Naturally, they wanted the same for their children. Pavel was never very good at ballet, and they were okay with that. He was much better suited for other sports, and they allowed him to pursue other ventures. Novalie And Astria? Yes, they showed true potential to be ballet stars.

    Novalie was the stronger of the two young girls, in both technique and skill level. By age six, Novalie was traveling the world with her ballet teacher, booking jobs and traveling the globe. She did three consecutive seasons of the Nutcracker in NYC, USA. Throughout the years of six and eleven, Novalie spent little time at home with her parents and siblings, and more time with her coach and agent, both who were Pureblood wizards as well. When Novalie started showing signs of magic, they sent word back to Sweden to her parents. They attempted to cover up from he muggle population to which she was preforming in front of. Luckily, the only time things got out of hand was when Novalie was ten and sneezed while back stage, sending a cloud of smoke across the stage. The audience thought it was part of the show.

    Novalie would spend holidays and summer with her family in Sweden, but more time was spent traveling. She became used to being surrounded by adults and less and less children her age. In all reality, Novalie never had much of a childhood. She spent her days studying, reading, performing or practicing ballet. She became very close to her trainer, a Russian woman by the name of Ingrid. Novalie would make it back home for Pureblood events and celebrations that her parents attended, but much of her childhood was consumed by ballet.

    When Novalie found out that she would be going to Hogwarts, she was both excited and terrified. The idea of not having Ingrid by her side at all times was terrifying. And then the idea of not dancing all day, nearly broke her heart. Her parents had decided that, although she would still train and continue her ballet career, it was also important for Novalie and the rest of the Mårtensson children, to get a proper wizard education at the finest school in the world. Pavel went first, followed by Novalie. Two years later, Astria would follow.

    Novalie never really got used to the idea of being at a real “school”. She practices her ballet constantly, continues to go to appointments and events on her holidays, and finds time to preform on stage over thher summer. Her entire life has been devoted to dance, and that’s all she has known. Since her fourth year, however, Nova has begun to open her horizons. Although th muggle community knows her as a famous ballerina, the wizarding community knows her only as a Swedish Pureblood witchZ so, she has decided to make friends in an attempt to feel “normal”. Although awkward and goofy, she has grown to be a caring and compassionate teenage girl who loves dance and her friends, as well as her siblings.
The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: Oh my! Look at all the people! Reminds me of this one time in Russia preforming for there premiere ballet company. So focused. I wonder where they will put me. Hopefully whatever house it is, doesn’t mind me bringing in my ballet bars.
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OOC Name: Lacey
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