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 [G]Harper Dowling
Harper Dowling
 Posted: Oct 12 2017, 12:46 AM


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Harper Dowling
© Lyx // they/them
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please observe content warning for lingering effects of domestic abuse

Name: (FIRST AND LAST NAME ONLY!) Harper Dowling
Age: 13
Year: 4th
Bloodline: Halfblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: boy, do i? TJ shelved hayley dowling for me
    In typical Dowling fashion, Harper has dark hair, dark brown eyes, and light skin that holds a tan very well. His facial structure is sharper than that of his mother -and thus, his brother and sister-, making him look more like his father. His brow is usually furrowed for one reason or another, but usually because he thinks that his family is, in his words, “being a bunch of nutcases, you guys.” When his hair starts to grow longer, he’s got his mother’s curls, a mark of Becerra inheritance. He’s usually fidgeting with something.

    First thing that can be said about Harper Dowling is that he’s a mama’s boy. He loves his mother probably more than Hellion loves her, not that it’s really a competition or anything like that. A child of a broken home, Harper was too young to remember his father’s reign of terror, and so he’s not really sure why his mother hasn’t moved on yet. He’d like for her to be happy in another relationship one day. He’s also only met his father once that he can remember, and definitely holds no love for him. If you could turn contempt and desire for retribution up to 12,000, you’d have vaguely in the ballpark range of what Harper feels for his biological father.

    Being the youngest in both his nuclear family and the actual family doesn’t get any less weird as time goes on. He’s smart enough to know that they’re all probably going to infantilize him well into adulthood, and has accepted the fact with grudging grace, limiting his grumbling to annoyed sighs whenever his hair is ruffled. It’s only mostly for show, as he rather likes being the youngest. You wouldn’t really know it until you heard his last name or saw him with the others. He doesn’t act like a lastborn. He’s not starved for attention, he doesn’t hold distaste for all of the older kids, and he doesn’t act out.


    Goofing off is a learned behavior, and sometimes he can’t help it, especially if he’s with people who enable the behavior. He’s also very, very squirrely. His mother is fairly certain that he’s got some kind of learning disability, since it seems more that he’s got a poor ability to focus than anything else. He can’t help that he fidgets and would much rather spend his time outside than cooped up in the castle for hours on end; he just gets so bored. Boredom is bad. Boredom lands him in detention. Other than his squirrely brain, fidgeting, and penchant for making mischief when he’s not entertained enough by what he’s doing, he’s a good student. He tries hard to do well, having started Hogwarts a year earlier than most, and is very responsible about communicating with his professors when he might need the accommodation.

    Magic wise, he’s great at healing, defensive magic, and Care of Magical Creatures. Herbology and Potions are part of his repertoire, but he does best with them as they pertain to Healing. His favorite class is Healing. Like Hadleigh with quidditch, Hensley with art, and Halcyon with music, Harper’s singular focus, the one thing that drives him, is the idea of being a Healer one day. It all started with watching his mother heal his cousins’ skinned knees, and was urged on by watching how hard Hadleigh worked to achieve his dreams. The knowledge that his eldest cousin will be going pro with the Magpies due to the amount of time and effort that he put into his craft has been Harper’s motivation. Maybe, just maybe, if he’s serious about it, he’ll be able to turn his passion for medicine into something real, a whole career.

    As such, he spends a lot of time in the Hospital Wing. While he does have a little bit of a crush on Madame Breen -god, have you seen the woman? She’s incredible!- he primarily relies on her knowledge and skills as a source of information. He respects that all healers are going to have different strong suits, and since his isn’t potions, he likes to ask her for advice, as hers is potions. He also spends a lot of time in Kas’ classroom studying. If he didn’t have to go to Transfig or History of Magic, he might just hang out there all day. Don’t even get him started on how poorly he’s done at Divination. He’s very firmly rooted in the present, and would like to take the future as it comes.

