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 [R]Antonina de la Rosa
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Jul 6 2018, 10:11 AM   Link Quote
Name: Antonina de la Rosa
Age: Sixteen
Year: Sixth
Bloodline: Muggleborn
Do you have more than one character?: Yes, permission obtained from Stells.
    Even at her birth, Antonina had always been a small girl, partially taking after her mother and the women in her family and partially due to her overall health. Coming in at just under seven pounds, her mother’s doctor was already very aware of the issue facing the babe’s kidneys, just not the severity to which they were affected. The resulting transplant has meant most of Anya’s life has been spent taking medication to keep her body from rejecting the donor, as her parents are both Muggles and a touch frightened of magic, and has given her a naturally thin figure that isn’t always within her control. Her weight fluctuates every now and again to a more normal range before, on particularly bad stretches of weeks or months, it dips below average and typically draws concern from her circle of friends. After facing that sort of scrutiny and concern for several years, Anya becomes more withdrawn on those bad days, tucking her smaller frame away into something comfortable such as leggings or a too-large sweater that aids in hiding the changes her body regularly undergoes.

    Anya’s mother was positively delighted to have a little girl to be able to dress up from the very moment she was born. Pretty dresses, shirts with ruffles, skirts with tulle… At the age of three, Anya’s wardrobe could rival that of any grown adult, the girl growing to love clothing herself almost as much as her mother did. Coupled with her father’s taste of doting on both of his girls, you could say that Anya has been rather spoiled through her years, and you would absolutely not be far off base. Even now, nearly a young woman in her own right, she has a rather large collection of clothing and jewelry that she cycles through – she couldn’t possibly give away that pair of shoes or that jacket, as you could never know when the right moment to use either might strike. As a whole, Antonina’s wardrobe consists largely of dresses whose patterns varied with the seasons, having grown used to and ultimately enjoying wearing them at a young age. Leggings and sweaters are also a large part of it, as briefly mentioned above, as well as comfortable t-shirts for the days that are a bit more rough than others.

    However organized her closet may be, Anya’s hair is another story entirely. She isn’t afraid to try new things with it, whether it is the color or the length. The colors are not anything that could ever really be considered as out of the norm – the natural color is a medium to dark brunette, the variance due to the season and exposure to sun, with occasional lighter highlights that are not all natural. The length is the most notable change, as it would be on anyone, but her hairstyles don’t tend to vary that greatly. It’s either a pile upon her head, the neatness of which determined by whether she has a ballet class to attend or not, or hanging freely down her back or around her shoulders. Allowing it to hang free and do its own things is by far the easiest route to go although it does depend on whether the dark tresses cooperate upon waking in the morning. More often than not, the young woman isn’t quite so lucky.

    The rest of her features are rather unremarkable, though her most noticeable to a stranger might be Anya’s eyes. They do appear larger most times, played up a bit with the makeup she likes to wear and toy with on a day-to-day basis. Their color, a rich hazel and occasionally flickering to a deep green depending on the lighting, had worked wonders when coupled with the bat of her eyelashes to soften even the toughest critic… and, of course, to get her out of spots of trouble with her parents, her father in particular.
    Life is far too short to spend every day stuck in a rut of your own making, and so Antonina makes an active effort to enjoy each day to the utmost of her abilities. Whether it’s making a disaster in the kitchen in an attempt to create something edible, dancing about the hallways and encouraging others to join in, or making someone laugh with quick wit or a self-deprecating joke, Anya makes sure that each day has something happen in it that she wouldn’t want to forget. Her outgoing nature and often pleasant demeanor helps to draw most people in and, with some persistence, even the grumpiest of people at least acknowledge her antics, even if they do not necessarily appreciate them. She likes to push the boundaries of being comfortable, both for herself and others, and doesn’t always catch the hint when perhaps it is a ‘fall back and regroup’ sort of moment. There has always been an underlying feeling of living on borrowed time in her life – so make a fool of yourself, be happy, make others happy. It costs nothing to be kind and everything if you’re miserable.

