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 [G]Cleopatra Mcleod
Airie · 16 · 5th · · Halfblood · 5'5
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Jul 4 2018, 11:12 AM   Link Quote
Name: Cleopatra Mcleod
Age: 16
Year: 5th
Bloodline: Halfblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: First character
Appearance: ---

---> Meyer's Briggs Type: ESTP
Cleo has always been a sucker for personality quizzes, both silly and serious. How would you die in a horror movie? (Answer: Mass monster attack.) What career should you pursue? (Answer: Entrepreneur.) What breed of dog would you be? (Answer: Golden Retriever? Really? Come on, this thing's rigged.)

Over the most recent holidays, she sat down at her dad's house and took the Meyer's Briggs test he had taken for work. Her results? ESTP-T. In a nutshell, extraverted, observant, thinking, perceiving, turbulent. Now of course, you've got to take those results with a grain of salt. These kinds of tests are not 100% accurate, but they do give a good starting point.

According to the description beneath her results, ESTP-T are "are the likeliest personality type to make a lifestyle of risky behavior. They live in the moment and dive into the action – they are the eye of the storm. [They] enjoy drama, passion, and pleasure, not for emotional thrills, but because it’s so stimulating to their logical minds... [They] are full of passion and energy, complemented by a rational, if sometimes distracted, mind. Inspiring, convincing and colorful, they are natural group leaders, pulling everyone along the path less traveled, bringing life and excitement everywhere they go. " Now, Cleo wouldn't completely agree with this. In fact, she really enjoys those emotional thrills, thank you very much, but she's a little proud at being called The Eye of the Storm. She would also love to fancy herself a natural group leader, although she's really not quite there yet. Another note under the ESTP-T description? People in this category tend to follow their own sense of wrong and right rather than prescribed rules. Combine that with a strong proclivity for hands-on, project-based learning, and it's no surprise that Cleo can be a bit of a rebel when it comes to the traditional classroom environment, though she excels at the practical elements of study.

---> Life of the Party or Stubbornly Silent
Cleo's social tendencies are a little tumultuous. On a good day, she's warm and friendly. It doesn't matter what house you're part of, what clique you belong to, what year you're in. She won't hesitate to loop you into the conversation. On a bad day, she's moody and silent. Don't talk to her, don't look at her, don't even think about her. Of course, most of the time, she's somewhere in between, typically falling under the category of "friendly, but snarky." Though she actually enjoys learning magic, in class, she loves to complain about teachers, spread gossip, and pretend like she doesn't care when she messes up a spell. Outside of class, when there's fun to be had, she's a little more genuine.

---> Rational, Logical, Blunt
Some might call her a pessimist, but Cleo would argue that the better term is realist. She appreciates the good in life (unlike a pessimist), but is more than willing to admit when the pros are outweighed by the cons. When it comes to making important decisions, giving advice, or dealing with others, Cleo tends to look for the practical and rational solution. She would rather speak the truth than try to preserve someone's feelings with a white lie. For this reason, she can often come across as blunt, especially to people who do not know her well enough to appreciate that when she "tells it like she sees it," she's doing so out of kindness for others.

---> But with a hint of Rita Skeeter...
Okay, so maybe Rita isn't the most apt comparison, but there aren't many true journalists to pick from in the Wizarding World. The fact remains that Cleo has a difficult time passing up a good scoop. She loves juicy gossip, as long as it's from a reliable source, and is great at eavesdropping and observing others... But's she not a blabbermouth. How much she reveals to you is often a sign of much she trusts you. But more than run-of-the-mill gossip, what she really loves is a good mystery. Though typically rational, Cleo is known to get carried away when it comes to putting clues together.

---> ...And a need for speed
Remember that "turbulent" part from earlier? Cleo can be pretty moody. After all, she's sixteen. When she's feeling down, the best way to bring herself back up is to find the fastest mode of transportation and go. Motorcycle? Broomstick? Hippogriff? Doesn't matter. If she's having a bad day, the fastest way to solve her problems is to run.

