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May 7 2018, 02:26 PM   Link Quote


Sixth year Slytherin who has just transferred from Beauxbatons. Laine is audacious, cocky, and prefers to cause a lot more trouble than she's probably worth. She comes from an old family in the French Alps who deal in illegal substances. They supply to anybody and everybody if you have the money, and she is the heir-to-be. She's a bit of a party girl, and prefers to drink, kiss and break far too many school rules to probably even be allowed to remain at Hogwarts.


If you think you're above the rules and periodically like to smash them to pieces, Laine is your girl. She's a great partner in crime, and I'm hoping to find a best friend for this troublemaker that she can rely on! She's also likely to be a bit of a bad influence, so if you need somebody to be corrupted, I offer you this child.


It's very likely that Laine has irritated quite a few people; she's sort of unfiltered and isn't one to pull her punches. She can be rude, and a little obnoxious at times, so if you have a character with a short fuse, there could be an altercation there. I mean, she once punched a very important ally of her father's for a misogynistic comment, so it's not unlikely!!


Not so much romantic as in past endeavours. Look, if you're pretty, chances are she'll be down. However, unlikely for a serious relationship in the near future/at all. Would like some past flings, however!!


Any transfers from Beauxbatons might know her, and anybody whose family are in the shady business might have business with her family, which is always fun.


I do have a request/want ad if anybody is willing to take it~ which is that her parents would try and spring an arranged engagement/marriage thing on her. This would likely be temporary. Girl don't need no man to be successful. I would like to explore this plot as I have not done it before OTL and it makes sense with her parents.

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