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 HOW TO PLAY?, Read me!
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There are two ‘game modes’ for playing – NPC Attack and Duel. In any case, your character is under fire every two posts (your posts, not counting your RP partner(s) – no worries, we’ll show you an example). Who is firing at them is what determines the game mode:

This is ideal for just doing your own thread with your characters running around Hogwarts, posting at your own pace, though it can also be used in the Great Hall (plenty of NPCs there after all!). Your characters will be attacked by NPC students every two posts, here’s an example of what that’d look like in a thread:
-Your first post
-Your partner’s first post
-Your second post, NPC student(s) attack you here, so you add a dice roll to your post.
-Your RP partner’s second post, the NPC attack them to a they also need a dice roll at the end of their post.
-A regular post from you in which you can describe the result of your dice-roll
-A regular post from your RP partner in which they can describe the result of their dice-roll
-Npc attack again!
So every even number of post, you should add a dice roll to your post.

The Dice Roll:


In NPC mode, you have a 20% chance of getting hit, and a 20% chance of hitting them instead:
If you roll 20 or lower: you are hit!
If you roll between 20 and 80: You dodged!
If you roll 80 or higher: You managed to hit the NPC with your spell instead!

This is for when someone else’s character attacks you. This always requires consent from the other person, or in other words, it needs to be pre-plotted. This is because someone always dies in duel mode – because the highest roll wins. You use the same dice roll as above, but both the defender and the attacker do so. If you attack but the defender rolls higher, then they avoided your hit and hit you instead. If it's a tie, you both live. This game mode is perfect if you aren't into doing long event threads, and just want some quick action or a chievo, OR for dramatically ending your event thread.

You may use this mode in your personal threads (characters can turn on each other, because after all there will only be one winner!), but you can of course also use this in the Great Hall – If you're posting in that open thread, then there you can choose to replace your NPC attack with being attacked by another PC character if that person agrees. Here’s another example of how that could go:
-Your first post
-(posts from other people)
-Your second post, you're under attack by either an NPC or another character in the thread. Post dice roll!

So in summary, you are always attacked on your even posts – either by an NPC or someone else’s character.

  • You can choose to just die from any of the two attacks (NPC or PC) instead of rolling the dice (so you can pre-plot it). You can't choose to live, only to die.
  • You can completely make up who the NPCs are. All that matters is that paint was shot your way. You don’t necessarily have to mention anything else, but you are free to make up NPC students if you want to. Was it that prick that always sits in front of you in Astronomy? Some idiot first year? Your cousin? Knock yourself out.
  • People in their own threads can go back to the Great Hall after losing a partner, or they can meet up with someone else.
  • Since characters don't actually "die" (they're just hit with paint of course!), they can also just keep posting – they can get up and complain, dramatically tell the other to go on, etc.. Maybe all of the ‘hit’ students can even start their own open thread where they join up until the game ends. So being hit isn’t the end of the world!
  • The verbal incantation for the paint-shooting spell is "Coloro"!
  • The paint that shoots out of their wand is the colour of your character’s house. This doesn’t affect anything, since it isn’t a house competition, but it might make it easier to tell who shot who in group threads.
  • The Pink Lady has also hidden pink paint vials around the castle and under the tables in the Great Hall, which you can stumble upon as you please. You can use these like grenades instead of shooting with your wand for variety. It doesn’t change the game mechanics – you still use the same dice roll.
  • Only students can play the game, but as the game was announced at breakfast in the Great Hall, the Hogwarts staff was present as well, so you can post with your professor or staffer in the event to witness the chaos. You don't have to sign them up since they can't compete with the students.

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