    Being an only child had its moments on both the good and bad ends of the spectrum – on the one hand, a tiny Anya received all her parents’ attention and affection upon birth and every day since. On the other hand, most of her young life was spent around her parents’ adult friends, interaction with those her own age coming primarily from school and many family gatherings. Spending so much time with those so much older, the girl soon developed perfectionist and people-pleasing qualities, wanting to do things “just so” to please both her parents and earn an approving nod from complete strangers who had no actual bearing on her own life. The methodical and thorough way in which she would analyze her own actions and work was picked up on quickly by her parents and, though they encouraged her the opposite way in that not everything needs perfectly done, it has been a habit of the young woman’s ever since. Everything does have its own particular place, it’s just a matter of finding what that place is and putting it there. Perhaps not terribly surprisingly, Anya feels this way about her own life – she just simply hasn’t exactly found her place yet.

    Although, there is one place where there is no question she is meant to be, where music fills her head and her limbs and there is nothing to do but to move her body along with it. At a young age, Anya’s parents had enrolled her in ballet classes, thinking the complicated moves and contortions would assist in releasing energy in a safe way as well as provide a better outlet for her need to perfect everything. They were right. It had quickly become a passion – through every awkward feeling frog-like grand plie to finally getting her own pair of pointe shoes and fumbling through many terrible pirouettes, the classes were something the young girl looked forward to at the end of every school day. She could vividly recall many times tugging her mother’s hand in an effort to get them moving faster as they walked from school to the small studio and could just as clearly remember her excitement upon learning Beauxbatons had many spare rooms throughout the vast chateau that could be utilized as a makeshift studio. The young woman was in heaven and had utilized said pseudo-studios more times than she could count through her years.

    While ballet has taken up most of her life and holds a special place in her heart, there is a practical side to Antonina. She doesn’t expect to make a living off of being able to dance and, as might be expected for one who likes everything just so, she has worked hard to excel with her classes. Surrounded by the almost excessive beauty of Beauxbatons and its grounds for the last several years, one of her favorite classes became Herbology and the care of plants in general – magical or otherwise ordinary, too. Any room could be brightened, given new life, with the addition of the perfect sort of leafy fern or vibrant flower. Inheriting quite the green thumb from her father, Anya’s room at home and even at school had harbored many plants, safely tucked by windows so they could get as much light as possible, carefully monitored so they received the just right amount of water so they could thrive and not drown or dry. Having grown up as a Muggle, she’s partial to ordinary flowers with large blooms – peonies are her favorite, the soft blush or peach colored ones in particular. Hydrangeas as well, for her father would grow them around the house simply so her mother could walk through the gardens and admire them.

    A mutual respect, love, and understanding such as the one shared between her parents is one that Anya aspires to have one day. Generally mature for her age, the girl has a taste in men that she hasn’t quite developed – this boy may seem nice for awhile, but takes the constant joking too far, or this boy likes to spend a little alone time with all the girls, and there is no tolerance or patience for it. Wild passion and steady companionship… Wouldn’t that just be ideal?
Character Background:
    Diego Juan de la Rosa and Clara Marisol Fuentes had been neighbors and best friends for years. Growing up together and attending the same school, they were only a month apart in age, resulting in them being in most all of the same classes. Their friendship ran strong and deep, and their families were close and continued to be close as the two grew older. Even as new interests developed that separated the two for a time, taking Clara from Spain to northern Europe for her studies, the two kept in touch via letters, dozens sent back and forth for a handful of years. They started out friendly, the usual chatter that would occur between the two as though they were present and physically speaking to one another – how the days had been going, if anything new and exciting had happened, if anything was getting them down. But, as one year transitioned in to two, the long separation was beginning to take a toll. The letters turned romantic, Diego being the first to make the first tentative step into that new world between them; much to his delight, it was reciprocated in kind by Clara.

    Upon her return to Spain, Clara and Diego picked up where they had left off with a twist – romance had been thrown into their lives and they embraced it as naturally as you might expect two longtime friends to do. A year of dating passed before the big question was popped, and the two wed shortly after. They remained in Spain, their large families and love of the culture they knew and grew up with making it an easy decision to stay put. Diego was already working as an accountant for a firm founded by his grandfather and Clara was working hard in a dentist’s office with the goal of one day having her own practice. It simply made sense that they should work to establish themselves professionally within their favored community as the two became one rather than also throw in the challenge of moving to a new place entirely.

