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 It's been 84 years, Robin's new plotter + 2 new kids!
Robin · 15 · 5th Year · Viridian Guild Leader · Pureblood · 5'
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Feb 3 2018, 08:27 AM   Link Quote
Hi guys!
So, it has been forever since I made a plotter (almost a year sob) but I would love to get some new things going.
I also made two new characters, so obviously I need EVERYTHING for them! =)
It's been a rough few months for me, in which I haven't been able to look at the Plotting forum much ;-; So I'm really looking to get my muse going again and meet everyone, so please don't be shy! Whether you're an old member or completely new, whether we've plotted before or not, I'd really like to meet your characters! Below you can find all my active kiddos.
I obviously have the most planned for Gretchen, but don't let that stop you. ^^
I also have kids in Clash, but my Clash muse is very low atm, so maybe for another time ^^;

Gretchen Kirke-Faust ‧ 5th Year ‧ Pureblood
Under pressure, precious things can break.
Gretchen is aloof, calculating, and collected, with courteous politeness but a lukewarm to chilly demeanor. Being in control of the situation and of herself is of utmost important to her – unfortunately she is very often not. She's intelligent, observant, and paranoid - the latter often clouding her judgement and assuming the worst about everyone and everything. She's also an O+ student and a bit of a know-it-all, but more than just caring about her grades she also just loves to learn. She's a skilled spellcaster and a passionate potioneer, but also likes occupying herself with things she's rubbish at just because she's curious and thinks it's interesting – like any form of divination, or astronomy. More than anything, she's fascinated by the muggle world. She's been hiding this almost childlike wide-eyed version of herself, but I really like exploring this side so if someone could show her something interesting I'd love to make it work.

The Fausts are a pureblood family notorious for being blood traitors, supporting muggle and being rights, and being little shits who sabotage everyone else's business. Better pureblood families – and that's p much everyone – hate their asses, so Gretchen grew up learning everyone is against her. In other words, she has a lot of enemies - but she can always use more! She can also be self-righteous, snobbish, a bit of a prig really, so even if you're not an elitist pureblood with a thing against her faimly, you might just not like her.

Recently some of her walls have come down -especially since she's fallen for Lenny Plunkett- and she's terrified of how vulnerable she really is. She always likes to pretend she's strong and uncaring, but she's actually really sad and lonely. What do I need for her? I actually don't know, she has the most going out of all of my kids rn, but perhaps it'd be nice for her to have some moments with other lonely, outcast people? Show her not everyone is out to get her. >> And as said above I always like establishing enemies! If you want to establish a dynamic between your pureblood family and mine I'd like to hear it too ^^

Oh and, she has a kneazle-cat, Billy, who's always following her around.

Kiana van der Decken ‧ 6th Year ‧ Muggleborn
It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.
Bold and brawny, Kiana comes from a family of sailors and would rather follow in their footsteps than spend time at a magic school. She can't think of herself as a witch and instead uses her fists to solve problems. The magical world honestly kind of freaks her out, and she especially has issues with magical beings like vampires, werewolves, veelas, etc... It's something I want to explore more, so if you have something to make her uncomfortable hmu!

Kiana charges right into danger - no really, she has a track record for making terrible decisions and landing into lethal situations, like a lot of young people she doesn't seem to be aware of her own mortality. If she continues like this, she'll probably die before she's 30 and her last words will have been "do you wanna fucking go??" Recently she's starting to get hurt in her (mis)adventures, so soon she might find herself in a situation she can't get out of.

She's also fiercely loyal to... whoever she gets saddled with, really. She has a bit of a mob mentality, so it's easy to befriend her - just be in her House, or on her side, or in the same boat when facing a problem... you name it. She'll have your back. She's resourceful and determined and surprisingly competent when it comes to street smarts. However, she's not a good friend for anything more... emotional. So again - great to make her uncomfortable with! Like seriously, I just want to see her face if someone were to start crying during one of her adventures. Monsters? Bring it! People getting touchy-feely? Help.

Despite her brash nature she's surprisingly respectful towards authority, and she's actually 100% a team player. I'd like to be able to give her some responsibility and show this off sometime. The flipside of her own loyalty also means that it's almost impossible to comprehend for her that some people aren't, so betraying her or saving your own skin isn't something she'll see coming. She absolutely detests cowardice, deception, and people who disrespect their family (hers is very close so again, something she can't fathom), so it's actually something I'd love to throw her way.

