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Nora Breen
 Posted: Apr 3 2016, 10:40 PM
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a career in healing?

hello everyone! with quidditch just around the corner again, i decided to reopen the healing internships! why, you ask? what are the benefits? well my friend, just step on right over here and have a looksie:

QUIDDITCH PARTICIPATION - for those of you who who've never played wr quidditch, each game is intense and full of many injuries! if desired, healing interns will be able to sign up for specific games to heal injured players in the midst of all the action. it provides further opportunity to participate in quidditch without actual playing, as well as give your characters ic experience healing other people!

a mother-figure / mentor - gah, i'm not going to lie to you guys, nora's a bit of a mess, but she cares deeply for the students under her wing and her patients. even though she's trying to figure out how keep herself together, she will do her best to guide her interns in the craft of healing as well as give them the type of support that their peers can't provide! (she's just gonna be a little awkward about it, though.)

plot opportunities - healers-in-training can have further plot opportunities in dealing with crises (omg you're freaking dying and i have to heal you!!), developing relationships with frequent visitors of the hospital wing or fellow interns, or just plots about their future in general! it's really up to you what your character does with this really! sky's the limit and such.

sound tempting? if so and you'd like a character to be an official healer-in-training go ahead and PM me so I can officially add you to the intern list! later on there will be sign-ups for quidditch games, and I might even add a small mini ranking session for healing interns, complete with achievements and such. who knows. -wiggles brows-

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• And a heart that's made of glass

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