    When the newlyweds felt settled, it was time to start considering children. Having come from two large families, neither were certain that was what they wanted for themselves – they wanted just one child, one that they would be able to dote on and spoil and provide all of their attention to. And then came Antonina and although both were aware of the problems their new daughter faced with her kidneys being underdeveloped, they were not prepared for the severity in which they would affect her. Upon birth, doctors had concerns as to whether she would be able to lead a normal life, as her organs were not passing toxins and waste in the way that they were supposed to. A transplant was recommended early on and both parents immediately went through the testing necessary to determine if they were a match. Clara was not, but Diego was and there was never any question as to whether he would donate or wouldn’t. He did, and at age three, Anya received her first transplant and so began the lifetime of medication that she would be on to ensure her body did not reject the donor.

    From then on, aside from the hard days and puffy face days, Antonina has lived a regular life. She attended the local grade school that her parents had attended, showing promise in her classes and working hard in the ones that challenged her – typically, anything relating to history. It wasn’t terribly long, perhaps when she was only four or five years old, that rather odd occurrences began popping up. The young girl would seemingly float from the ground when she was particularly happy or joyous, or craft paper that had been cut incorrectly moments before would suddenly be fused together again. To say her parents didn’t know how to explain these situations would be a significant understatement; how did you tell your child’s doctor that her overall health seemed fine, but she was floating? Or paper was somehow becoming uncut when she had cut it moments before? Such happenings continued without explanation, growing in strangeness, until a rather frilly letter came to their door the summer of her eleventh year.

    Beauxbatons. What a wonderful place that turned out to be for Anya. Her parents were quite distrustful of such a notion that their daughter should be a witch, but their daughter had been thrilled to learn there was a whole new world to learn – and the best part was that she got to be a part of it. Instead of just feeling like she belonged in her ballet classes, there were new opportunities to meet all sorts of people and find a new place in all of it. It admittedly had taken some convincing on her part for her parents to even consider the notion, though big hazel eyes pleading with them to let her do this across the dinner table many times eventually turned the tides in Anya’s favor. She was able to attend come the fall and oh, what a world it was to be enveloped within.

    Through her fifth year, Antonina attended the magical chateau, surrounded by both its beauty and the wonders the magical world brought her. Having made friends, having utilized various rooms countless times for her dancing, it never crossed the young girl’s mind that she might have to one day leave it without having graduated. But, as her fifth year drew to a close, she received a letter from her parents sharing news that was actually quite wonderful – her father had an opportunity to open his very own accounting firm in the U.K. and he was going to take it. And really, how could such a chance be passed up? It was saddening news that she would have to leave all of this behind, but Anya did try to look on to the bright side of things. She would get to transfer into Hogwarts, a school whose name flowed off the tongue considerably less nicely than Beauxbatons, but who was also held in high esteem. Of course you would hear about Hogwarts within the halls – the two schools held a cordial rivalry, after all.

    And now, well, it was time to move on to it.
The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?:
    Sure, Anya had read on Hogwarts during her summer – might as well familiarize herself with her new school, after all – but that hat was such an old, sad looking thing. How many students’ heads had it touched and how many souls had it looked in to in all the years it had been in use? It had undoubtedly touched the heads of many a great witches and wizards… And now it was going to decide where she ought to be, too. She had looked a bit in to the Houses, the notion that like-minded individuals be kept together a new concept when compared to by age, and had tried to take a guess as to what the hat would see in her heart. She wasn’t that brave or courageous – weren’t those the same things? – nor cunning or proud. Though she did possess some wit and wisdom, it was the Hufflepuff House that had spoken most to her.

    Kindness and patience, loyalty… Though she hadn’t really had many opportunities to display that as of yet. She supposed there was that one time that Gabrielle had made a fool of herself in a class and Anya had refused to let the girl be until others had stopped with the making fun of her… But it wasn’t really up to her to pick, now was it?
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