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 [S]Nikolai Volkov
Hailey · 17 · 7th · Undecided · Half-Blood · 6'0"
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Jan 12 2018, 10:25 PM   Link Quote
Name: Nikolai Volkov
Age: 17
Year: 7th
Bloodline: Halfblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: Yes, this is the freebie

Nikolai is a rather flawed person, he is by no means a "boy next door." First off, he is not very good at dealing with his emotions. He can't hide them very well but he isn't the kind of person who can deal with them head-on. He often tries to ignore them, brush them off as though he were fine, and move on with his life, but quite frequently - he can't. He has too many emotions swimming around him that he doesn't know what do deal with, and the one thing he's actually successfully concealed all these years is his anger.

Calling Nikolai "kind" wouldn't exactly be the right word. He has a good heart deep down - but years have left him bitter and drowned out the curious little boy underneath. He still has nightmares that his father is being executed again, and again, and again. He can't get the image of him against the wall out of his mind. Especially with his piled up anger, there's no way he could really be "kind." He's always stressed. After everything he's been through, anxiety has been a problem for him. He brushes it off as if it's nothing - he doesn't want people's pity. He flinches at loud noises due to memories of his time in Russia. As a result, he's stuffed all the bad memories in a box and only allowed himself to think of the few happy moments he shared with his father.

Nikolai's angry, confused, not so kind, and stressed all the time. But he's also incredibly stubborn. He doesn't take orders from others, which made him a very difficult student to deal with. He doesn’t like following instructions, a trait he obtained from his father. It's almost scary how much Nikolai resembles Marat. Going hand in hand with his stubbornness, he's determined. Once he's started something, in his eyes he has to finish it - he can't leave it incomplete. And he's determined to not be some foreigner in England. Even if Petersburg will always have a special place in his heart, he is - in fact - England now (even if it took a long time to accept it). He's also the kind of guy that if you tell him he can't do something, he will do it. A trait some might say is terrible for him to have.

Like his father, Nikolai has a great deal of intense passion. If he loves something or finds himself immersed in it, he won't let it go. He will fight for it until his dying breath - that is...when he opens up. He's determined and loyal and protective in that sense. Though that's a trait Nikolai doesn't really realize he has. He knows he's always admired his father but isn't aware that they are so similar. Due to being headstrong, and stubborn - Nikolai tends to be somewhat quarrelsome, he will get in arguments if he believes himself to be in the right, and though he is stubborn - he's not to the point where he wouldn't admit if he's wrong. Nikolai's not hard-headed to where he won't fess up to being wrong. It may take a while for him to admit to himself that he is wrong, but once he does - he will admit it.

He's ambitious and willing to step out of his comfort zone, but that's due to years of practice. He's realized he needs to be flexible and the day he was born he knew the world wasn't going to be handed to him on a silver platter, and he needed to take what he needed (not usually stealing), but his ambition has also lead him to be rather cunning. He's conniving, he knows how to get what he needs and he's ambitious enough to go get it - a dangerous combo. A Russian rat is clever, clever or he ends up dead.

Nikolai knows how to provide for himself, he's self-sufficient, and very smart both streetwise and not so much book wise but still. He grew up learning Russian - practically raising himself, and picking up on some English, and then moving to an English speaking country with a family who wants him to go to some school of magic and become a wizard. He didn't like it, he wasn't the best student. He's not very good at listening if he doesn't want to. He's somewhat book smart, he's street smart, and he's people smart. He's cunning, and that innate need for survival has caused him to know how to read people. He can act, put on a facade - make people see emotions that aren't really there, but when he has a true intense emotion, he's not very good at concealing it.

Furthermore, He's a little insecure. He's spent the last decade without his father and he'll never get his father back. He also never had a mother. So, due to this - he's terrified of becoming a father or opening his heart to anyone. He's closed off to everyone but a few close friends. Opening up to others terrifies him and he's so scared that if he lets anyone in, something will happen and he will be forced away from them too. It's not that he doesn't like people, he's worried they won’t want him around, or they will, and he won't be able to be there for them. He's afraid of failing people and afraid they'll fail him.