    He’s a good kid, a kind soul. He’s a little bit reckless, something he’s learned from his uncle Roderick, as well as Halcyon and Hadleigh. That said, he’s not naive enough to think that he’s immortal like most teenagers do. He’s well aware that he’s not going to live forever, and that life is a fragile thing, but he also knows that he’s here for a good time, not necessarily a long one. Harper wants to have fun, within reason, because with magic, one can never be too careful. However, his recklessness and prowess for healing means that he’s got a pretty decent handle on hiding his scrapes and minor injuries. He’s good for quick healing that you don’t want to have to explain to a professor, usually at a very small cost.

Character Background:
    Third child to Raquel Dowling and Sebastian Whittaker, Harper was much too little to remember his parent’s marriage, or the fallout that occurred as it abruptly ended. Three years old when his uncle and cousin were attacked by a werewolf -assumed to be a Whelan-, his memories are constructed mostly of the stories of those around him at the time, not his own cognizance.

    What he does remember is St. Mungo’s. There’s something basal and almost traumatic about the smell of sanitary rooms, the particular lime green shade of Healer robes. He remembers being held by one of the bigger boys, and everyone crowded around a bed.

    Or at least, he thinks he remembers.

    Last in the ennead of Dowlings, Harper doesn’t remember anything but growing up in his abuela’s home. There were always older cousins, and before he began walking unassisted, he was always stationed to the right of the kitchen sink, sat up in his high chair with snacks or crayons. He spoke early, was articulating in as clear of sentences as a toddler could manage. By age four, the largest word in his vocabulary was ‘magnificent’; he could tell you what it meant, and use it correctly in a sentence.

    Being the youngest afforded him a lot of opportunities. His mother had already gone through two infancies with two drastically different children, so Harper was a piece of cake. The older kids knew a lot of stuff, so he got to learn from them. He also got to learn who to hide behind to miss when Abuelita got it in her mind to whip a sandal at them when they misbehaved, something that could not be said for the older boys. He was a happy child, and despite growing up with at least seven other children around him 90% of the time, he didn’t ever feel as though he was being ignored.

    Much like Hensley, he didn’t show magic as a child. With a squib for a grandmother, it was very possible that there might be more another, and he was sat down and prepared for the fact that he might not be magical and that was okay. Harper didn’t care, really, so long as he could still play with his cousins and have fun; he was a child, life was simple.

    He didn’t get to travel as much as Hellion and Helen did; Ion was born in New Zealand, Helen in Morocco, but Harper spent most of his time between Britain and Spain until Raquel took her job at Hogwarts. She did most of his homeschooling, so he went everywhere with her, and while it might not have been the traveling that his siblings did, he still learned a lot. Namely, that he was horrible when it came to wandlore.

    When she took the position at Hogwarts from part-time to full-time, Harper was ten. It took a little bit of wheedling, but his letters arrived early, and when his brother and sister were taken to get their school supplies, Harper went along as well. He was… excited, but rightly terrified. It made sense, though. His mother taught him, mostly, and if she was busy teaching other students, she wouldn’t have time for him. Since he lived in the village with her anyway, it would be beneficial for him to be attending the school if he was going to constantly be there anyway.

    He purchased his first pet in Diagon Alley, was measured so that his robes would fit properly, and the most daunting of all, he was given his wand. Made by his mother, like the rest of the ennead, the moment it was in his hand, it came alive, a burst of silver and blue sparks. That made him more afraid, knowing that the wand that his mother made him was so ready to work with him and he had no idea what to do with it. You just have to find your niche, his mother told him. Find the one subject or branch of magic that makes you come alive. So that was what he set out to do, headed to Hogwarts on the train with his cousins, the youngest child to be sorted in his year.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: I’m not nervous. Twelve other Dowlings and a Becerra have done this before me. I’m not nervous. Cool as a cucumber. I’ll be fine. I’m fine. I’ve got this. Just please god, don’t put me in Slytherin. I don’t want Sebastian to congratulate me on following in his footsteps. (idk just throw him somewhere)
Special Request (available at Novice**) Avilingualism

OOC Name: Lyx
Your Pronouns: they/them
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? google is magic c:
Lachlan Peaslee
 Posted: Oct 12 2017, 05:47 AM

"I'll lose my heart in your Louisiana lovin'."

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Lachlan Peaslee
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the sorting hat is placed on your head, and after a few moments, it loudly calls out ...


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