It's summertime in Scotland; the weather has begun to clear, and the flowers are in full bloom! Now is a time for bonfires, stargazing and long nights spent with friends and family! Welcome to Wizarding Realm- an AU Harry Potter role play set in current day hogwarts!
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 [G]Rory Storm
Storm · 14 · 4th · · Halfblood · 4'11"
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May 28 2018, 09:20 PM   Link Quote
warning: some language and a dragon attack in his history!

Age: 14
Year: 4th
Bloodline: halfblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: Stells shelved a few kids for me a while back

Appearance: (Optional - leave blank if not filled in)

Personality: (600 word minimum)

    As much as Rory may have hated the rooster back home -it was a mutual hatred really- they could be surprisingly similar in nature. They were both overly ambitious, proud and all too willing to fight off anything that threatened their families. If you had something to strut why hide it? The Irish boy enjoys being the center of attention and can be a bit of a showoff if he thinks people will pay attention to him and be impressed by how awesome he is. In all honesty he hasn’t had all that much experience off the Sanctuary and is a little too full of himself, his overconfidence gets him into trouble on a frequent basis. Despite his puny size Rory is a scrappy fighter that never quits, he’ll fight until either the fight is broken up or he is incapacitated. In the rare instance -okay maybe not that rare- that he comes out on top best prepare to never hear the end of it. If you were to ask the small boy what he fought for he would probably just laugh, because in all honesty he would fight for anyone that needed him to. It could be his family and their honor, a close friend or even the pretty girl a few seats over. In truth he’s just a rowdy farm boy with too much to say and not enough self control to hold his tongue.

    Rory likes nothing more than being outside and getting dirt stuck under his fingernails. In his eyes everyday is an adventure with infinite opportunities, and it just takes someone willing to explore those opportunities to discover something wonderful. For someone like Rory, being stuck inside is absolute torture and hell hath no fury like a bored Rory. It was an absolute bore and complete waste of his time. Time that could have been used to discover awesome things, to him there was nothing more freeing than running barefoot along the mountain trails or climbing to the very tops of the tallest trees. There was always an adventure to be had, it just took someone with the grit to seek it. Being high up in the air -be it up on the mountain tops or on broomstick- is his favorite place to be, for being so small to him it feels amazing to be on top of the world.

    Being a resident bad boy back home, it was very easy for him to transition into a detention regular. Being a prankster with a knack for explosives you could say he finds himself in trouble more often than he gets away with it. He has little patience for people getting in the way of his plans, you see Rory can be surprisingly goal oriented and once the boy has started towards that goal… well good luck getting him to stop. Being highly ambitious and also highly competitive can be a dangerous combination, and when it comes down to the brass tacks Rory will use his peers as stepping stones to come out on top if he has to. Somewhere deeply ingrained inside there is this incessant need to constantly prove himself to those around him, something that is partly fueled by being babied when he was younger. Don’t ask about it, he will deny every last claim of it.

    For those he enjoys the company of Rory can be a pleasant and loyal friend, he is a borderline people pleaser that wants to make his friends smile as long as it isn’t at too much of an inconvenience to him. It’s always more fun to go on adventures with friends, and Rory is always trying to get people to come along with him for whatever crazy plan he has schemed up in his mind. On the flip side he will go out of his way to instigate people that annoy him or have done wrong by him somehow in the past. He isn’t the type that takes being shrugged off or ignored lightly and is quick to follow through with a threat. Something small can easily be blown out of proportion, it’s all about perspective really and Rory is a flat out drama queen with a big mouth. It doesn’t take long for him to catch an attitude, especially when it concerns jerks talking bad about his family. It’s the type of thing that riles emotions within him uncontrollably, to him his family is the best family anyone could ever ask for and for someone to say awful things about the people he loves… well you get the idea, Rory can be an overly emotional teenager with the need to punch dumbasses in the face.

