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Welcome to Wizarding Realm! We are an alternate universe Harry Potter site set in the present day at Hogwarts. With the end of November, arrives the Winter Term! Snow isn't the only thing to dust these cold, Scottish months; many new and exciting events await the students and staff as they prepare for both the holidays and the new year. In the meanwhile, they can skate across the lake, go gift shopping in quaint Hogsmeade, or stay indoors and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa!

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 ambitionary warmth, daesung
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Fall was such a beautiful time around Hogwarts and today was a clear indication of that. The cool breeze drifted throughout the ground floor of the castle as the leaves were starting to change their hues and slowly fall off. The lion took in a deep breath and exhaled loudly, a dumb grin plastered on his face. His manager had sent him an owl recently to start getting back into shape for he knew that Jeongmin was being lazy like always and slacking on his exercising. Which wasn't wrong at all. The man never sent him stuff like that unless his group was going to have a comeback which was something Jeongmin really needed right now. There was something about being in front of a crowds of people cheering for you that instantly made you feel better.

But before he could go back to that kind of idol status, he needed to be at his top physical status too! He motivated himself enough to go down to the dance hall and get some new moves in -- maybe they'll be in the new choreography!!

Humming to himself he turned the corner and entered the dance hall. Before he could drop his bag full of snacks and water bottle, he froze at the sight of someone already dancing. Was there some dance group he didn't know of? The lion stood off to the side and watched the male dance all alone. There was something oddly captivating in the way he flowed through his movements (it also might have been extra flowy thanks to the skirt he wore). Jeongmin's mouth was gaped for a moment in awe. Why did he have to stop dancing? He was that good once upon a time and had to get back to that excalibur of skill in a few weeks.

The longer he watched the more he began to notice something. He knew that dance. With his head tilting to the side he continued to examine the other to make sure he wasn't seeing something totally off. Nope that was it. Jeongmin blinked in surprise. He was aware that the kpop genre was big and new at least a few people in the castle that listened to his music but it was still so rare to see it. Another grin crept up onto his face as he finally decided to make his presence known. "Those moves were pretty good! Did you come up with them yourself?" he played the dumb (even though he was already dumb so the dumber) card. Why make a big deal of it when it shouldn't have been?

@Daesung Ryu


we don't know how they got this job but at least they're fscking funny

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Daesung had never claimed to be a good dancer. He was too skinny and wobbly, his legs betraying him and behaving in ways that he did not give them permission to behave. It was why he didn't like to dance while there were people watching. There was too much opportunity for judgement, too much margin left for error, and altogether it was just. Terrifying. Instead, the petite lion had hidden himself away in the dance hall at a time when he felt fairly certain that no one else would be coming in. The music was loud, Dae's moves were slick, and he beamed at his sweaty reflection in the mirror with a fond sort of expression, as if his reflection had done something particularly wonderful.

"Ah!" Dae jumped at the voice coming from behind him, and then he whirled around, dance stuttering to a stop. The music still blared around them, and with shaky steps he scurried to turn it off, blinking at Jeongmin in a way that rather resembled a startled baby deer. "I. Um. Huh?" Merlin he was disgusting right now, far too filthy for such a pretty boy to walk in on him embarrassing himself. Could he manage to get past Jeongmin if he tried really really hard? Probably not. Drat. "You, uh. You saw me?" Blink. Blink. Blink. So embarrassing.

Anxiously, Daesung smoothed his sweaty hands over his skirt in the pretense of brushing out wrinkles, transferring the gathering moisture to the innocent fabric. Truly his poor skirt didn't deserve that sort of treatment. It was nice. Soft. Well made and while it wasn't expensive, it wasn't something that Daesung felt comfortable just throwing his money away on. Merlin only knew what his parents would say about that! Especially his mother, who was practically allergic to waste of any kind. Not that she even knew he wore skirts. Merlin, what if she found out somehow? It was an idea more disastrous than being caught dancing to Kpop by Jeongmin, who was beautiful and soft and didn't deserve to have his eyes poisoned. Yikes.

"It's just a stupid song," he defended himself at last, scuffing the toe of his shoe against the cold stone of the floor. "My, uh. My little sister. She likes them. I just kind of picked it up." Dae's deer baby eyes darted longingly toward the door as he spoke, widening marginally at the thought of being able to escape. Taesung would mock him forever if he were to hear about this, but Daesung couldn't be bothered to care. Mockery from his evil twin was better than humiliation at the hands of someone so pretty. He would take it any day.

@Jeongmin Yoon
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