But even still, Nikolai is affectionate with those he does open his heart to. He's very shy with love, he'd be an adorable little nerdy baby, and always showing them how much they mean to him. He is the sweetest guy around his best friends, he protects them fiercely. And unless you betray his trust or he feels as though it would be safer for you to not know something, he is always sincere and honest with people he cares about. He's vulnerable around those he loves, he's raw...and he knows that, and it honestly scares him to be so open - another reason why he doesn't do it often.

Character Background:
To start off, his mother died in childbirth. She was the witch, coming from a prestigious pureblood family with only her aunt and uncle alive. Evelyn and John Westphall. The couple wasn't too fond of the idea that their niece married a muggle in Russia, and ended up cutting off all ties. Marat Volkov and Annemarie Westphall (Nick's parents) married a year after they met, and not too long after that, Nikolai was on the way. Annemarie was a traveling nurse while Marat worked at a bar beneath his small apartment.

They started making plans, they would stay in St. Petersburg until the child was born where they had steady jobs and accumulate money, saving wherever they could, and once the child was born and Anne was in good enough shape, they would go to her aunt and uncle who lived near Hogwarts, beg to stay with them if they had to, who would be able to house them until they found jobs and a way to support themselves. The only issue was...John and Evelyn Westphall disowned Anne after she decided to marry Marat and refused to provide any financial aid.

So, it was the dream. A beautiful dream, but a dream nonetheless. And sadly, dreams don't always come true.

Anne went to the doctors for a checkup, expecting the price to be mostly covered due to her job as a nurse and just the fact that she was pregnant, but sure enough - they got the bill and it basically took up every cent they had. There was absolutely no way they would have afforded another trip to see the doctor, and though they found out she was healthy at that time, and the baby was actually alive and real...Anne wasn't able to get another appointment. Marat fed her as much as he could, but the times for them were hard, their plan was already failing and Anne couldn't help but blame herself. Marat was eating less to feed her more, but it still wasn't enough.

Marat's anger at John and Evelyn increased as he watched his and their niece’s health deteriorate...in the process, his disdain for witches and wizards also increased. He would search for more jobs, and she would do what she could but he didn't want her overexerting herself. Marat would work wherever he could, and it was one day - after being fired from one day job, and looking for another - he finally found a job. It was shady, one Nick never learned the true description behind, and one that Marat was sure wasn’t legal. It paid better than his other jobs did, and everything was fine. It helped their health, Anne seemed to be doing slightly better.

But then Annemarie died, and Marat was left to raise their son alone. The next few years were incredibly hard on the father and son. Marat had to juggle work with taking care of Nick (Kolya, as his father called him) until Nick turned eight and started selling papers around Petersburg to help gain a little income. The young boy knew the city like the back of his hand, so why not put that to use?

For two years, things were fine. Nick sold papers, Marat worked several jobs, but then Marat decided to swallow his pride and send his son to live with Anne's aunt and uncle. It took some persuading, but John and Evelyn were convinced to take in the child and enroll him in Hogwarts when he was of age, but what would happen to Marat was never discussed. The only issue was that Marat didn't have the money to pay for the flight to England, so he made a mistake and started funneling it from his boss.

And he was discovered. Dragged out of his home. And murdered while Nikolai hid in the shadows, having followed his father to see what was going on. Nikolai had screamed and rushed back home, gathered up his things with no idea of what he was doing; however, Marat's coworker and friend, Grigori, showed up and gave him a letter his father had planned on giving him once he arrived at the Westphalls (though he did intend to still be alive). Grigori traveled with him to England, taking him as far as the Westphall manor outside of London, then returning back to Russia.

For the next year, Nick was homeschooled, he learned more English than the basics he barely knew and was taught other fundamentals before receiving his Hogwarts letter.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: "What exactly is happening? Aunt Evelyn and Uncle John never told me about this before...honestly they barely told me anything about this school...I wish papa were here..."

OOC Name: Hailey
Your Pronouns: She/Her
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? I've been here a couple months

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the sorting hat is placed on your head, and after a few moments, it loudly calls out ...


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