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 Searching for smoke in a stillwater pond, Felix <3
Sindre Nilsson
 Posted: May 17 2017, 02:58 AM

"A nothing king, they called a dreamer ⭐"

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Sindre Nilsson
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The handwriting was…messy. Well, it began quite neat and tidy but at some point halfway through the parchment page it suddenly became more and more confusing, letters squishing together and almost forming one completely new and different symbol, words shortened in ways they weren’t supposed to be shortened and stains of blue ink marking the places where obviously far too much pressure had been applied to the quill. Apparently, the ability to write proper notes in class without them resulting cryptical and worthy of being studied by graphologists was not among Sindre’s list of qualities, and he was left staring at the page blankly, reading -or attempting to read- the words over and over as he tried to remember what was it that he had meant with what was scribbled onto that parchment. At some point, a while back, he had read or heard that writing with blue ink helped remember what had been written. Whoever had said that had clearly lied.

He gave it one last look before finally giving up, notebook closing and being tossed onto the table before him. This was not something unusual, as the badger’s attempts to study for most subjects had a tendency to end in such a manner. Sindre may have worked hard to achieve the things he wanted, but he was not senseless, and he knew all too well nothing would be gained from staring at notes he could not even decypher. Later he could borrow someone else’s, though for not the last thing he wanted to think about was having to sit through hours of annotations made by another student. It wasn’t that he was too prideful to ask for help, it wasn’t that it frustrated him, as he was too patient and acceptant towards things to feel such emotions over something so simple. It was just the fact that he was not fond of studying and that he needed to do it much more than the average student when it came to most subjects. If all classes could have been like Care for Magical Creatures then his life would have been much easier.

As if it had sense the change in his mood, the large grey cat -which until had been sleeping on the table- jumped onto his lap, being welcomed by the boy with a gentle smile before he dug thin fingers into the creature’s soft fur. For a moment, Sindre looked at his surroundings, Communal Common Room found to be surprisingly empty as him and his pet seemed to be the only inhabitants. Then, his cobalt gaze fell on Gråpus, and his smile widened slightly, as moments alone with the feline often seemed so much more enjoyable than when being surrounded by overly complicated strangers. Once again, if all classes could have been like Care for Magical Creatures then his life would have been much easier, and if all people could have been as simple to understand as animals then it would have all been much better.

Holding the cat against his chest, Sindre laid down on the couch on which he had been sitting, Gråpus raising no complains as the Norwegian carefully snuggled the animal close to him. Despite the fact that it was Spring, that day resulted to be rather chill, looming dark clouds covering the skies and making him smile. Days like those were preferred by the badger during the warmer seasons, giving him an opportunity to wear one of his favorite coats without risking fainting thanks to a heatstroke. He could hear the distant crackling of the fireplace, the breeze knocking the glass of the room’s windows and the kind purring of the cat he was hugging - all sounds all too soothing, calming, and which made him feel drowsy. Before Sindre knew it, his eyes closed as his head rested on one of the cushions, and he did not mind it, as perhaps a nap was exactly what he needed after that awful attempt at studying.

@Felix Wolfhard

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Gråpus by Bolt ❤
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