    There is a softer, gentler side to the boy and it shows in his love for animals and all the little critters back home that have come into his care. Ever since he was just a little lad, Rory had been bringing home sick, injured or abandoned animals. Luckily for Rory and his little zoo, his parents would never turn away an animal in need, there was always room for more. From litters of kittens to lost dogs that had already gone grey in the face, little birds with hurt wings and the old donkey that had been wandering the countryside, he loved them all and woke up at the break of dawn to make sure everyone was feed and happy before he set out for the day. Well…. Mostly, he didn’t really care if the rooster was happy… in fact if he hadn’t been a good rooster that protected the hens he probably would have earned himself a spot on the dinner menu by now.
Character Background: (600 word minimum)
    Dragons had always been a central part of the Storm family’s way of life, but little else is known of the family that would become the Storms. Their journey would be a dark one, stepping from the shadows to come into the light and change the course of their future. They say that it takes true bravery to stand alone, to be the one voice in a crowd that says no. You see the founder of the family name was not born a Storm but an O’Heaghra, the sole surviving son in a time when blood traitors and rivals alike disappeared never to be seen again. The O’Heargha family was an old one, a dying legacy from the old days with too many daughters married off into other families. Their family tradition was written in blood, something that they seemed rather proud of. For centuries they had hunted beasts for sport, and dragons were prized among all other beasts. That’s right, before Odhran Storm had been born into a family of dragon hunters that were responsible for wiping more than a few colonies off the face of the earth. They lived for the hunt, for the kill, and their ruthless hunting practices were partly responsible for the dwindling numbers of dragons in northern Ireland.

    Any event worth celebrating was worthy of calling for a dragon hunt. Marriage ceremonies often featured skulls from slayed beasts, it was tradition to kill a dragon within a fortnight of getting married. Or else the marriage was obviously doomed. The birth of a son was another occasion that called for the death of some unfortunate dragon. Nothing said ’I love and cherish you!’ like a dead dragon, or at least in the eyes of most of the family. Odie would go on to break every sacred vow of the family he had been born into, refusing the marry the bride that had been chosen for him and instead following his heart. It was no longer safe for him in Ireland, and so after Durmstrang the young man would make his home in Stonoway, Scotland and sink his life into starting up the Storm Dragon Sanctuary (SDS) in an effort to make up for the crimes his family had committed over the centuries to the majestic beasts. He found them enchanting, forever haunted by the nightmares of dragons screams as they had died at the hands of his family members. Odie and his wife chose a new name, one that had meaning to them and would hopefully start a new legacy.

    The Storms:
    Winds of change

    The path of change and redemption laid before the future generations, they would become guardians to the dragons and start up a flourishing breeding program. Odie Storm would ultimately pay for his betrayal and extinguishing the O’Heargha family name. His worst crime was becoming a blood traitor, something so unforgivable that only death could pay for his crimes against the family he had been born into. It is uncertain who was exactly the mastermind behind the murder but several members of the O’Heargha family would spend their remaining days in Azkaban as the Storm family would go onto flourish. Something that many saw as insult to injury.

    It would be over a century before Finlay and Aisling Storm would come to call the SDS home, bringing in a new generation of dragon guardians with them as the years past. Their first born was Gilligan, and they had been so thankful that their first born was so easy going. Unlike his siblings that would follow Gil followed and respected the rules, always chasing after the praise of their parents. A few years later, as careers took off they would also welcome the twins into the family. Bringing their small family of three to five, and the difference between their first born and the twins was instant. The twins were fussy babies, Nana Storm came to live on the reservation for the first few months to help out with the new additions. Finlay and Caoimhe did not seem to understand that rules were not meant to be broken, much to the distress of their older brother. The twins wrecked havoc everywhere they went, and with their hands already full certainly they did not need another. As fate would have it, just as a new SDS was opening in northern Ireland Aisling would find herself once again pregnant. It was an awful pregnancy, even worse than carrying the twins. The first trimester was nothing but morning sickness and fussy twin toddlers, and the third had been filled with too much kicking and not enough sleep.