Character Background:
---> How It All Started
Cleo's mum, a bright young witch by the name of Luella Headley, graduated from Hogwarts and almost immediately found herself working for the Ministry of Magic. She met Robert Mcleod several years later, when she was doing groundwork for the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. Robert--sweet, accident-prone soul that he is--had managed to encounter some giants while on a hiking holiday. Later, Luella would laugh about the incident and say, "Obliviating someone isn't your typical first day, but 'ey, it worked, didn't it?" Two years later, the couple were married. There was just one small problem: Luella never did tell her husband she was a witch.

Luella swore when she had her first child that she would break the news to Robert. She hated concealing her identity...but she couldn't muster the courage. Then, after Cleo was born, she had two small children and couldn't muster up the energy. Luella struggled with post-partum depression, which only made her identity crisis seem all the more overwhelming to her. Most days, she could barely keep up with the two kids. She certainly couldn't bring herself to confront Robert with news that would likely change their lives forever.

---> Childhood
Cleo was six when her mum packed her bags and left in the middle of the night. Of course, there were multiple factors making her unhappy, but when exactly was the final straw? She never said. One day, she was there... the next, she was gone. Robert, being soft-hearted, pitied his children... and let them get away with just about everything as a result. As he struggled to conceal his own heartbreak, Cleo felt more and more alone.

It wasn't long before the children started showing magical ability. For a while, Cleo would get in trouble because of her non-contained magic. When she got angry or upset, objects would go flying. She would get blamed for breaking things or throwing them. Being young and completely unaware that witches and wizards existed, Cleo was mostly scared. She couldn't explain what was happening, and her dad did not listen to her when she swore it wasn't her fault.

Then, one day, the door bell rang. A woman with a strange hat and a small owl on her shoulder sat the family down and broke the news: that there was a whole other community in Britain, a magical community, that Luella herself had been a witch, and that the McLeod children likely were, too. Disbelief turned into shock when the woman claimed to be from the Ministry of Magic, where Luella had worked (Robert had believed his wife to be a secretary for an accounting firm), and the strange woman was able to provide them pictures and an update on their mother. (When she left the family, she left the ministry, too, and had apparently been spotted in France working for a magical artifact repair shop outside of Lyon.)

---> Early Years at Hogwarts
Finding out that she was a witch didn't do much to help Cleo's identity crisis. She resents her mother for leaving the family and knows that her poor father never has been the same--his wife leaving and news of the wizarding community was a heavy shock on his system. Finding out that she has anything in common with her mum, much less something as glaring as being a witch, made her more frustrated than anything else.

For the first several years, Cleo fought the idea of going to Hogwarts. She knew from the Ministry and from her sibling, who, being a couple years older, had already started to attend to school, that she was expected to attend Hogwarts. She didn't want to learn how to be a witch... but even at 12, she could see that her powers weren't going away. Not being able to control them would make them even more of a burden. So she begrudgingly hopped on the train and headed to the castle.

During her first two years at Hogwarts, Cleo's relationship with magic completely changed. Once she was able to control her abilities, she started to feel better about being a witch. Practicing things like potions and charms helped her feel more empowered and in control of herself, not just of her magic. Like many students before her, Cleo started to see Hogwarts as her true home.

---> Recent Years
Of course, now that Cleo feels at home at Hogwarts, going back to her real home, with her father, can be difficult. She feels guilty for not being there to support Robert--who is always well-meaning but rather hapless--but she also hates going home for holidays. The sense of loss and despair at home, with her father's pathetic, thinly-veiled attempts to seem happy and adjusted, leave her disoriented. She doesn't even like getting letters from home, but she feels obligated to write regularly and check in.

For the most part, she tries not to think about the muggle side of herself. She busies herself with class, Quidditch, boys, and any other distractions she can find.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: Oy, could they hurry this up already? I’m starving. Ugh, and now the whole school’s staring at me. This is so embarrassing! Let’s get this over with.

OOC Name: Airie
Your Pronouns: She
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? I was just hopping around clicking random affiliate buttons and somehow ended up here *shrugs*
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Jul 4 2018, 02:46 PM   Link Quote
the sorting hat is placed on your head, and after a few moments, it loudly calls out ...


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