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 Daisy~Dreamers, Sigurd <3
Njord Vikernes
 Posted: Apr 17 2017, 01:09 PM

"It took two to summon the thunder, one to bring down the rain"

Viridian Guild
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Njord Vikernes
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It was surprisingly easy to claim a child no one had ever heard of or wanted back - but maybe, it was only easy because it was Njord who had found the baby a few months ago, draped in her little cosy blanket and on the edge of death. How often did fate show him a path in life he wanted to follow? The gift of seeing was nothing the young man had ever asked for, yet it was haunting him - and instead of gaining more control over the visions than he had been having as a teenager in his last year at Hogwarts, he felt everything slipping out of his fingers, like sand or dry earth. Synnøve made everything just a little better - she anchored Njord in the reality and gave him an occupation outside the Department of Mysteries and those few tasks he was fulfilling for the Viridian Guild. In the beginning, he had shown more enthusiasm for the faction that was searching for a cure for all diseases, no matter for which prize. Yet he slowly felt the doubts rising in his chest, and it displayed in the dreams that could easily mistaken for visions, just like a vision could easily be nothing but a dream. Njord’s distress had been growing ever since he watched his family being taken to Azkaban for their illegal doings, because they had ignored his pressing warnings. He had been floating through life until he had found the baby beside a trash can and made her his life purpose.

The beginning had been hard. He had spent many hours at St. Mungo’s, even after his initial visit at Serenity’s office, where the witch had made sure Synnøve was fine. But the tiny baby girl screaming at night because she was neither hungry, nor thirsty, nor in pain had troubled him, and no amount of research - be it on the internet which turned out to be a constant struggle for the pureblooded wizard or in libraries where whole sections were filled with books about taking care of children and babies. Njord was trying, but even a man like a God sometimes met his own boundaries - and today, said boundaries had shown in the fact that the baby had stuffed one of the daisies he had placed in a pot on his windowsill in her mouth while he had been cradling her in his arms, humming a children’s song he vaguely remembered his mother singing while heating up the porridge he had cooked for the baby earlier.

Whenever he had the time, Njord prepared fresh food for Synnøve, refusing to buy the pre-made porridge and puree stuffed in glasses. Who knew what was inside? Not him, that much was for sure. But it had only been a second of not paying attention when the daisy disappeared between those small, pink lips, and the baby girl had laughed in his face when he sat her on the kitchen counter, carefully trying to make her spit it out while petting her had. She had refused to do so, just gurgling and batting her lashes at the young man who had ran his hand through his hair in exasperation before making a quick decision - even though it meant crossing paths with someone who might not want to see him.

He chose to go by apparation, quickly dressing Synnøve in a tiny cardigan, with a tiny woolen hat on her head that reached her eyebrows, her warm eyes looking even bigger like this. Njord pressed her tightly against her chest, apparating straight in front of the information desk where the witch currently in charge already rolled her eyes at him - she was often here when the tall Norwegian came to visit. “Miss Gong?” she already asked, reaching for her wand. “No, Potions and Plant Poisoning this time - could you inform Mister Nilsson, please?” The young witched raised a brow at him but nodded, quickly offering a room number and a floor before Njord walked off, the happily chortling baby in his arms as he walked towards where he had been directed. Even the sterile scent of St. Mungo’s was familiar by now - which might mean he had spent too much time here already, but he was rather safe than sorry.

Njord was not sure how his younger cousin was going to react to the sudden visit. They had never gotten along well, and it seemed like Sigurd had little compassion for the older young man, no matter what had happened to his family - to their families, in the end. The fact that they were parts of different factions was not what bothered Njord - in fact, he was often considering to simply switch, as even under Gretchen’s and Larsson’s command, the Viridian Guild was not quite what he had imagined for himself. Yet in this very moment, neither his personal feelings nor the war mattered, because he needed to knock and outline the issue to Sigurd whom he trusted enough to save Synnøve from a death by daisy.

@Sigurd Nilsson

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