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 tears and heartbreak, Jackson/Jinx <3
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Jan 18 2018, 04:30 PM   Link Quote

Not many people know who Cosimia Spiros really is. They do not know how she laughs, how she relaxes, or how she cries. Only a few people know how she grieves, or how she seperates herself when things become too much. They see Cosimia for what she is on the outside, the façade that she leads her class-mates on. To the standard Hogwarts student, they would look at Cosimia and say that she was arrogant, stuck-up and a typical Pureblood who only associates herself with people of ‘royalty’. They see the girl who would grab men and drag them into the closet, and have her way with them. It’s not like they are wrong, but there is more to know about the Ravenclaw witch. There is much more that she keeps on the inside, only allowing a small percentage of people to see the truth. Only a small handful of people have seen Cosimia truly smile, as well as truly cry.

Jackson Lyons is one of those people.

For as long as Cosimia could remember, for at least her time in Hogwarts, Jackson was her best friend. He was the only person who really knew everything about her, including the loss of her twin brother Apollo. Jackson knew the real sea creature, hiding behind the veil of who she pretended to be. Cosimia wasn’t sure why, nor did she care. All that was known to her was that Jackson was one of a kind, someone she could trust. Truth be told, if Jackson were drop off and stop talking to her suddenly, she would be devastated. Thankfully, that was yet to happen. It would probably never happen, if it hadn’t thus far. Cosimia was there for Jackson, just like he was there for her. When things got bad for Jackson, even though it hurt her more than anything, she didn’t back away. She pushed forward, making sure she were there for him like he was for her.

Their friendship was one of a kind, and one that Cosimia never took for granted.

Waking up early was uncommon for the Ravenclaw blonde. She had spent her night tossing and turning, nightmares clouding her dreams. Images of the night of Apollo’s passing had begun to creep out from the corners of her mind, encapsulating her into a vicious cycle of pain and hurt. Fluids had poured out of the Ravenclaw in buckets, whether in the form of sweat or tears. Numerous times throughout the night, the sea creature was forced to go to the lavatory, in an attempt to dry herself from the pool around her. For risk of the questions from her fellow roommates that heard her terrible night, she left the dorms early. Throwing on some loose fitting clothes, and her hair in a messy bun, she escaped the watchful eyes of her peers, in search of her dearest friend.

Running down to the dungeons, dodging her fellow classmates wasn’t easy. Keeping her head down, she waited around the corner, until an unsuspecting younger student went to enter the Slytherin Common Room. Slipping through the portrait behind her, Cosimia knew where she was headed. This wasn’t the first time she had been down here. Luckily for her, most of the students had already gone up to breakfast, and then onto their classes. The Ravenclaw girl had no intention of going to classes today. And with some luck, neither would Jackson.

Minutes went by before Cosimia ended up at the door leading too one of the Slytherin male dorms. Popping her head in, she saw Jackson’s empty bed, and her stomach dropped. Had she missed him? Was he already down at breakfast? Ready to turn around and walk away, she heard the familiar sigh of her brown-haired friend. Slipping her body through the door frame, she closed and locked it behind her, staring in at the dorm room that held eight four poster beds. Jackson has his back to her, as she slowly creep up to him, before tapping him on the shoulder. ”Sorry to bother you, but I think I’m lost!” Cosimia whispered softly, hoping to not completely surprise her friend, but to sound innocent enough to confuse him. Although her voice was painful, her body said otherwise. She was clearly dressed in a strikingly different fashion than normal. Her sweatpants were way too big on her, and her shirt had a few holes in it. Her face was bare of any make-up, and the bags under her eyes made her look slightly like a raccoon. She felt and looked like a mess, but knew that Jackson wouldn’t judge her. It was nice to have a best friend to be there for you, when times get rough.

And yes, this was a rough time for the sea creature.

@Jackson Lyons

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