    In the early morning hours of a late summer day Rory Declan Storm would meet the world, proving to everyone that he could scream the loudest within minutes of arriving. He had been a small baby, coming too early and thus earning himself a stay at St. Mungos. The first of many timeouts and detentions, as his father liked to joke. Rory was named after his grandfather, on the Callaghan side of the family, his mother opting however to go with a more modern spelling over the tradition gaelic one. Initially there had been some jealousy between the twins and their new baby brother, as they were used to being the babies of the family and getting most of the attention. Given time though they would become inseparable, and the level of destruction wrecked by the twins alone would be multiplied with the addition of their youngest brother. Gil was never cool enough to run with them, and was always getting in the way.

    For Rory, life on a dragon reservation was everything he could have ever asked for. Not only did the reservation protect and preserve the most badbass of beasts, but it also was home to many of his family members and so he grew up with adventure right out the front door and surrounded by his family. Not to mention there was reservation quidditch and fighting tooth and nail to come out on top. As a seeker Rory felt it was his duty to instigate and harass the opposing team until he found the snitch. It was the very best, and the boy lived for every moment of it. Well almost every moment, because like with any self sustaining community there were always chores to be done. From plowing the fields, to applying insect repelling charms to the orchards, there were homes to build and others that needed repair and there was always work to be done protecting and caring for the dragons. It was never ending but it was everything he loved and adored all rolled into one.

    It wasn’t always about the dragons though, as there were many other animals that called the reservation home that needed care. From little sparrows with hurt wings to abandoned cats and dogs, he took them all in and nursed them back to health. Some would go on to find other homes, or return back to the reservation once they were well enough, but there were those that stayed in the gated community to live a mostly peaceful life. It was something that came naturally to him, when he wasn’t busy getting into trouble Rory was often taking care of all the animals that had come into his care over the years.

    It was a dangerous place to grow up, especially when you were always sneaking off to go visit the dragons and hike through the mountains. It was something that they had all been told ever since they had been little, it was dangerous outside the walls of the community. There were dragons and beasts and treacherous mountain trails, all things that only made leaving the gates of home so much more enticing. Tragedy would strike within the family though, all before Rory had ever even gotten his Hogwarts letter. Never before in his life had the ten year old feared the dragons that lived on the reservation, of course he had known they could be dangerous but never had he thought something like that could happen. It had been the perfect day to go on an adventure, the sun was shining and there was a cool breeze to counter the warm summer day. It had been a long hike into the mountains, hours with no sign any dragons even lived there. There had been epic sword fights fueled by vivid imaginations and swords, leaping from stone to stone along the mountain ridge with breathtaking scenery unfolding below them. In the distance a dragon circled a meadow where a colony of adolescent dragons were gathered. It had fueled them to push further and trek further away from the safety of home. It would all happen in the blink of an eye, one moment they had been peacefully hanging out in a grove that bordered the meadow, and the very next there was an angry dragon bursting through the tree and Finlay was falling into a pool of blood.

    It all well up inside him quickly: fear, rage, love… all powerful emotions that he simply could not contain. The resulting accidently magic came out as sparks that lit the side of the mountain a blaze, all the chaos sending all the dragons fleeing from the area. It was enough to attract the attention of nearby dragonologists, but the damage was already done. It would be a scene that frequently replayed during his nightmares, waking in a sweat and disoriented. That summer had been the worst summer in the history of summers. Fin had a long road to complete recovering, and his older brother would be sent away to stay with Nana and Papa Storm while he was still in a fragile state. It was boring and dull without Fin, as Caoimhe seemed to spent her days writing letters and they were both on lock down. No fun was allowed, or at least that was how he saw it. It was chores from dawn to dusk and then bedtime… he was honestly too tired and depressed to exert the effort to break the rules.

    In time Fin would come home and they would once again be reunited, things would go back to normal for the most part. The scars that did not seem to bother his brother haunted Rory everytime, a reminder of a time when he had thought they had lost him. In the following summer he would receive his very own Hogwarts letter, something he had anticipated ever since the twins had gotten their letters. Today was his day though, and it was finally his turn to go to Diagon Alley and get his very own wand and stuff. He was mostly amped up about getting a wand, what was a wizard without a wand anyway? Then there was all the excitement of riding the train the very first time and seeing the castle. It was so big, and so tall, taller than any building or house he had ever seen. It was magical.
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