It's summertime in Scotland; the weather has begun to clear, and the flowers are in full bloom! Now is a time for bonfires, stargazing and long nights spent with friends and family! Welcome to Wizarding Realm- an AU Harry Potter role play set in current day hogwarts!
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 [H]Kenna Rigsby
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Jun 11 2018, 12:27 AM   Link Quote
Name: Kenna Rigsby
Age: 15
Year: Fifth year
Bloodline: Muggle born
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: No
Appearance: Kenna is a fairly small girl, standing a whole five foot, two inches tall, and isn't expected to grow any taller. She's got an athletic build and does her best to stay in shape. She keeps her hair really short, anything from a buzz cut to a trim pixie cut. Both her hair and her eyes are a deep brown, some might even call them black. Even a soft smile from Kenna shows the dimples on her cheeks, that only deepen with the wider her smile. She carries herself in a slightly clumsy, yet cute, manor with a smile on her face. There are times when her smile fades, but most people always see her with an air of happiness around her.
Personality: Rigid and cold are two words that couldn't be further from true when describing Kenna Elaine Rigsby. Even at a young age, Kenna's always had this warmth about her that made people want to confide in her when they had problems. Kenna doesn't mind, she likes to be able to help people when she can, even if they're complete strangers. One night in Liverpool, Kenna's dad had been carried home by his friend, Ian, after a night of drinking with friends. After her dad was safely placed in his bed, ten-year-old Kenna stayed up talking with a tipsy Ian about his life. Kenna listened and talked with Ian even if she didn't know what to say, she still listened and tried to make Ian feel better. With patients and determination, Kenna had stayed up until 5 in the morning listening to Ian, when he finally fell asleep on their couch in the living room. She had school in a couple of hours and hadn't slept, but in her eyes this grown man's issues were more important at the time.
Moving around from city to city, school to school meant that Kenna never had too many close friends, but she considered herself to have a lot of friends from different places. No matter where she went, she was always friendly, though she was never particularly chatty. Kenna is the kind of person that will usually remain quiet unless someone else asks her something. She's always had a pretty thick skin, too. At least it seems that way. She never likes to let people know if she's hurting, and prefers to keep things like that bottled up deep inside her heart. Which you'd never guess with that soft smile of her's.
Although Kenna enjoys helping people, she's also a very independent person, and isn't afraid of being different. Partly why she keeps her hair short is because she doesn't believe that she was made to fit a mold. Kenna tries her best to be confident in who she is, but there are some things that she just doesn't let other people know about her. She's kind, caring, and compassionate when it comes to other people but when asked to talk about herself she tends to only tell people the things they want to hear, the "I'm fine. Things are great!" kind of thing.
Kenna has a tendency to hide behind a smile and false confidence. Sometimes she stays up at night picking apart all the things she did wrong that day. Sometimes she wanders off to a quiet place to think and just be alone with her thoughts. Sometimes, she even wanders off to a place to silently cry alone so that no one sees or hears her, because in her mind she needs to be strong for others, so no one can ever see how much she needs to take her own advice.
Maybe most importantly, Kenna is tolerant and understanding, but she's also not afraid to stand up for her friends or for what she believes in. She's not afraid to get in a bit of trouble at school if it means that she did what she thought was right. She can be indecisive, clumsy, and a maybe a little too trusting sometimes, but her intentions are always just in her eyes. It might seem like she wears her heart on her sleeve, but she keeps a wide range of her emotions bottled up for only her to see. Overall, Kenna is always willing to be a friend, a shoulder to cry on, or even just an ear to lend.
Character Background: Kenna Elaine Rigsby was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on a stormy spring morning, to a newly wed muggle couple. Her mother, Alain Louise Martin-Rigsby, was a French woman who had been studying at The University of Edinburgh for medicine. Her father, Charles Jacob Rigsby, was an English poet from Liverpool who was visiting family in Edinburgh. The couple met at a small pub in central Edinburgh where Charles was reading one of his poems. Alain and Charles were quite the pair, Alain being a tall, slender, dark haired beauty, while Charles was a broad shouldered, scruffy blond man who was a tad on the short side. Never-the-less, the young muggles fell quickly and helplessly in love with each other. Only 2 weeks after meeting, Charles had started living with Alain in her tiny flat just a few blocks from the pub they met in. Before long the two had decided to get married, despite everyone telling them not to rush into things.