Mathilde De Clercq ‧ 5th Year ‧ Muggleborn
Make sugar your favourite spice.
An overly social, fierce, talkative Belgian girl who's known for selling home-made pastries in the common rooms and mothering everyone she meets. She tries to remember every name and face and signs up for way too many extracurriculars. She likes to please, she likes to be known, she likes to know everything that's going on. Give her gossip pls especially about boys. Mats is actually a businesswoman by heart, and functions as her brother's (Martijn Huizinga) PR Agent and accountant.

Mathilde loves being around people - so honestly you can throw everything at her. I don't really have any plans in mind so everything is welcome. She is VERY into boys (especially the big, muscular, quidditch player kind) and loves having crushes, but I would kind of like an arc in which she starts dating and realises that a real relationship is completely different from quipping how handsome someone is from afar, and that it requires a lot of work and self-sacrifice that she might not be ready for.

Mathilde can interact with absolutely anyone, any year, any house! She runs the cooking club, the Quidditch kiss cam, and other events occasionally bc she's such a social butterfly/busy bee. A beetterfly. She can be rather meddlesome too, so she can bother characters who honestly don't want to be bothered, with petitions and questionnaires and whatever really. On the flip side, while she has many connections and casual friends she has hardly any close friends, and never takes a breather to think about negative feelings (like how she's losing her relationships in the muggle world, hardly anyone still writes her after 5 yearrs, and her little brother, a muggle, is becoming a stranger to her), instead pushing them aside to keep going at her ever-so-fast pace.

Johanna Corduroy ‧ 6th Year ‧ Muggleborn
If only I had an enemy bigger than my apathy.
Johanna is an apathetic, jaded smartass and professional liar. She’s a lot of talk, but ultimately she’s only in this for herself and will probably let you down. Johanna’s a weirdness magnet, and situations tend to only get worse when she gets involved. She’s the kind of person who’d accidently start a flood while trying to put out a fire, then leave the clean-up to someone else. While she might seem unfazed in the face of danger, taking everything with a heavy dose of sarcasm, she’s a total coward who, ever self-preserving, will always save her own skin. At this point, she too has realised that she’s kind of a terrible person, but instead of trying to better herself her attitude is well I’m already going to hell so go big or go home. Selfish, foul-mouthed and cynical, with, unsurprisingly, a lot of self-loathing underneath. She comes from a broken home that kicked her out last year, and she now practically lives at Hogwarts, working at Hogsmeade during the vacations so she can support herself. Oh, and she's a heavy smoker.

She’s into niche, obscure types of witchcraft, and prefers magic “from a distance” over actual spellcasting. But compared to her backstabbing curses and enchantments, her duelling skills are mediocre, and fighting without magic is entirely impossible since she’s physically out of shape, so she’ll avoid confrontation and try to talk her way out of things. What a loser. Before she got her Hogwarts letter, she was into muggle magic tricks, which she’s still good at and occasionally performs. Is this your card?

Johanna’s not necessarily bad at making friends, she can be funny and charming when she needs to be, it’s keeping them that’s hard. They tend to leave her, and they have every right to, bc she's a lot of talk but doesn't really deliver. So I can imagine that she used to be friends with people but that they got sick of her. As for actual friends now in the present, uh, fellow trainwrecks maybe? I'd also like more interactions with Hogsmeade residents since she works at the Hog's Head Inn. ^^ Oh, and she's constantly in awe about how pretty girls are so I like giving her superficial crushes - but I don't think she's ready for a relationship.

She can use some enemies too - first of all she’s a muggleborn in Slytherin.Fight her. Second, she walks into class in her ripped jeans and band shirts, wearing nothing of the uniform except for the Slytherin tie, and probably has to ask you for a quill. Everyone who takes their education seriously, roll your eyes. She’s not good with authority figures either. And then there's ofc all those old friends who don't like her anymore... the list goes on, really.

Danny the Poltergeist ‧ Non-Being
I was lost 'til I heard the drums, then I found my way.
Yep, I have a poltergeist. xD Danny manages to be a juvenile teenager and a bitter baby boomer all at the same time, but ofc he's really neither of those things. He's loud, he constantly needs attention, and he’s a jerk who takes great delight in chaos and eggs on every bad decision. He’s aesthetically stuck as a Sixties mod because that’s when he formed his physical form, and it makes him ridiculous and hard to take seriously because of how he walks and talks. Unfortunately, behind this psychedelic façade, Danny is intelligent and observant, and more often than not, Dan sees humans as toys that are there to entertain him. He doesn’t really care about them beyond that.

