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Please post your completed application in the main forum. Do not post your application in the house subforums. You will be sorted by an admin.

Reminder: You should only post your app when it is completed.

WIP applications will be removed at admin discretion and may not be sorted in a timely manner. Do not post WIP applications.

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 before you apply..., Read first!
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Apr 22 2014, 12:22 PM   Link Quote
before you apply • • •
Please read this whole post thoroughly before applying!

    • If you have not yet registered, please register with ONLY a first and last name with the appropriate capitalization.

    • Do NOT post an unfinished application. If you don't have time to fill out the form when you first register, feel free to wait until you do. There is no rush!

    We have a specific section of the app for you to request a house, but please do not hint about what house you would like in any other section of the app. Requesting a specific house does not guarantee that you will be placed into that house. Let your character speak for itself. The sorting hat will take care of the rest.

    Additional Characters: Members who wish to make a third (and beyond) character should follow the guidelines outlined HERE and obtain admin permission. This is to avoid having members create a bunch of characters and then never post with them.

    For now, we are strongly discouraging students of American origin. Hogwarts is a school in Great Britain--most of its student body should reflect this. If you feel the need to play an exchange student, there are plenty of other places to transfer from. Thank you!

    • You DO NOT need to start out as a first year student. You can create any year you'd like.

    • If you don't want to make a student, you can create a professor as long as you ask an admin. This is to ensure that the position you want is open, and so that we can reserve the position for you as you finish your application.

    • **Special requests such as being a werewolf, veela, vampire; having a pet other than cat, rat, owl, toad; or any special powers or objects like Occlumency/Legilimency, an Invisibility Cloak, etc. WILL NOT BE GRANTED until you have reached the Novice level. We ask that you try to include your special request in your profile so we can see what you are aiming for in the future. However, special requests are NOT required!

    • Our sorting applications come with three main sections: an appearance, a personality, and a history. The appearance section is optional -- feel free to leave it blank. The personality and history, however, have a word count of 600 words each.

    • The word count for the sorting applications is the only area where a word count is required. This is because the sorting hat will sort your character based on their history and personality -- so please try to consider all aspects of your character, so we can sort your character where they ought to belong.

    • If you do not meet the 600 words per section requirement, your application will be pended. Please take a moment to double check your word counts before posting your application.

    • For professors and other adults, you pick where they were sorted if they attended Hogwarts. If they were schooled elsewhere, feel free to tell us about the school they went to.

    Because the application can be difficult to fill out for some, here are some things to consider when writing the personality and history:

    For your personality:
    What is your character like on a good day? And on a bad day? What are you character's strengths? What are your character's weaknesses? What does your character like? What does your character dislike? How does your character generally react to situations? Is there any part of your character's personality which has changed over the years? How does your character feel about people he/she likes? How does your character feel about people he/she does not like? What are your character's views on relationships and love? What do your character think about himself/herself? How is his/her behavior in public different from who he/she is at heart?

    For your history:
    Tell us about your character's parents! What are their names? Their occupations? How did they meet? Does your character have brothers or sisters? How many? How is their family situation? How does the family get along with one another? Are they pureblood, halfblood, or Muggleborn? How has this affected them? Are there any significant events in your character's life that have influenced them now, both physically and emotionally?

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, FEEL FREE TO PM A STAFFER! <333 We're here to help and we want to make sure you enjoy your time here as much as possible!

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