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 [HR]Xastur Acherontia, aka assatur borgin
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Apr 28 2018, 12:01 PM   Link Quote
Name: Xastur Acherontia (born and colloquially known as Assatur Borgin)
Which character do you have at Intermediate or Advanced? Hensley Dowling - Intermediate (swapped Qiuyue Wei with permission of Team Admin <3 )
Age: 21
Bloodline: Pureblood

    Xastur has strong, almost masculine features. Seeing pictures of her father would clue you into the fact that she most certainly looks like her father, as if no trace of her mother exists. Her eyebrows are bold, her eyes a mysterious brown. Her skin is relatively clear, the result of having a really strict routine for self-care. She’s got the slightest dimple in her chin and has always been fond of it. Her hair is dark, falling around her shoulder blades. Her clothing can be described as anything from heiress to badass. She’s 5’5, and prefers comfort to fashion, but will wear heels largely to piss off men who tell her she’s tall enough and doesn’t need them.
Personality: (600 WORD MINIMUM.)
    She has been here before, and she is not happy that she’s returned.

    Truly, there is something timeless about Xastur. She has an air about her that most would attribute to older institutions or places simply steeped in magic, an air that she is well beyond her years. For a twenty-one year old, she carries herself with the dignity of an octogenarian heiress, and that’s unsettling. People observing her as a child noted that she was incredibly precocious, using the term as a pejorative. She’s always been an old soul.

    Her politics are quiet, particular. Would she marry a muggle? No. A particularly meritorious muggleborn wix? Maybe. From her travels, she’s learned that magical Britain has trapped itself in the Dark Ages, and the rest of the world is trying to move forward the best they can with what they have available to them. To discount what muggles and muggleborns have accomplished is foolishness. But she’s a player. She knows the board, and she knows how the game works. Sympathy is seen as treasonous, as weakness. She’s smart enough to know that a Squib doesn’t just disappear when disowned or cast aside. Magic begets magic, after all.

    She has always been the oldest of the younger girls, and as such has always had maternal and sororal roles thrust upon her without her consent. While she is content to look out for "the younger idiots", it's not in a maternal way. She's a lot more like the drunk aunt who wants you to have fun, but will definitely drunkenly roast you for your messes. That said, as she was deemed responsible for the likes of Reina Burke, Ossia Bartolomeo, Boniface Dinehart, and her own sister by virtue of her age, she's incredibly protective of the lot, and is very much the kind of acquired sibling to "the only person allowed to mess with them is me". She does, however, frequently wish that they would all pick their battles. "Pick fewer than that. Put them back."

    Someone around here has to be the pragmatic one.

    A young wife in an arranged marriage, Xastur finds that she runs into a lot of misconceptions, especially given her husband is a decade older than she is. Though she's always been the kind of young woman who plays her cards very close to her chest, not one to wear her emotions on her face, and this has lead to a number of people assuming that she's not happy. Some go so far to use the term miserable. It grates on her nerves. She's happy, and she's not a housewife. Since the engagement began, he's been nothing but good to her, and outright encourages her to build her career and reach her goals. Having spoken in depth about their relationship, she knows that he would be loathe to simply have her at home, being pretty and resting on her laurels. It's apparent to anyone with critical thinking skills that Xastur does not need her man as much as she wants him, but even more so that he is her partner in every sense of the word. She is not just a young trophy wife, draped over his arm like an accessory. Hell, he actively refers to her as his better half, and it isn't exaggeration. Again, someone has to be the pragmatic one.

    Xastur is filled with equal parts quiet determination and terror at the thought of the future. As she and her husband have... sort of enabled themselves to be the start of a new bloodline, there's a lot weighing on her shoulders. She has her reservations about being a mother one day, largely due to the loss of her mother when she was a toddler, an unfortunate hiccup in postnatal care, but if she was to have children with anyone, it would be with her darling Oizys. She's in a comfortable place as it stands, but there's a lot of personal growth potential riding on decisions she makes and actions she takes, and though she may not talk about it with anyone but her husband, it still weighs on her a lot more than she lets on. To anyone else, she appears to be killing the whole arranged marriage, carrying on a bloodline, purity thing as if she's a natural.
Character Background: (600 WORD MINIMUM.)
    Assatur came into the world quietly. No screams, neither from her or the woman who birthed her. Her father’s first words upon holding her were ominous, something of a warning.

    She has been here before, and she is not happy that she’s returned.

    It was just jitters, the first baby always unsettling for even the most prepared of parents. That was what everyone said anyway. Veles knew better, because of course he did; Assatur was his first daughter, his oldest, his heir. She was much older than the body she was riding, as if she was a spirit who had come back to Earth for one reason or another.

    She was preternaturally quiet as a child, something that continued well into her later adolescence and early adulthood. It was largely because it was just her as a child, and there was so much magic around her that she was very overwhelmed, but as she got older and was around other pureblood children, it became more about making sure that they had a voice. At age 3, she was followed by a pair of sisters, Kassiah and Eila, and that was the day that life changed. The memories are like light coming through shattered cracks, her mother going into distress, having to go to St. Mungo’s. So many people wearing green, a feeling of panic from how many magical objects were around her. Her mother was gone, but her sisters survived, and she would protect them with her life.