If you’re an adult, or even any kind of authority figure, he will make your days more difficult on purpose, like the petulant child he is. If you’re a student, Danny can occasionally be helpful, but it’s always good to keep in mind that he isn’t very invested in your well-being. If he finds you out after curfew he's not going to rat you out like Peeves, instead he'll probably tag along to annoy you.

He's kind of a bully by nature, and goes from chipper and ridiculous to mean and vicious very quickly. If he witnessed that chick you liked rejecting you, caught you writing some cheesy love letter, or accidently found your porn mags, you’re never living it down. He’ll even drag his guitar around with him just so he can do an improv musical number about it when he sees you walking around the corridors in-between classes.

I would love all of the above scenarios and anything else you can come up with tbh. Pls hmu. I'd also like him to interact with more ghosts since they're the ones who're truly stuck with each other in this castle. xD

Remiel Donovan ‧ Ghost
You know our breath is weak and our body thin.
Remi was a muggleborn Gryffindor, murdered 15 years ago in the Forbidden Forest when she was in her 4th year. Since then, she has been haunting her family's house, wanting to be near them - unfortunately, muggles can't see ghosts the way wizards can and she watched their marriage and lives fall apart. After her father's death, she came to Hogwarts, though she isn't sure what she's looking for. Peace? Justice? Vengeance?

Remi was always a hard-boiled, almost authoritarian, stickler for rules and regulations. She was steadfast in her beliefs, and stood up for what she thought was right regardless of the popular opinion. Incredibly serious-minded, and now even more solemn in death, Remi floats through Hogwarts looking for answers - what does she do with her afterlife? And can she really keep denying how angry and bitter she actually is at her untimely death?

I only just made her so I'd like anything for Remi tbh! Since she only just arrived at Hogwarts, she isn't used to people being able to see her, and will act a bit odd bc of it - like clearly reading with you over your shoulder, or stopping next to you and your friends to listen to your conversation. Addressing her will def startle her at first. I would also love some plots with other ghosts - because there being other ghosts is new for her too. She has a rather gory appearance, as one of the creatures in the forest clearly mauled her to death (a large chunk of her is missing where her shoulder is supposed to be), and she only just showed up here after 15 years, so she's currently still a bit of a mystery. So yeah, anyone who'd like to find out who this grisly new ghost is, pls be my guest! One other thing - and I know this might be a stretch - but adults in their late twenties and early thirties would've been at Hogwarts at the same time as her (and thus also heard of her death as a student dying on Hogwarts' grounds was quite the scandal) so that'd be really interesting too!

Kyle Griffin ‧ 3rd Year ‧ Half-blood
It's a condition called being a cynical asshole.
Griffin (because he, rather pretentiously, goes by Griffin and doesn't appreciate being called 'Kyle') is an angry little 3rd year. He's a rude know-it-all, who despite being a smart and creative child hardly ever puts any effort in his work, as if that would be beneath him somehow. He’s unpleasant, passive–aggressive, aloof, stubborn, and doesn't like being told what to do, often lashing out at authority figures for no reason other than to release some pent up anger. He does the same with peers though. He's a bit of a sickly kid, unathletic, small, and kinda nerdy, who reluctantly has to wear glasses, so it's as if he defensively establishes himself as the bully before anyone else can, with vicious insults and poignant remarks. It results in Griffin having exactly one friend - Jason De Bonis - while most of his other classmates probably avoid him, bc frankly he just isn't fun to be around. He's smart enough to hold his tongue around older kids - since he's not a fighter, not even magically, he tries not to pick battles that might escalate. That said, he does show an extreme lack of foresight, often doing genuinely stupid things despite being a smart kid.

