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 [S]Nora Pierce
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Jan 7 2018, 07:15 PM   Link Quote
Name: Nora Pierce
Age: 17
Year: 7th
Bloodline: who knows? not Nora.
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: robin said ya and i double checked w stells

Personality: Her icy stares pierce through her peers and anyone who dares talk to her, Nora likes to keep to herself and doesnt feel the need to make new friends.

All Nora had and still needs is right there with her, her twin sister Nona is enough for her. They were both fairly new to the school and making friends had been too much hard work at Ilvermorny so the seventh year decided before they had even landed in England. The way she saw it, they were only going to be there for a year and statistics showed most people don't keep in touch with high school friends after graduation. Nora had done all of the brief researching she needed. Back at Ilvermorny Nora had made a few friends yet they had never made enough of an impression on her. Nora didn't mind when they stopped talking to her, it meant she had more time to get her head down and earn grades that both her dad and father could be proud of.

Academically she is impressive, Nora has gotten used to being praised by her tutors and professors; see, Nora thrives off of praise from those in positions higher than her own and she would do almost anything and everything to get the praise she craves. The girl supposes that she was lucky when her parents were chosen, then, because both her dad and father never hold back on giving her compliments and support in everything she does. Everything...good, that she does. Whilst she doesn’t look it from the offset, Nora is actually surprisingly not as much of a goody two-shoes as she seems. There haven’t been any major incidents at Hogwarts as of yet however it was her constant inability to not punch people who mildly inconvenienced Nona that was the leading reason to her expulsion at Ilvermorny.

The very last, very major, act that actually got her expelled was a fire that took place on another student's bed. What nobody knows, including her parents, is that she hadn’t been the one to do it. It had been Nona. It had been Nona and Nora was insistent that it was her that lit the fire because she didn’t want her sister to take the blame and have her good school record tarnished. Nora’s record already had broken noses and countless bruises caused by her on her record so she knew they’d believe it had been her. Here in Hogwarts she is still protective of her twin sister, Nora likes to make sure nobody hurts her like that jerkface Chad had. Her life doesn’t completely revolve around protecting Nona, though. She has hobbies.

Orcas are her favourite thing to paint, her dorm is filling up quickly with almost fifty, maybe, watercolours of orcas in various stages of ‘finished’. There are other drawings up there too, like the half-coloured painting of her family as well as the mostly finished tinkerbell she drew on the plane. Nora has hidden drawings too, ones hidden from Nona and her parents, they’re mostly all incomplete ideas about what her real, biological family are like; their faces are blurred and rough question marks stand in the places of where potential siblings might have stood. Nora doesn’t talk about it, to anyone, but she needs to know who her other family are.

She needs to know what her life may have been like, she needs to know why her parents gave her and Nona up, what her family history is like. Everything, she needs to know everything she can about what family she has come from and been ripped away from. It isn’t like she doesn’t love her fathers because she really, really, really, does. She just needs to know and Nora doesn’t doubt that her sister feels the same way.

Character Background: Arguments would always ensue between Yoo Sojung and her husband. She, her husband, and their two children would bicker about which teams were the best and Sojung swore that the Dutch were going to rule the quidditch one day.

It was whilst she was over in America for work that she was able to witness a big international game with her own two eyes. America versus South Korea. 미국 vs 한국. On the way to her seat Sojung had run into an old boyfriend and was happy to find out they had been seated next to one another, it had been nice to catch up with him, she had thought, and their excitement had built up and built up throughout the entire game. The ultimate climax of the game was when Korea had won, Sojung was thrilled! She had invited Harry to celebrated with her and, well, the two may have gone over the top with their celebrations. It was shortly after their night together that Sojung found out for definite that she was, in fact, pregnant again however they were twins! Out of coincidence and luck Sojung knew that she would be in America for at least another year and a half for work so decided it best to carry the twins and have them put up for adoption. She was in luck, just after a few weeks of having her soon-to-be children a couple had decided to take up her twins. Will and Spencer Pierce.

Weddings are a place of uniting families and meeting new people for those who are not the ones getting married. A small wedding in Ireland had been the meeting place for a Hogwarts alumnus Spencer Ward and Ilvermorny graduate Will Pierce. Glances stolen throughout day and night between the two was what had lead to their first date, and then their second, and several following those. The two were head over heels for one another. The months following their initial dates had been strenuous and tiring because Will had flown back to San Francisco and there is only so many things you can do as a long distance couple. It took a year of back and forth travel and pleading from Will for Spencer to just simply move over and in with the love of his life, the man continued his magistrate work there and they couldn’t be happier.

It took a few more months before the two were officially engaged, several more until the marriage itself, but after two years of being married they had both been thinking about the prospect of children. It was at that point that they adopted Sojung’s twins. They were both girls and they had named them Nora and Nona, the couple were delighted and excited for their future together. The girls were close to one another, inseparable in fact, they spent most of their time together. It was the younger of the twins, Nona that was getting into trouble the most. Nora would always argue that what she was going to do what most definitely a bad idea yet she would always give in to her whines and join her in whatever dumb idea her sister was going to do.

From birth the girls were told that they were magical and when they reached the young age of eleven they would be sent off to Ilvermorny, ’the greatest wizarding school in the world’ as her father would say, her dad then argued that Hogwarts, was in fact, the greatest. Nora had always been uncertain of both of their statements because neither had been to Mahoutokoro and Nora had heard that was the place to be. It wasn’t to say that Nora hated Ilvermorny, though, because it was quite the opposite for her; she adored the school and never wanted to leave during the holidays.

See, when she was at Ilvermorny things were just a little easier. She didn't have to think about the fact she had never met her real parents or the possibility that there were siblings, for all she needed to care about was keeping herself not-dead and doing her work. Nora liked the work too! Magic classes were better than all of the boring old muggle classes she use to take in middle school, she liked flying the most even if she did completely suck at it. It was fun and Nona helped her practice sometimes. But she wasn’t a goody-two-shoes, Nora was on a first name basis with headmaster Agilbert Fontaine at one time, she had been known for petty fights and petty vandalism. So it was when her twin, Nona, set fire to her ex boyfriend’s bed that Nora took responsibility. Nora wasn’t stupid, she knew she’d be expelled for it but it was either her or Nona and Nona was a straight A student. Nora would do anything for her sister.

Naturally, and just as she suspected, Nora was expelled yet her sister refused to stay behind without her and so the pair of them left together. Spencer and Will had to think about which magical schools they could move the girls too and the both of them suggested one of the asian schools since neither of them knew a lot about their heritage and wanted to understand themselves more but they didn’t. None of them knew a language other than English so that would have been like trying to fire a bullet into a moving brick, on top of a bin, in the rain, hundreds of feet away. It would be doable however very, very, very tricky which meant Hogwarts it was. Spencer was thrilled, they’d be moving back to Richmond together and the girls would be able to learn all about where he grew up.

It had been a few months since they moved now, Hogwarts hadn’t been as exciting as it had been hyped up to be like but Nora wasn’t mad about it. It was nice, pleasant, and she kind of liked it. Nora was happy that her sister was settling in well and it made the marginally older girl more relaxed about the place, it could be nice here.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: ”Let me be with Nona, i’ll give you five bucks…..I mean pounds, or something, what currency do you have here?”
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OOC Name: smolkai
Your Pronouns: he/him pls
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the sorting hat is placed on your head, and after a few moments, it loudly calls out ...


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