    The first nanny was a disaster, a plant trying to get close to the Bartolomeo family through their relationship with the Borgins. When it went sour, she fled, taking Kassiah with her. Try as he might Veles couldn't find his daughter, leaving the family heartbroken and Assatur with the duty of looking out for her sister. If she didn't, then who would?

    It was shortly after this that her father began noting her discomfort around charmed objects. She became distressed and anxious, generally unhappy, and while she was a stone-faced child, this was genuinely unhappy. When he realized that, like him, she could detect magic, he realized that she was showing him her first instances of magic ad promptly began to teach her what he knew. This gave her purpose beyond being a big sister, and she grew closer to her father, if that was at all possible after the loss of her mother.

    When Veles' business partner, Xanthe Burke, had her daughter in Tortola, Assatur was three, the same age as when her own sisters were born. She didn't meet Reina until the younger was two, but for the Borgin girl, it was love from the moment she laid eyes on her. They were slated to be future business partners, but in the meantime, they were meant to be sisters. Reina was as close to her heart as Eila as they grew older.

    Going to Hogwarts was hard for her, mostly because as the youngest of the older children and the oldest of the younger children, she was quite alone. Her mother's family had wanted her to go to Durmstrang, and there was quite a fight about it, Assatur finally shut them all up by declaring that it was her future and none of them had any right to decide how to move her as if she was a pawn in a chess game. To this day, the fond, proud way that her father looked at her in that moment fills her with determination in her darkest moments. On September 1st, she was put on the train at King's Cross, and sorted into Slytherin before the Hat so much as touched her head. Her sisters - Reina and Eila- followed three years later, one sorted Slytherin as well; Boniface Dinehart, to nobody's surprise, sorted Gryffindor, and Ossia was forced to go to Beauxbatons by her overbearing mother.

    Life continued on. Assatur pursued OWLs and NEWTs in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Alchemy, Arithmancy, and Ancient Runes, excelling with four O's and an E. Her mother's family suggested cursebreaking as a career path early in her sixth year, but she declined. The thing about her destiny was that it was set. Veles and Xanthe would want to retire one day, and while she and Reina were already adept at handling the store themselves, Borgin & Burke's required both of them. It wouldn't do just to run off and raid tombs for Gringotts. She, like Reina, spurned all her suitors, kept a few boyfriends and girlfriends for fun, but nothing serious. Romantic pursuits distracted from her goals, and the men who lusted after her would be sloppy and destroy everything that she worked for.

    Until Felix Dinehart stepped from the shadows and into her life.

    Felix, or rather Oizys as he had been calling himself for years, was twelve years her senior. A Dinehart who had struck out on his own under another name -and successfully so-, he had been in the periphery of her life for a number of years, even ensuring that she wasn’t hurt by a wayward fight between two young pureblood men on one occasion, an action that saved her from falling into a fountain that she would’ve likely drowned in. Their relationship was cordial at best, nonexistent at worst, but he had always been kind to her and never treated her like an insolent child the way so many others had. So, when her father informed her that Faust had acted on his brother’s behalf and insisted on pushing a marriage as a merger, Assatur saw no reason to fight her father’s suggestion that she go through with it.

    Strong-willed as she was, she was obedient. She was a daddy’s girl. More importantly, Veles had raised Assatur like a business partner in addition to a child, trusted her feelings and opinions after guiding her in how to articulate them -- had she not wanted to go forward, he would’ve declined the Dinehart proposal in a heartbeat.

    “It will be good for business, baba, to have a marital connection to a… brighter name,” she had told her father when he posed the situation to her. The Borgin name was known, but they were quiet, content to work from the shadows. The Dineharts were a wonderful family to join, pure with longevity, power they had earned.

    To a point, anyway.

    The thing that had interested her about Felix Dinehart the most was the change in his name, and how it had gone so well for him. Really, upon the formal introduction, the transition from shadow figures passing in each other’s peripheral vision to a focal point, Oizys Acherontia really did suit the older man and the veils that he had crafted around himself for nearly two decades. Assatur had done her research on him beforehand, had learned through speaking to confidantes in her innermost circles that it wasn’t just for the air of mystery: he’d wanted to make his own name without the cloud of one he’d grown with and been overshadowed by continuing to suffocate him. He shed his family’s name to give himself a clean slate, to prove he could do it without relying on legacy to make moves. It was no secret to anyone how easily his lineage could be found, but since names held power, abandoning his had made him like new. Assatur followed suit, taking the Acherontia name and using a variation of her birth name; the latter came mostly because her childish, adorable husband wouldn't stop giggling about the alliteration, and it just wouldn't do to go through a marriage giggling and rolling your eyes at each other.

    This provided another unique situation: though both husband and wife were from long bloodlines, the change in name belonging to neither of those families presented them with the opportunity to conjure their own bloodline out of nowhere. Eventually, anyway. They had to build reputation first. Children would come when she wasn’t so young, after she -as her husband had put it- had gotten to live a little more.

Job: Antiquities dealer, Borgin & Burke’s

Special Request: Innate curse detection, approved by team admin!

OOC Name: Lyx
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i heard once, the good die a young age
funny how i'm feelin' like i'm finna live forever though

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