Griffin is muggle-raised, since his wizard dad walked out on his muggle mom, and things have been tough for them - he absolutely doesn't want to talk about it, though it's clearly where a lot of his pent up anger comes from. That said, his dad's wizard family are well-known opticians (lol for as much as opticians can be "well-known"), with a store in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. The last name 'Griffin' is just common enough for people not to make that connection. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ A plot for another time. For starters, I would really like to throw Griffin at some fellow ickles! But fair warning, he really isn't very nice. In fact, if you have a little kid that needs bullies, I'm sure we can make that work. For everyone else, it'll probably be just your every-day cynical attitude and sarcastic comments. I'd also like to get him in trouble with a professor xD

(Look at that gorgeous code Exh made for me <33)

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Ruthie · 13 · 3rd · · Halfblood · 5'4"
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Feb 3 2018, 08:49 AM   Link Quote
hELLLOOO BAASSSTT FRAAANNDD that got stuck together bc no one else wants these dumb jerks

come be my yzma

your kronk



2/6 avatars by Evan <333
(the ones that are actually nice lmao)
Not So Stellar · 31 · Groundskeeper · 🌲 · Halfblood · 6'6
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Feb 3 2018, 09:04 AM   Link Quote
Stells is here to say that this plotter totally sparkles with me..

Let me just name some plots bc I am trash and I do 90% of my plotting by yelling on Skype - as you're aware. xD

We have plans for her and Aisley and her and Nollaig, but since you're very much aware of my ranking plans, you know I shall soon enough acquire a few things that may make her really really uncomfortable. So, of course, I'm 100% down for plots with that when that happens xD Alsoooo in case you need it, Riordan is Gryffindor HoH? So authority and what not, plus he's a total fluff who wouldn't hurt a fly -sob-

I love me some M&Ms. But I'm here like... What if M&Ms actually become good friends and stuff? Bc here's the deal-io. Mars is this egocentric popular guy who, to the eyes of most, probably has it all (the charm, the looks, blahblah, we know the story). PERFECT, in his opinion at least. But as you know, he's all kinds of messed up and doesn't let the world see that, and I feel like it'd be interesting to begin to realize that??? Also bc Mars would get very angry if she tried to meddle in his life LMAO

We have Johanna and Nech which is awesome ;-; But I was thinking... maybe she could meet Aisley? Bc despite being a Munn she's very much "do your own thing". She drinks and parties and hell even occasionally smokes weed, but she's stuck in this whole "wanting to do right by my family but also wanting to follow my own path" mentality. Lbr, she's not much of a nice person either, and she's very used to dealing with terrible attitudes and isn't a pushover at all xD So either they like each other or clash. I also kinda really like the contrast of Aisley being terrible at magic and good at sport stuff while Johanna is kinda the opposite? And she just transferred this year so she wouldn't know Johanna at all xD

Well, Nollaig of course... Remi is the source of all his nightmares and so on, basically his eternal boggart, so whenever we're ready to throw these two together, I'M DOWN. A part of me also wants to throw Riordan at her? Because another adult and just the complete opposite attitude -sob- I think he was like a first year when Remi died? So he might kinda remember it happening and put the pieces together and so on, but I don't think he would remember what she looked like, even though they were in the same house.

Elya? Because fellow ickles and what not? Needless to say Elya is a piece of work too, and she thinks boys are really gross (lmao?), so she would probably say very mean things and totally mean them. But at the same time please be mean to her? I mean like: she just transferred, she acts like a princess, and even dances ballet lol I'm pretty sure she doesn't even have any friends yet SOB. Also I'm kinda tempted to throw some of my older Ravenclaws at him? I feel like Ciprian would be hilarious, mostly because he's such a nerd and very sarcastic and honest xD

That's all I got for now! Love you <3


Avies by the most amazing and wonderful Evian
Fionn McMahon
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Feb 3 2018, 11:36 AM   Link Quote
I feel like we have approximately 500 threads but that will not stop me from dropping a few things here. So first of all I recently thought we should reunite Gretchen and Timothy because doesn't she look like she needs a little noise in her life? I sure think she does xoxo

Same goes for Kiana, if she is ever up to a new near-death experience, your loyal comrade Erik is sure into that - but don't tell Quincy he's fucking things up.

Remi, we talked some and are doing Hermelin and her, while I still think Noel would be fun? He already acts like a grandpa, and even worse with an actual child here hehehe.

Griffin! I assume this is the kid you warned me about. Have Fionn for him because apparently Fionn needs even more bullies than he already has? Make my boy cry some more because he's a 13-year old baby who still carries his teddy around for support ;_; I was also like....can you imagine Erik versus this child. Because I promise he would stoop on that level xD

Thats all for now :3
Lyx · 15 · 4 · Undecided · Halfblood · 5'3"
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Feb 3 2018, 11:59 AM   Link Quote
slides into your DMs



Gretchen: Nellie Miller is my firstie, and I'm fairly certain that she's seen Gretchen and Billy in Ghoul Studies (??? i think?????) but I know that she's quite fond of her. Maybe they could bond over divination type things? You reviewed Nell for beginner so you (MAYBE?) know that I have divination-related things planned for request idr if that was in my anything else section oops but i really want to write about Nell's propensity for it, and it would be fun to put her up against Gretchen if she's bad at it and just fascinated about the subject as a whole.