Alain was still going to University for Med School, when she became pregnant. Charles was more afraid of having a child than Alain was. Alain was intelligent, she knew finish med school with a child on the way was going to be difficult, but she also knew what she wanted. Charles picked up a full-time job at the pub and continued to write his poems, trying to become a published poet. Kenna Elaine Rigsby was born no less than 10 hours after her twenty-six-year-old mother had waked across the stage, graduating from Med School. It had been a stormy spring night, but when Kenna was born she brought the sunshine with her, or so her parents say. They called her their ray of sunshine and couldn't have loved her more. The new family moved to Queensferry, just outside of Edinburgh, in a quaint house on the rocky shore of Scotland. The first five years of Kenna's life were spent collecting pretty rocks, or finding unique "treasures" that washed up on the shore. She spent most of her time outside these five years without a care in the world, as you might suspect a child to do. For Kenna, life was sunshine and happiness. However, her parents' happiness was fading, and fading fast. For two ambitious muggles, keeping up with bills, jobs, their dreams, and a child was becoming too much and drove the couple to regular screaming matches in the kitchen. Kenna was often shipped off to "spend time" with her Aunt Joanne in Edinburgh. Kenna didn't really mind because it meant that she got to explore new places with her Aunt. Although Aunt Joanne was always fun to be around, Kenna sometimes noticed a sadness in her eyes. One particular night when Kenna had been sent to Joanne's house for the summer, six-year-old Kenna heard Joanne crying over the phone and went to hug her, which only caused Joanne to sob more and hold Kenna tight. It wasn't until Kenna returned home in the fall that she understood why Aunt Joanne had been crying so much. Her parents had gotten a divorce and now Kenna was moving far away from Aunt Joanne and her dad. She didn't quite understand at the time, but that fall day was the last time she saw Aunt Joanne, and she wouldn't see her father for 2 years after that. Her mother and her went to live in Sheffield for a year, before moving even further south to Birmingham. Her mother was working as a doctor at a hospital in Birmingham, which meant that eight-year-old Kenna was left alone a lot. She always tried to keep herself busy and keep her head up. Then when she was nearly nine, her father came for her and fought for her with Alain. The next thing Kenna knew, she was moving to Liverpool with her father who had gotten a job at the port there, but was still working on being a poet. Each time Kenna moved it felt like a piece of her was left behind, and when she was alone she often grew sad, but made sure to never let anyone know because she didn't want to be a burden. Her father left early in the morning and would leave breakfast and coffee for Kenna.
At ten, Kenna grew small plants in her window sill and still had a few pretty rocks to put around them. Her dad always told her that she had a green thumb because it was like she could make anything grow and prosper. Charles always told the best stores, and told Kenna how special and unique she was. Strange even! Which always made Kenna smile. She really enjoyed her time in Liverpool, but before long she was being summoned by her mother. Unable to say no, Kenna left her father once again to live with her mother and her new wife, Jamie, in London. Kenna enjoyed London, and she loved her mother, who was really prospering as a doctor. However, Kenna jumped around from place to place so often she felt that she hardly knew her parents each time she went to live with the other one. Her mother and Jamie were a great couple, and Jamie was always very kind to Kenna. Alain would always make an effort to spend time with just Kenna at least once a week. She always said there was something about Kenna that made the air around her seem fresh. Even after her parents' divorce, they still called Kenna their ray of sunshine. She only stayed in London for 7 months, and then she moved back with her father, who was now an established poet living in Dublin, Ireland. It was here, on a rainy morning, that a strange man knocked on Charles' front door with a letter for Kenna. Charles was ecstatic to learn that there was a whole new, secret world out there and that Kenna was going to be a part of. "I knew you were a special one, Ken!" he had told her later that night. That next morning Kenna left for London to get her supplies and explain things to her mother. Alain was the skeptic, but reluctantly, she let her analytic mind wrap around the idea. Kenna couldn't have been happier. She felt that something new was just what she needed. She needed to be away from her parents and just be herself, for better or for worse.
The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: A rush of anxiety swept over Kenna briefly as she stepped up to be sorted, 'Here goes' she thought. 'This is so new and exciting,' Kenna thought as she sat down on the stool and could feel herself grinning with excitement as the magical hat was placed on her head and fell over her eyes slightly. Being a muggle born, Kenna only knew the information that she had read about the houses in books over the summer. Even now with the Sorting Hat on her shaven head she wasn't sure which house she wanted to be in. Kenna bit her bottom lip, and squeezed the bottom of the stool she was sitting on, 'Okay mister or misses magical hat, I trust you!' She thought with her eyes squeezed shut. Vague memories from her early childhood flashed in her mind, like finding pretty rocks on the shore, growing plants in her window sill, or watching the sun shine through the window and spill onto the floor of her bedroom.
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OOC Name: Axelle
Your Pronouns: She/Her
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? I was looking for Harry Potter roleplay forums on Google and found this one.
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the sorting hat is placed on your head, and after a few moments, it loudly calls out ...


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