Kiana: she and mauhi were meant to be friends once, but then this plot died?

Mats: Please take Christina Andros. Tina's family has run a bakery specializing in love magic for the last five generations. She's a recent transfer (been at Hogwarts since the beginning of her fifth year), and she would love that Mats bakes and mothers people, but may also try to dodge said mothering sometimes (she's got a lot of self-love and self-care issues, and she tries so valiantly to hide that from people, partly because of what her family is known for). I'd definitely like to offer her as a close friend maybe/ Because Tina definitely understands what it's like to not take a breather and let out your Bad Feels. Also Tina accidentally drugged a boy with a love potion meant for herself, so that would be fun to tell Mats about

Johanna: so listen, i have a hogsmeade resident with an extra room who loves to look out for the kids who need it most. Yue also needs extra shop help sometimes, so I'm sure Johanna could pick up a shift or two at White Monkey at any point during the year if she so desired. ALSO TAMSIN LIKES GIRLS, SO FLEETING CRUSH MAYBE? They're same house and same year.

pouts in Danny's direction i'll think of something eventually, i have 46 characters, i'll work something out

Remi: My only ghost, presently, is a young werewolf who was killed by the very thing that helped to keep him sane: wolfsbane. Joshua is still getting used to being dead, as it's only been a year, so I think that he would understand Remi's unease about suddenly being around other ghosts, or being around people who can see her. He also would be unbothered by how gristly her appearance is, largely because he saw a lot worse when he was alive and still with his clan. Raz and Yue would've been graduated, but Josias would've still been a student when she died, but as he's still shelved for a hot minute, I'll wait on throwing out ideas here for you c:

Please take any of my ickles for Griffin (Nellie, Harper, Lilith, Capella, and Maisie) because i desperately want to write with them, but there are so few ickles running about

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honey nut yurios · 15 · Fifth · A.E.G.I.S · Halfblood · 5'8"
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Feb 3 2018, 04:54 PM   Link Quote
Hello, I have come to bless you with love and attention and plots because THAT'S ALL I'M GOOD AT WAHEY!!1

Gretchen: So, as soon as you mentioned Astronomy, I thought about throwing YB at Gretchen. YB loves Astronomy - he has constellation tattoos he did himself - and I figure he could always try and help her? He's not usually this nice, but he loves the stars. This could go towards the childlike version you want to explore? Also, it will show a less-hostile YB, so it's a win-win! They're the same year, so I think this will work kinda well~

Kiana: I have sort of two ideas for Kiana! You said she uses her fists a lot, and so does YB. They could be partners in crime? But my main idea for her is kinda with Shion! See, Shion's dad is a werewolf, and he might find her aversion to magical creatures a bit offensive and bam! Angry Shion. A rare and wild creature.

Mathilde: I'm working on the Clash thread with her and Shion, but other than that, feel free to crush on Vitaliy! He's very muscly and very tall, and loves the ladies' attention. Otherwise, there's Gabriel - my little ball of sunshine - who is a little softer than Vitya but twice as sweet.

Johanna: Vitaliy would like her attitude - that she doesn't really care what people think - but otherwise, I think he could be a good enemy. She's a muggleborn in Slytherin, which is not ok in his book, and he is likely to make a few comments about that. I feel like they would clash a little, with rude remarks and lots of eye rolls, yes yes.

Danny: PLEASE LET HIM MAKE FUN OF GABRIEL! Gabriel needs somebody to sort of laugh about how much a nerd he is, and it would get him very flustered, especially as love is a sensitive submit to him.

Remiel: Another one for Gabriel or Shion, as both are very kind and would try and befriend her.

Kyle: Shion will protecc

@Gretchen Kirke-Faust k love u bye<333

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permanent explicit language warning
Robin · 15 · 5th Year · Viridian Guild Leader · Pureblood · 5'
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Feb 10 2018, 02:23 PM   Link Quote
@Ruthie <33

@Stells, Tine, Lyx, & Yurio - I tackled you all on Skype to make some of these great ideas a reality, thanks so much for replying! <3

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